Monday, November 18, 2013

7 Crazy or Awesome Beauty / Fashion Must Have's - you decide:

#1. Knicker Sticker - yes, your search for disposable, adhesive underwear is over. 
*Taking a trip and don't want to haul your stinky chonies- knicker sticker. 
*Heading to the gym and want to fight the dreaded, I can't even say it.... "the toe of an animal that lives in the dry and arid climate and has humps on it's back" - knicker sticker.
*FYI- these knicker stickers can be placed inside bikini bottoms to ensure that the above mentioned, "problem" won't happen!
*Don't want to show off your lace skivvies  hanging onto your sides - knicker sticker, baby!

#2  Pocksie - instant "temporary pockets". Going out for a jog, heading to Disneyland and want to keep your phone and credit card closer than a purse, or heading out for a night out and just need your credit card and id.

#3.  UnderFuse - SERIOUS iron-on pockets has your phone, keys, id, whatever on lock down, or iron-down. When you need more than a disposable pocket- you can iron one of these bad boys onto anything! Heading for a jog, want a hidden packet inside your know what to do with your next $9.99.

#4. Subtle Butt - I'm not joking, this is a real product! If you've got gas, Subtle Butt has got your back (literally), with a disposable activated-carbon sheets that stop the stink before it travels to anyone's noses! The best part was reading the reviews and a woman saying she keeps them in her person to give to her hubby! ha ha ha ha

#5. Convertible Heels - The Day2Night Convertible Shoes, you're just a click away from barely there heels to high and mighty... pick from your box of heel heights and away you stomp.

#6. The Face Slimmer - AKA The weirdest thing on this list. So this device is supposed to make you look ridiculous, I mean, supposed to make the muscles around your face get strengthened and give you a more "lifted around the mouth" appearance, I think.
 I do like how they tried to make it look cute, like, "oh look at that cute rubbery lipstick thing", they could've just made it look like a round circular thing in grey, right?!? Cost: $62 for this.

#7. Toothpaste Tablets - Ok, before you want to check this off as crazy...just think how handy these babies would be camping, after dinner, on an overnight flight, or just ready to hand to someone who needs a "brushing"! Can you think of someone who could benefit from you stashing these in your bag? For $5.49, these babies can be at the ready for ya!

Which of these babies would you try, buy or give the crazy eye to!?! Ha ha ha ha

PS. I'm editing a video you guys requested! My peek and review at the NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 that will be out soon, and  my reviews of ALL the Naked Palettes and a tutorial using the New Naked3 HERE to see if it's up yet.

Huge hugs and hope you found this interesting, hee hee , your virtual best fren', Kandee

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