Friday, November 15, 2013

11 Celebs Without Make-Up: Better With Or Without?

Even stars have to go out without their makeup on sometimes! And most pictures that show "without make-up" must have been viewed by someone who doesn't wear makeup, because usually the "no make-up" shots, are with make-up on! ha ha ha

So here's some of your fav celebs with and without makeup. And I personally think most of them look better with out make-up. They look more approachable, friendly, and just more real. Don't ge me wrong, you know I love make-up and the power it has to make women FEEL more beautiful...
but what do you think?
So you think these celebs look better with or without their "game faces" on?!?

ABOVE: Rihanna with and without make-up. I think Rihanna is beautiful, and I like her without make-up, just as much as with make-up.

Kim Kardashian Without or With Make-Up: 

KATY PERRY without make-up or with?!?
Without she looks like it's a snapshot of one one your friends playing around with costumes, and with, well, you know me and old hollywood, make-up- I love it!

LADY GAGA- without or with?!?
Without she looks like, she could be the artsy girl that works at your local starbucks a litttle huh,  and with,  this is one of my favorite looks on her:

Tyra Banks: Tyra has been a long time promoter of showing off her face without make-up! And I applaud her for that! She wants girls to know it's ok, well all have things we don't like about our faces. She jokes about her big forehead all the time, and that makes her feel more real!

Marilyn Monroe: I love how adorable and cute she looks without make-up too!

Olivia Wilde: I think she looks even more amazingly beautiful without make-up.

AnnaLynne McCord: I love that she posted her bare skinned picture and I like her natural hair more than the "fancy" hair do.

Snooki - I like her bare and more fresh face.

Angelina Jolie: I think she is just as beautiful without her make-up.

Arianna Grande: She looks cute both ways! With and without her make-up and red hair!

And although I'm not a movie star, actress, or anything...but here's me...
Kandee Johnson (but you already know that) without make-up and with!
But you guys already know what I look like without make-up, because that's usually how all my tutorials start off! ha ha ha ha
And a lot of the time if you see me out doing errands, you'll find me only wearing lip balm and some moisturizer! ha ha ha

Make-up doesn't make the person, but it does MAKE the person feel a little more confident. I love seeing the beauty in a bare face. And as a make-up artist, that's what you do, you find the beauty in their face and you just add some "decoration" make-up, so accentuate that.

What do you guys think? Who's your favorite celeb without make-up? And what do you think, is make-up or no make-up better?!

So here's to all of us that don't have hair and make-up teams, and wardrobe stylists who's only job is to make us look good....I say YOU LOOK GOOD, all by yourself!!

Huge hugs without much make-up on myself, your virtual bestie Kandee

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