Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Naked Palette 3 Tutorial, Review & 3 Ways To Use The Naked Palette Besides For Your Eyes

Ok, I had to do one more post about the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but this was just because you guys ask, and I am your humble video and blog making servant....

So you guys asked for a TUTORIAL using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - just scroll down!
You guys asked for me to review the palette in a video - check.
And you asked for me to compare all 3 Naked Palettes - check!

And I'm going to show you 3 SWEET THINGS you can do with the  NAKED 3 PALETTE, that you CAN'T do with Naked 1 and Naked 2 Palette....

First I thought I'd give you a peek of my "beauty desk"...
My Hello Kitty mug, full of (and fueling me) with my Homemade Whipped Hot Chocolate inside, keeping my Naked Palette company. It's cold and cloudy outside, and I'm listening to the Glenn Miller Band station on Pandora and writing you about these fun ways to use your palette...Fun Ahoy!

As you will see me do in the video above, I took Saint Germain lipstick from MAC and applied the "DUST" eyeshadow from the NAKED 3 Palette and put it on top.

I also wanted to show you on all 3 of my fav Nude & Pink lipsticks from MAC. On the left is the color out of the tube and on the right is it with DUST shadow on top.
You can apply it all over or just dab it in the center of the lips for a beautiful highlight, adding fullness to the lip! 

#2 BLUSH USE: The lollipop is pointing to DUST....and pay careful attention to the 2 shadows next to is with the little flowers on them... BURNOUT & LIMIT....are beautiful as blush color. You can just squeeze your blush brush to fit onto the color, then release so it's all fluffy again and apply as a blush color!

#3 HIGHLIGHTER USE: you can dab DUST for fair to medium skin and BUZZ or TRICK for medium to dark skin onto the cheekbones as a beautiful highlighter.

You can't do this very well with Naked 1 and 2 because their colors are too yellow, gold and bronze. You could try it with the lightest shimmery eyeshadow from Naked 1, "SIN" but other than that the colors are too gold-bronze or greenish, or just too matte, but I'm in love with this DUST color!

Hope you guys liked this, and now I will not be talking about the NAKED 3 Palette anymore! ha ha ha ha ha Except to tell you it will be out the end of this montheroonie!

Huge hugs and let me know what you guys want to see next!

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