Friday, November 22, 2013

Pick A Shoe, Any Shoe: Giveaway Friday!

 I love shoes. I love shoes because no matter how I might not fit into the desired size pair of pants or never make my feet look like they have a muffin top. And yes, I still need to post a video or blog post of my shoe day it will be up.

But for now I wanted to do something fun, maybe call it: FREEBIE FRIDAY
And do a fun giveaway to help celebrate the week you just survived and give you a little fun to look forward to for next week!

So what will be fun to win!? SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ:

I thought it might be fun for 3 WINNERS! Yes, 3 is better than just one right?!?
3 winners will get a shoe credit for any shoe your heart desires from any shoe that fits your style from ShoeMint.

ShoeMint is fun because...
*I like them because the shoes are made by Steven Madden
*They are one of the uber-trendy and free, members-only websites
*Collaborations and design by Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist, Nicole Chavez. FUN FACT: they met while working on The OC.
*High quality shoes made of real leather and suede, not pleather and plastic that will fall apart.
*Free shipping and returns.
*And they crank out new, styles every month based on the sizzling-hottest shoe trends of the moment.


THREE winners will win 1 ShoeMint credit each. 
#1 -Go to ShoeMint by clicking this LINK: SHOE ME THE LOVE
#2 - Sign up to be a member (don't worry it's totally free, that's just how you'll receive your free shoe credit if you win) and pick out which show is your favorite!
#3 - Then comment BELOW this blog post in the comments, which pair of shoe you want to win!

1 winner will be announced Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday next week!
Giveaway is open to US and Canada only, I wish it could be everywhere, but that's the only places they ship! Don't worry I have 2 contests on my youtube videos right now that are open to the world: WIN A DESPICABLE ME HOODIE AND COSTUME or click here to enter to WIN ONE OF THE PURSES I GOT TO DESIGN
And let me just show you some of my favs...but being indecisive, it's hard to just pick one:

These kind of remind me of vintage Barbie shoes and I love them.

These just look so cool! You could wear them with boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans and a big sweater.

For some reason I just love these...they come in black and leopard print too! Leggins or jeans, with a long skirt or dress, these are just casual and cool.

 Feelin' a little mod and edgy...some leggins, long rocker t-shirt and maybe a motorcycle jacket and your ready to stomp out the door.

You know me and gold. Golden loafers, might be the first pair of loafers I really like.

Not that I wear all that often, but somethings about these is Old Hollywood, timeless and just kinda sexy-shoes!

Ok, these kinda take me back...not in a real granny way, but in a way that is just kinda cool...jeans rolled up, oversized button-up shirt, belted at the waist, big scarf:

And you know me and animal print: How I'd wear it. Black leggings, my long Rolling Stones flowey rocker shirt and big silver jewelry.
 Look how cute the semi-pointed toe is! They come in non-wild prints too.

And these boots. Everyone needs a pair of tall black or brown boots, yes these come in brownie too.
Zippers on the back for added cuteness...

I just love the more semi-pointed toe on these.
See how cute they are in brown too!!

So happy Friday guys!!!
Go here to click the link : TRYING TO WIN SOME SHOES, sign up there so you can get your credit, then comment below  THIS BLOG POST with your favorite pair of shoes from the site!

Huge hugs and so much shoes, I mean hugs....your virtual bestie, Kandee

PS. I'm still waiting for all the stuff I ordered online to arrive so I can film my "COOL GIFTS FOR GUYS IN YOUR LIFE" video...I have stayed up way too many nights hunting for the most awesome things!

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Alicia said...

I would love to win the max or Ann boots!!

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