Monday, November 25, 2013

Red Carpet Before & Afters: Which Celeb is your favorite?!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: Look at her "wowza" transformation from just last year to this year!
She just looks so gorgeous either way.

 I think she looked beautiful no matter what, but I love that she's back in her glamorous, old hollywood look! Her hair and make-up looked so beautiful! David Babaii did her hair and I love it!

That gold with her blue eyes = amazing!

Last night was the American Music Awards, and I thought it's be fun to show just how must change an artist can make from one year to the here's some artist, last year at the AMA's and then, last night at the 2012 AMA's!

 KATY PERRY: Stays true to her colorful, vintage and pin-up-esque make-up. I love it and I thought she looked so beautiful this year too! Plus, I think any celeb looks wayyyyy better when they smile!

MILEY CYRUS: Even though her "last year" picture is at the Billboard Music Awards, look at the crazy different to this year at the AMA's! The only thing that's the same is the "white suit" look! But again, I like when she's smiling!
And Miley was celebrating her 21st birthday with her dad, the first Cyrus, Billy Ray...I think maybe he should come with her to all her events, because the pretty smile on her face is a much better red carpet look!
Her make-up was very minimal and bare. Do you like it like it better this way?

 TAYLOR SWIFT: The golden girl of the AMA's took home her 3rd Artist Of The Year! I have to say I love her golden outfits, they will make those blue of her shine! And I love her dress this year, the nude piece covers up cleavage in a classy way, and she's like a golden disco ball, I love it! And I'm liking her 80's glam hair and make-up!

ZENDAYA COLEMAN: The Disney star went from cute and girly to sleek and sophisticated!

And though they don't have a crazy before and after, you've gotta see the  red carpet looks these girls brought:

LADY GAGA: or should we say, Lady Guinevere. From her soft look and long flowing hair, lavender dress and giant mechanical horse. I say this beats out the meat dress for sure!

I have to say, I like this soft make-up look on her.

RIHANNA: I like her with short hair, and I even like that you can see her bikini tan lines! It's about time celebs started to seem more real!

 NICOLE RICHIE: Daughter of the music legend, Lionel Richie always look so chis and amazing. I like how her bronze eye-makeup really makes her eyes glow.

KELLY OSBOURNE: I love her lavender hair with her eye color! And I applaud her for not needing to be too revealing with her dress!
I love her pretty make-up, soft, blowy, girly and with that classic pin-up black eyeliner!

 ARIANA GRANDE: How adorable is she! I love how she went from her bright red hair, to a bright red dress. I think her hair and make-up look beautiful and fresh.

What do you think?!
Who was your favorite before and this year?
And who was your favorite look from last night?

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