Monday, November 4, 2013

Minnie Mouse Makeup

Who else is a Minnie Mouse fan?!?
If you thought the Paul & Joe cat lipstick was cute... this Minnie Mouse lipstick takes the cake!

I don't think I'd even want to use the lipstick so I wouldn't ruin it!

 And how cute are the Minnie Mouse Nail Polish bottles?

Look at all the colors!

These lil' cuties are limited edition, so if you just want to buy a bottle just to put it on your shelf...

If you want to see the whole collection or buy one of these cuties, click HERE to go to BEAUTYLISH!

Huge hugs to everyone and I wish we could go to Disneyland right now together, Kandee

To see all the other 10 Things I'm Loving right now and how you can win one the bags I got to design (please insert my excitement that I got to design something! I've been designing things since I was little, well only on paper, not in real life! hee hee)

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