Thursday, November 21, 2013

7 Crazy Amazing Make-Up Products

You know those things that you are so excited about, you go around telling everyone about it, sounding like a spokesperson for whatever it is?! Well, these might be some of those things!
These are so awesome, they are kind if just like nothing out on the market! Prepare to wonder how these babies work!

#1. LIMECRIME VELVETINES - These are amazing! I've never seen or used a product like them, and lip colors, lip stains, lip glosses, lipsticks are my weakness!

WHAT IT DOES: It goes on like a creamy, liquid, then dries into a gorgeous matte, velvet color and feel. I can verify that is lasts all day. I've even forgotten my color at home to touch up and it lasts all day long! The only problem is it sells out as fast as it's available, so you gotta buy it as soon as it's available! 
It comes in 3 shades, my favorite retro red, RED VELVET. The color shown here which is beautiful, SUEDEBERRY, and PINK VELVET is coming soon! 
PRICE: $20

#2. NAILTINI COCKTAIL NAPKINS - Yes, Acetone Free nail polish removers do exist, and they take off polish better than my acetone remover does! These are amazing! 

WHAT IT DOES: Removes nail polish faster than regular acetone. No stinky acetone smell or damage to your nails!  They smell like a delicious vanilla-citrus scent. One little pad will remove polish from all your fingers! And you can pack them in your suitcase for polish changes on a trip!
PRICE $12 for 40 remover pads

 #3 BROW GENIUS KIT from Anastasia of Beverly Hills - We all know that Anastasia is the queen of eyebrows. But this kit is nothing short of incredible!

WHAT IT DOES: It give you waterproof, sweat proof, rainproof, swimming proof, smudge proof, rub proof, natural looking eyebrows! You mis the powder with the special gel and apply it to your brows for an almost semi-permanent color! This is great for everyone who wants eyebrows that will last ALL day until you scrub it off. This is great for people with Alopecia, any kind of hair loss, or people going through chemo-therapy. You ca even put the sealer gel over eyeshadow and it almost turns it into a temporary tattoo! IT won't rub off at all, until you wash it!

PRICE:  $24

#4. LASH FIBERS from MAKEUP FOREVER - It's like steroids for your eyelashes!

WHAT IT DOES: Adds length, volume and doubles your lashes! I've been a fan of lash builders and primers for years. They really work and I use them everyday!

PRICE: $21

 #5. MAGIC NUDE LIQUID POWDER - L'Oreal is always coming up with innovative and new things! And this revolutionary liquid powder, well, it just sounds fun!

WHAT IT DOES:  It goes on like a liquid, then instantly transforms on contact to a velvety smooth finish that is so light weight it looks like your skin is bare! Just shake and apply for magical makeup fun!
PRICE: $12.95

#6. MODEL IN A BOTTLE - I've been a fan of this for years! There's no other makeup setting spray on the market that comes close to this! This is not like any setting spray you'll find at Sephora or Ulta!

WHAT IT DOES: It seals your make-up, making it waterproof, sweat proof, tear proof, smudge proof and makes it humidity proof!
  • Dries with a translucent matte finish
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Never interferes with or reduces the effectiveness of SPF
  • Has a natural scent of lavender
  • Adds moisture with Aloe Vera extract
  • Not tested on animals
It is free of mineral oil, parabens and has hydro essential oils of lavender and aloe vera. This magic ingredients add keep skin moisturized as well as minimizing inflammation in the skin and eliminating redness from Rosacea.

I have tried the original and the sensitive, but I prefer the Sensitive formula better!
PRICE: $18 for regular formula
             $21 for the sensitive

#7. LIP VENOM LIP PLUMPER - From DuWop, this is the very first lip plumper, that created a lip plumping category in the beauty market! These lip-enlarging innovators use essential oils to give your lips a boost. *I used this when it first came out, and my mind was blown and my lips were blown up! ha ha ha

WHAT IT DOES: Instantly causes the lips to look like you just walked out of a plastic surgeons office in Beverly Hills with your freshly plumped lips, but without the dangerous injections!

DuWop Lip Venom is sulfate-free, petro-chemical-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, free of pthalates, no GMO's, no PPG's, no MEA's DEA's, TEA's, is formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free.

PRICE: $16

So that is our "girlfriend" chat....of me telling you all the things that are so stinkin' amazing!

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee

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