Wednesday, November 27, 2013

23 Cool Gifts For Guys

Whether you've googled "best gifts for him" or just want some cool guy gifts that are "anti-boring" and that will instagram worthy...
...and you don't want to give the usual guy gifts: watch, cologne, socks, pajamas, dare a say a wallet?!? Then peep these: 23 of the most awesome gifts for guys. Pin these, buy them, but hurry before they're outta stock!

#1. Old 80’s Style Brick Phone Case - it really works to talk and listen on and it will REALLY keep your phone safe. $19.99


#2. Saw Mug - for any construction worker or handy man you know, this will be his new favorite mug $17.99


#3. Mugrock "Marshall" Amp Mug - this is perfect for the guitar hero in your house. Rock on with your mug full. $12


#4. Diamond Plate Mug - because most all guys love diamond plate. $17.99

#5. Key Chainsaw - get it "keychain saw", yes it lights up and makes a "chainsaw sounds" which I think sounds more like a dirt bike, but whatevs, it's cool. $9.99

#6. Bacon Scarf - this is just awesome. $15.99

#7. Minecraft Light-Up Torch - it really lights up and can be mounted on the wall. This item is so popular that they are only allowing people to buy 2 per customer! $24.99

#8. Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset - These are supposed ot be one of the best wireless gaming headsets (headphones and mic) on the market, your gamer guy will love these. Crystal clear sound that is nothing like regular headphones, they have professionally tuned audiofile sound. Works with Xbox One and PS4: $299.99

#9. Astro A40 Gaming Headset with Mix Amp - itis not wireless, but might be worth it. It has crystal clear voice-communication and pin-point audio accuracy with Dolby Digital Surround sound. You'll hear people sneaking up on you in the game from right where they'd be in real life. It also comes with a mix amp to change all the volume settings, compatible with PS4 and XB1: $249.99


#10. Lego Slippers - Lego my slippers....these are just too hilariously awesome! You can get them in RED or BLUE. $21.95

#11. BBQ Golf Club Set - If your dad, hubby, boyfriend, grandpa loves to golf and BBQ, then this is the gift for him, complete with golf ball salt and pepper shakers: $39.99

#12  Travel Boy Carry-On Suitcase - for the gamer on the go: $69.99

#13. Mophie Rugged External Cell Phone Charger - charge your cell phone on the job, on a plane, out camping or anywhere you can't just plug your phone into a socket! And it's built to be tough: $99.95

#14. Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock - say good bye to ugly black plastic charging docks and hello to these one-of-a-kind pieces of nature, that instantly feel peaceful just looking at it and it will charge your phone asap: $72-$88

#15. Giant Toy Army Man Figure - because this is just plain cool! Any guy will be taken back to his childhood with this baby: $99

#16. Hamboards - a longboard feel that no other skateboard can provide. These are so cool. Prices range from $175 for the little biscuit board to $695 for the real retro longboard surf style boards.

#17. The Photorito - the burrito style camera lens case for you photographer. I stinkin' love this! You take anything that looks like a burrito and I love it! This is AWESOME! It's made of Tyvek (what Haz-Mat suits are made of) and padded neoprene. And no one will even know it's safely hugging your price camera lens! Disguise and protection all in one! $20 from Photojojo

#18. Grenade Coin & Key Stash - every guy will love to lighten the load of his pockets from keys, coins, dolla' dolla' bills yo, and keep em safely tucked inside their "grenade". They come in black, army green, pink and even more colors. Prices range all over but I found em HERE for $6.99

#19. Talk Dock - just like an old school phone, but you can charge your phone, talk on the handset all while checking your facebook page! From Uncommon Goods you can get it in BLACK & GREEN, for $36 but it come sin other colors too.

The only bad thing is there's a 20 day production time, so order now! $68


 Or how about ....
PANCAKE HOODIE: what says "I'm a baller" than a shortcake of buttery, syrupy pancakes: $68

21. QCard  - A phone case and wallet all in one. Stash your id, credit cards and your $20 bill! This is better than a wallet! They make them for the iphone and Samsung Galaxy S4 Price: $39.99

#22. Sriracha Hoodie - because some people love their hot sauce so much, they want to represent. $44.99

23. The Pick Punch - last but not least. Turn any old loyalty card, hotel room key, metro card...anything plastic-like into a guitar pick. It's so fun to make these! And your guy will have custom guitar picks! They also come in other pick shapes too! $24.99

Come see me show off how these babies work and how I almost burned the shirt off my back in my "ULTIMATE, COOLEST, BEST GUYS GUIDE TO GIFTS EVER" VIDEO:

*NOTE: if you are entering the contest to win the $200 Christmas Credit, your comments must be on underneath the video on YOUTUBE, so just click the YOUTUBE icon on the lower right side of the video to go comment there to enter!

Wanna see even more COOL GIFTS FOR GUYS?!? I "pinned" or whatever you call it, even more awesome stuff HERE on my LUVOCRACY page: HERE

And now you will be the Ultimate, Coolest Gift giver ever....don't give another boring present, give the gift of originality and awesomeness....

Huge hugs and one-earring-ness (you'll know what I mean if you watched the video), your virtual BFF, Kandee

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