Monday, November 5, 2012

Hold onto your bra-straps it's about to get wild:

get ready because October is History and the rest of November is still a mystery....
But I've got some FAVORITE to show ya!
Yep, whoop whoop it's NEW VIDEO TIME....

1. yes, I changed my hair color- I was not ready to go dark yet!

2. Yes, you are going to witness my horrible curling iron burn right after it happened- which looks even worse now!

3. I show you my refrigerator too! And my food and snack favorites!

4. And be warned!!! I show you my most dangerous favorite-which you will know by the "dangerous sound effects"!!!!

Now let's go have some fun...come on be my friend and let's go hang out, laugh and be weird together:

I don't want to spoil it by telling you all my favorites...but yes, if you are a "real Kandee Family member" and watch my videos til the end...there is a special giveaway (so all those Youtube peeps that watch 30 seconds of a video- will miss it!)...
BUT FOR you all that read my blogs and offer your sparkly words to me that I cherish...HERE's the contest details:

Someon's gonna win an Illume Mulled Wine (or as I would have named it- the Cuddliest, Yummiest Smell for Fall and Christmas time!!!!!) Scented Reed Diffuser - the last for months and months and smell A-to-the-May-Zing!

you must be a SUBSCRIBER to both my channels:

Channel #1. : (click here if you're not subscribed yet) Kandee Johnson (my main beauty/style channel)

Channel #2. : (click here if you're not subscribed yet) The Kandee Johnson Show (my vlog/random channel)

You need to comment below the OCTOBER FAVORITES video on youtube-
comment anything about what your favorite things, smell, food or drink is about Thanksgiving and Christmas time!
EX: My favorite things is when is snows and I make cinnamon rolls and we drink hot chocolate!

Winners can be from anywhere in the world ad any age as long as you asked your parent or grandma!

Get the video and prepare to laugh and I wish you could taste the snack I make thru the screen!!!

Hugs not drugs or dirty rugs, or giant bugs...your buddy ol' pal, kandee


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Anonymous said...

I love this video & I think its so generous for you to always do these give aways :) I've never actually tried to win one bc I'm sure there are people out there that need those things more than me. I love how generous you are tho <3

Anonymous said...

I love your hair by the way! I forgot to say that!

Unknown said...

Love your hair and love all your videos.

Niki said...

Why is it that winged liner doesnt look good on me. Does it differ on eye shapes?

Renee said...

You make me laugh so make cry and touch my heart as your latest video just cracked me up! You are yourself not holding back.I am a 33 yr old mother of four and realize you can have no makeup and hold a lemon against my head but it is my personality my outgoingness,the keep laughing motto that keeps me going. I mean i though.only i go from talking about makeup to fabric softeners lol! Oh wait i am suppose to tell you my smiles of the upcoming holidays well one thingbi miss is he christmas sears book that i looked at as it was the best! But current faves is anything pumpkin, cinnamony candy baby vs spray yummy sweet smelling gee if i could roll my sheets and laundry in candy vanilla cupcake smellin goodness! Well if i think of more i will post again. I will have to try those bead softener things for my clothes. Oh and the reed diffuser sounds like it smells good. Good smelling goods you can never go wrong!

Ms. Drea said...

Kandee @)--- I just want to say that you ROCK!! I loved your video - so funny and cute : ) put a great big smile on my face.. Made my day! I love all of your videos, but this one was great.. You being you! In reply to your question - one of my favorite holiday smells are fresh cloves because growing up we used to fill oranges with cloves and hang them by a pretty red ribbon in the house to make the house smell pretty.. Citrus and cloves : ) You're Awsome Kandee!! Happy American Thanksgiving! Xo your new canadian friend and fan- andrea!

Unknown said...

Go Kandee!!!! :-) love your attitude towards life you're so awesome have a great day :-)

Renee said...

My spelling is atrocious, sorry i do make up words and kooky sayings but gotta feel the love. Oh dont mind my blog if you do check it out, as i havent posted only my face picture is new.

Unknown said...

I love you!

kim blenner said...

I love love love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte's so much, that I bought one of the industrial sized jugs that came with a pump, so that when they run out after the holiday season i can have whenever i want in the spring. I feel like there's crack in those latte's!!! O.o

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