Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to get in shape BEFORE New Years!

This is the look of sheer laughter as I work out! ha ha ha (But for reals, I was laughing- you'll see in the video!)

Since I get tons of people asking to see a workout and get in shape video from me, I thought I'd ask for some help from super fitness expert, Natalie Jill!

Not only did she give us some quick workout moves to help us stay fit through the holidays, but to get us in shape for any New Year's Resolutions (even though, I think ANY time is a great time to start feeling great and lookin' great too!)...
Be warned, I had no idea I was saying "okay" so much until I edited this! ha ha ha
Enjoy me laughing through this workout as Natalie tries to sit on me! ha ha ha

Also, Natalie is so awesome- she decided to offer her home workout book for FREE!
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE HOME WORKOUT BOOK FROM NATALIE JILL (Check your email...access details will be EMAILED to you!):

Plus- if you want to download her AMAZING 7 DAY JUMP START program or any of her other things she wanted to give everyone a special 10% off too, go here and use discount code: kandee

(huge thank you to Natalie for offering this to all of us! She is so nice!)

Now maybe we can all find our "top secret" abs...ha ha ha ha
huge abs, I mean hugs, kandee

And then I go and post a video about how to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls! ha ha ha

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