Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I heart Disneyland...

I heart Disneyland.
And yes, we went there for the weekend- for more pics click here for my "kandeeland blog".
 I got blisters- yes, in my Vans, because I forgot to wear socks...so I had to go buy these Minnie Mouse ones from the Bippity Boppity Boutique- yes, they are giant lil' girls socks that everyone made fun of me with all afternoon and night. I did NOT care- my feet felt way better.
PS. I love me some Forever21, but those leopard pants-arghhh. I spent the whole day trying to pull em up!
I 'm not sure if I heart the picture above, but I'm gonna post it anyway- it was after a really loooong day! fyi: this was before the day we wore our matching Disney shirt you'll see on my kandeeland blog.
my sister taking a picture of me taking a picture of her- we love to do that! ha ha

I love old Cadillacs and the "Cadillac Fin Mountain Range in Cars Land".
My Disney Nails....yellow bow ring: because I thought is was fun! (it was a gift, I have no idea where to tell anyone to get one! sad face) And my sparkly nails that match my wallet- It's gumdrop polish from Orly and a silver glitter from China Glaze on top!
one of my fav parts was the "Mickey and Minnie Caramel....and watching them being made...
They took a lot longer that I thought to be made....
But look how cute!!!

I love this cake in the mad hatter's hat store....they even had like "Disney Fascinator Hats".
And one of my favorite visions...the Castle...all dressed up with snow even!
Oh, I want to live in Disneyland....

Yes, I vlogged part of our day....I still need to edit whatever randomness I filmed!

I wish you could taste those caramel apples through the monitor!

hugs and blister-free feet thanks to my "funny socks"...your kandee

See our matching shirts here.

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Anonymous said...

Kandee you are so fun! Watching your videos amd reading your blogs always put a smile on my face. 

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