Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gumdrop Glitter Nails

What do I love more than mugs of "salted caramel hot chocolate"!?!?
These pale turquoise, glitter nails!!!
 I just got these polishes the other day and couldn't wait to polish up my fangers!
I used a base coat:

2 COATS of the turquoise (It's kind of like a light "Tiffany" looks similar to the color "For Audrey", I think by OPI, but I like this shade more and you don't need 3 or 4 coats for it to look thick and glossy):

GLITTER POLISH- (if you guys want I can do a tutorial for this look, just lemme know)
ORLY nail polish in HALO

another coat of SECHE VITE

(I'm normally lazy and skip the base and top coat, but I know better, and it comes out wayyyyyy better, for sure...oh you laziness, trying to make my nails look all ugh)
 That's what their underbelly's look like.....see

I stinkin' love their names too! Gumdrop, I just love it!

typed with my glitter fingers, your kandee

GUESSSSSS WHAAAAAAAT?!?! I'm finally uploading a VLOG video to my VLOG channel on the youtube today: The Kandee Johnson Show, today! Holla!

Did you see my FAVORITES VIDEO FOR THE MONTH YET...yes, you'll see inside my glamorous fridge too! bwaa ha ha ha (click that triangle to watch er'):

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Anonymous said...

Do a tutorial please!! That looks great :) and if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more style videos bc your style is AMAZING & so much fun! Lots if love <3 XoXo

Unknown said...

Yes tutorial :-) pleeeease

Anonymous said...

Tutorial please!!! Thx kandee<3 #LOVEYOU

Manda said...

For Audrey is by China Glaze :)

Kathy said...

Do a tutorial pleaaaseeee

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