Monday, November 26, 2012

What happens when I buy a YSL lipstick...

 This is what happens when I buy my first YSL lipstick, Rouge Volupte in #2, Sensual Silk.
Yes, I convinced myself that this lipstick was worth spending $34 dollars on at Sephora.
And I have to admit- it is kinda', pretty amazing.
The shade is perfect.
The packaging makes you feel like your last name should be Kardashian, or Hilton, or Winfrey.
 As you'll see precious Blake (who's 5), saw this beautiful tube of lisptick on the kitchen counter. (where I took it out of it's box and stood just staring at it's beauty.)
This doesn't look like any of my other lipsticks. And it weighs more than any lipstick tube I own- it almost feels like you could use is like hand-weights to work out with.
 anyway....he twisted it, wondering what it was, and SMASHO-INTO-THE-CAP-O!
No, my cheapo lipsticks look way too boring to want to play with, but this...this lipstick begs to be touched. It's like an art piece in a museum- your fingers feel magnetized to it's case!
I was a lil' saddened, but I couldn't be mad at him...he didn't know it was a lipstick- he just thought it was some cool golden thing, that was way too heavy to be some boring, ol' make-up- it must be a tool or something that needed to be twisted!
Just look at what's left in the tube! It's beautiful!
The pigment is unlike any drugstore, or even MAC lipstick! It feels like velvet, it's got some miraculous ingredients that make your lips look plump and smooth as butter, it's lasts super long, and the pigment in this lipstick is out-of-this-world.

I may not be able to apply it right from the tube onto my soup-coolers, but you bet I will scrape every last trace of liptsick out of this baby with a brush! Then maybe I'll just save the tube because it's so pirty and makes me feel fancy, just looking at it!

fancy-ness, your fancy kandee


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