Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Time Machine & Recipe o' Pie

consider my blog as a time traveling device...
we wil now travel back to last year, when I looked like this (above)
and that (below)
psssssst: look how lil' Ellie is

 Blake looked like this....those pants would know look like capri's on him....and he hasn't been able to fit in those shoes for a long time...
Alani wore this....and looked fancy.

If you want to taste one of the yummiest Pumkin Pie can watch me cook this, even more Thanksgivings ago.....and I'm thankful my dad is in it:

I am off to go cook stuff...ha ha ha
hugs and lots of thankfulness not just today but everyday...thank you each of you for letting into your heart and days, to hopefully encourage or inspire you and fill you with some extra love and hugs, your kandee

CLICK THIS to see what's been happening in KANDEELAND.

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