Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Battle of The Strands night of awesomeness!

 9:29 am Vegas-
I'm typing this so fast before we head to the airport!
I have no clue in that photo why I was doing that...I know it was something funny...but now it's just funny to look at! bwaaa ha ha ha

I got to meet so, so, so many amazing hearts at the meet and greet before the Battle of the Strands show...and The Facebook guy officially "liked" this group of ladies!

 Kim Vo and my awesome "rapid hand movements" got to walk on the red carpet- I felt so fancy, like I'm a fancy person! Maybe feeling fancy makes my hands move fast! ha ha ha ha

 My view from the judges table of all the amazin contestants with their incredible hair, make-up and wardrobe!
 My judging homeboy....next to me at the judges table was, Nick Verreos from Project Runway! He is so funny he made me laugh the whole time!
 I make this face when I'm excited! I look like I'm gonna eat that microphone! This was before the show!

 Me backstage with my personal "Psy"...AKA my new friend, Lyle who is part of Battle of The Strands and is an amazing hairstylist, salon owner!
I had such a fun, and amazing night....I was beyond honored to be there and work with everyone that was so nice and just wonderful!

My outfit:
forever 21 jacket, white men's tank top, men's levi's that were actually my dad's, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Betsey Johnson clutch, necklace and cuff ( I made my lil' ol' self)!

And we're out of Vegas like  Psy was after he performed Gangnam style....your kandee

If you want to see the Battle of The Strand Show, you can watch it on their YOUTUBE CHANNEL- click THIS!

don't forget to enter my PRINCESS GIVEAWAY- CLICK HERE!

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Valérie said...

Hope your having fun !! Have a nice trip back and I LOVE your style !!! And you are awesome you totaly deserve to be on the red carpet !! �� Xxx Valoulou

Unknown said...

Glad you had fun kandee :)

Anonymous said...

Ew why on earth would u wear those jeans???!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonynous: She would wear them because they are freaking awesome jeans geeez. I love her outfit! I also think it's amazing & so sweet that she would wear her dad's jeans to such a big event for her!

Sarah said...

You are adorable. Would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do a tutorial on your black cuff!?!? My wrists are so small, I can't ever find any that fit. Yours is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

The excessive makeup makes you look older than you are tone it down

Unknown said...

Kandee I love your whole outfit! I love that your wearing your dads jeans and I love love love the way you dressed them up :) my grandfather passed away a few months before you dad did and my grandma have me one of his big sweaters, and I love to wear it... It makes me feel almost like Im getting a hug from him! I know what what your going through... And I just find it so special that your wearing his clothes thank you for all you do and my only hope is that one day I can make your heart smile like you make everybodys heart smile that gets inspired by your inner and outer beauty your the best Kandee! Sending you huge hugs and much love <3 Beth Shanks

MamaC said...

This makes me think that Kandees in trouble by her mom telling her to tone it down!! Cudnt disagree more, shes Kandee and shes in Vegas! Whoop Whoop

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