Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Random 5- Lions, Tigers & Hair!

It's Saturday Happy Time!!!

And I've brought me some tiger-action for the SATURDAY RANDOM 5 Facts & Fun!

#1. This was me with, Lyle (an amazing hair stylist from Vegas, that looks like Psy, the gangnam guy)- I got my tiger shirt at Forever21, that's a fact!

#2. I did not do my awesome hair (i didn't bring any of my hair brushes, hair tools, or hairspray to vegas last week- so the amazing educator from Schwarzkopf USA made my hair look A-to-the-MAY-zing!
(that was me before I put my make-up on....and I was ready to fall alseep...go to fact #3 to see why)
#3.  Whenever someone does my hair, brushes my hair, or anything besides "pulling my hair" ha ha ha.....I just feel like I want to fall asleep- it's so relaxing to me! 

#4. I made a video last night for these "special cinnamon rolls" I'm gonna show you guys to make...well, they were GIANT...and I ate 3 of them! ha ha ha ha With the "DEEEEEElicious" icing I'm gonna show you how to make too!

#5. I worked in a clothing store in a mall when I was a teenager and used eat Cinnabon cinnamon rolls or drink these frozen vanilla drinks! My favorite part was when I'd get to dress the mannequins in outfits!

And that's 5...come back next Saturday for more of the Random 5!!! Happy weekend hugs, your tiger-shirt-lovin', kandee

and if you didn't see it....Here's my, HOW TO LOOK GANGNAM (not to be confused with my "Kang-nam Parody"...this is how I cut the wig, made the costumes, painted the shoes, danced...ha ha ha...enjoy:

Come see what else I've got simmerin' all over the internet stove:

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Anonymous said...

Consider Botox

Pinnie77 said...

Ugh. That was such a rude comment Ofcorse your published under anonymous looser... Anyways Kandeeeeeeee!!!! : ) . Your 5 facts are so much fun to read... It gives me just a minute of chill time to sit and give me something to do really quick and put a smile on my face! Thanks doll!!!

Anonymous said...

You most definitely do NOT need Botox Kandee. Who ever posted that is mental and obviously jealous. Don't even second guess yourself for one second thinking if dumbass is right or wrong. You are such a beautiful soul. There are too many people out in the world with toxic, mean, evil souls just trying to make themselves feel better by putting down others. I love you. Happy dreams. Thanks for all your hard work you put out by making videos and blogs.I appreciate it all

Anonymous said...

Kandee, first off, YOU ARE AMAZING! I love you, I love your videos, and even tho I don't know you in person, I feel like I do know you and like we've been friends forever. whenever I'm going through a tough time or I've had a bad day, sometimes all it takes is watching your videos to make me feel better. you have such a unique and beautiful personality, so there's absolutely NO, ZERO, NADA reason to ever consider what a hater says. they're probably just in a really dark place, and picking on other people is their way of releasing it. But maybe if they'd listen to what you say they'd know that life gets a helluva lot better. well keep going with what your doing! One more thing! Please do a tutorial on that hair! It looks so beautiful! And I love your shirt! Lots if love <3

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