Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello Kitty, Swarovski Sparkle, and why I'm weird:

This is a very special present, that some very special friends of mine gave me.
They have a mutual love of Hello Kitty...and gave me this Swarovski Hello Kitty Card Holder a while ago!
 I love it! 
I love it so much that I've never even wanted to take it out of the box to use it, in case it might get ruined! I'm weird like that!
Sometimes I'll even get clothes, that I'll try not to wear, because I don't want them to get worn out, so I try to wear them on "special" days- who knows what I consider a "special day"! ha ha ha
 My grandma had special dishes that no one ever used because they were "fancy"- a lot of good they did, to only get enjoyed once in a while!

The one lesson I've learned since my dad has "relocated" to Heaven over the that life is too short, and all the junk in it...the stuff we buy and are given...doesn't mean anything, because, like the old saying goes: you can't take it with you!

Life is too short to not use the "fancy" stuff everyday! Don't save something for special occasions- everyday we are alive should be a special occasion! I will never say things like: "oh we only use the good plates for special occasions"---- NO WAY! We are going to use our fancy plates everyday so we can enjoy them! If they get ruined, oh well! At least you didn't live your life waiting to celebrate a "once-in-a-while" fancy time to use something- make every day a SPECIAL OCCASION!!

And once again....I thank my dad, for letting me learn things from him, even all the way from heaven!

Thank you dad....thank you for always telling me to make someone's day too....
I hope I helped make your day today too!
Let's go out and treat everyday as a special occasion...huge hugs, love, and not saving stuff in boxes anymore and not using it....I'm gonna enjoy things, not just save em',  your friend kandee

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AshleyReNee22 said...

Such wonderful and insightful advice! And I don't think you are weird at all. I think you have a wonderful way of putting things in perspective. If everyone in this world were a lot like you, I think it would definitely be a happier place! Thank you for posting another great blog entry, I look forward to reading them every day! :)

Anonymous said...

Why is your video camera so blurry.

Anonymous said...

Cuzzzzzzz your not watching it using the HD feature..... -_-' lol

Tatiana said...

Kandee you made my day in so many ways today , I thank God For Putting Such A Wonderful Person In My Life and In My Heart .

Anonymous said...

You speak words of wisdom. I just lost my dad September 16th and these last few weeks have been awful. I'm truly devastated by his death. I love him so much and I miss him badly. It's nice that your experience with the loss of your dad is serving as an inspiration to us facing similar losses of our own. You remind me to try and be positive and focus on all the good times I've had with my dad. Thanks for being you!

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