Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Better than the Boyfriend Tag....Velcom Roll!

 So lots of people on youtube did the "Boyfriend Does My Make-Up" video....well, I think we have one that's better...this is "Blake does my Make-Up"....
He is my lil' man. He was 4 when we filmed this, but now he's way older and wiser at 5.
 He called this look 3 different names in the video, but ended with VELCOM ROLL!
I think it is going to Fall's GO TO Make-Up look! ha ha ha ha
MY FAVORITE PART: When he asks if the hot pink lipstick, feels hot.
BLAKE'S FAVORITE PART: At the end when he starts waving his hand saying, this is what my hand looks like!

Now sit back and enjoy...Blake does my make-up, it's full of beauty twists and turns ha ha ha:

And I'm pretty sure if you wear the VELCOM ROLL make-up look to a job interview, you will be hired on the spot! ha ha ha ha

hugs and HOT pink lipstick, Kandee and her make-up artist, Blake

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PS. on instagram I'm just: kandeejohnson

Have a day that no matter what goes wrong, you're still gonna smile and laugh!


Anonymous said...

We dnt actually see him.... :(

Anonymous said...

His dad asked her not to show him on videos

Anonymous said...

How adorable! xxx I smiled and laughed the whole way through. Velcom roll look is great, well done Blakey <3

Anonymous said...

That was so ridiculously cute :D

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