Monday, October 22, 2012

You just hit a Jackpot of pictures from Vegas Baby!

 Me and my personal Gangnam impersonator! ha ha ha Just kidding, it's Lyle who is one of the judges with me for Battle of The Strands, and the finale is tonight! We put are serious faces on...even the tiger on my shirt is has his "fierce face" on! Do we look like serious, super models!?! bwaa ha ha ha
My new homegirl, Cassi, from Scharwazkopf, who dazzled up my hair into a "faux-hawk-of-curls"...if you didn't see on twitter....your homegirl, kandee, didn't bring any hair styling things like, products or a brush or comb...ha ha ha ha

Me and my friend and hairstylist to the stars, Kim excited to be back together for a show!  He makes me laugh so much! My favorite was backstage after we both hosted the runway show (I'll post the amazing picture tomorrow maybe!) one was around and he was lip-syncing techno/opera music and I thought I was gonna fall down laughing!

 And this was as close as I got to the real Psy! I was so excited to see him perform, since I made my Gangnam Video (CLICK THIS to see it)...but I missed it by like 15 minutes...ANNNNNND, they required you to wear bathing suits (it was at the silly "pool-dj-club-thing" at HArd ROck and I wasn't trying to be seen in a bathing suit)!
 Me with one of the beautiful and talented contestants, Bei, that's in the Battle of the Strands. She was so cute and sweet, I just wanted to put her in my purse and I loved her necklace and dress!
This was the rest of her team....I seriously thought that Kat Von D had dyed her hair blonde and was really tall, and was in Vegas, but it was just her team mate all done up in drag-tastic-ness!
And only in Vegas would the next hair challenge be inspired by this gold guy! He was the model who had to hint at their theme of GOLD!
I had to get a picture with him....he had so much body paint on it was cray cray!
Can I just buy abs like his please?ha ha ha

 And sometimes I wear hats...and one gold earring...hee hee hee

I'm so excited to be here and to be a judge and most meaningful to my heart is to get to hug everyone who's here in person....I love meeting you guys! I've got more hugs to give away tonight at the big finally- if you're in Vegas and want to come- CLICK HERE FOR THE DEETS!

I can't wait to hug you all, our kandee the hug machine

PS. I am shamelessly asking for you guys to go vote for me to win for my Charity in this contest I'm in! My link didn't work, I'm in last place, and another girl in the contest is bff's with the Kardashians and they are tweeting for her to you think we can outpower the Kardashian votes...I just realized that people can only see the app to vote for me from a computer, not phone..ugh, I know...but you can click this from your computer to help meh: VOTE FOR ME HERE

Wanna see what Ellie's up to in Vegas? ha ha ha CLICK THIS



Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having a great time and I'm so happy for you! Maybe you could make a video on your trip or do a super special blog or something..? Your hair looks so beautifuul too! I'm hoping maybe you could do a tutorial on it..? Well either way, I'm so glad you're having a great time bc you truly deserve it! :) <3

Unknown said...

How cute congrats love :)

Unknown said...

Btw it's possible to vote multiple time!

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