Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jam-Packed Saturday Random Post!

 I've got more than one "random" photo for my Saturday Random pic and 5 random facts post today!!!


 #1. I went to the post office to ship out all the prizes for the winners of my giveaway yesterday. Yes, I love zebra print duct tape! ha ha ha

#2. I wore a sweatshirt this week thinking is was cold...and then half way through all my errands I was sweating like crazy because it got hot again!!!

#3. I had to go to doctor and get my heart checked on...(I had to go to the emergency room for some heart issues some months back)....I'm gonna be ok, just have to do some special "heart 
care" for my lil' ol' heart- it's been a rough year for poor ol' hearty! ha ha ha, but not really haha ha!

#4. I love leopard print. And I love that my doctor's office has these leopard print chairs! I forgot to ask where they got them! But when I go back for my appointment next week, I'm asking!
#5. I had to get shots in my scar- I have some major nerve damage, from when a window broke and tried to cut my leg pretty bad a couple years ago (if you missed it I blogged about it- and I even filmed it with my iphone in the ambulance to help me not think about the crazy pain, it actually worked to distract me- they couldn't give me anything to numb my leg for a while  because I had to do all these test to see if I still had feeling in my leg, that was not fun - you can click here but it's kinda graphic-be warned!)
This is a close-up of my scar- it wraps around to the other side, so you only get to see half of it's "beauty"! ha ha ha ha The little dots are all the times I got injected with a needle- it was about 12 times- and I don't like needles...i actually don't think anyone does! It's supposed to help me fix the nerve-damage in my leg-ster!- we'll see! I've got to go back and get this done more...ugh.

sending you huge hugs and happy Saturday!!! your kandee

PS. IF you missed it...CLICK HERE to see my NEW, NEW VIDEO!

And CLICK HERE TO see my "awesome" crazy pajamas I wore last night! ha ha ha

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Reba said...

I had to go look at your leg blog. I'm do glad you came through that with only a scar and some nerve damage. You are such a strong, brave lady, and apparently a great patient. Doesn't really surprise me, you have a beautiful spirit. Love the leopard print office chair!

Anonymous said...

That was a horrible wound! I think I would have passed out! Glad your ok now!

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