Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, Marilyn Monroe, and Matching Earrings:

 Yippeeee ki-yi-yay it's monday! (thought I'd jazz up monday that! ha ha)
Monday needs some extra something!!!!

So here is a little Monday-fun....
so, above I am wearing 2, yes 2 of the "red" lipsticks from The New Marilyn Monroe collection from MAC- if you guys want me to do a video about them or do that with my "September favs", let me know below in the comment gallery!

The 2 reds I have on are:
(well, first I put Cherry lip liner from mac- it's the greatest red lip liner ever! It's in the new Marilyn collection too, but they sell it all the time!)
my red lip color = Charmed I'm Sure  (dark true red) - think more Gwen Stefani + Deeply Adored (deep scarlet)- think more Dita Von Teese

BONUS: some of you may be shocked to see that I have matching earrings on the picture above! ha ha ha Yes, on special occasions when I really love a "pair" of earrings I will go out on a limb for them and wear both!

And below, is an awesome picture from INSTAGRAM that I had to share!!!!
A huge thank you and I love you to @woahhanna on instagram!
(ps. on instagam I'm: kandee johnson)

AND YAYYYY,  IT'S MY BLOGAVERARY- click here to see the very first blog post I ever wrote- before I even, ever posted a youtube video!

extra love and happiness because it's monday- we'll make it through today with cheeryness, your kandee

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Anonymous said...

Please add the Marilyn Monroe collection into the Sept. Tags!!! Also, you should do a Halloween costume tutorial from Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp!

Anonymous said...

Do a tutorial please! :)

amy said...

You are on daily for your betty boop look! Yay you!!! Just thought you should know if you didn't already! I love you and have been watching for years now!

Xoxoxo, Amy

Anonymous said...

Yea I think it'd be great to see that as a tutorial!.. I'm excited!! Love you kandee!! <3 xoxoxox

Meg said...

Yes I know you have a pin up vid of her but like I said on ur costume idea post- do a Marilyn look (or 2!) with the new collection!!!! I got preferred blonde shadow it's so pretty & sparkely...also love the blush...! Would love to see your variations

sarah222296 said...

Video please! =]

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have that much money lying around to spend on junk

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