Monday, October 1, 2012

SPECIAL VIDEO- starring my mom and embarrassment!

Today is a special day...not only is it my mama's birthday...BUT
we decided it would be fun to upload a special video to celebrate and make you laugh!

We are not only showing you our "SHOP and TELL" (AKA a haul) of what we got my mom for her birthday at Sephora and MAC....
we answered some of the questions you guys asked us on twitter and facebook, like:
What was Kandee's most embarrassing moment?
Dumbest thing I ever did?
When did I start wearing make-up?
"How are you guys doing since your dad's passing?"
Celebrity Crush?
Fav TV shows?
"Why and how did you name Kandee, her name?"
"what was kandee like as a child?"
My biggest fear....
 The video was originally 58 minutes and 41 seconds long....but since no one wants to watch a video that long and no one ever watches a 2 part video....I just cut out us rambling and chasing around an annoying fly and 30 minutes or so, of not as interesting stuff! ha ha ha

So come hang out with me and my mama and have a laugh...a cry, well hopefully not a cry! ha ha ha
And if you wanna see my favorite picture of my mama (you might even think it's me!) CLICK HERE

birthday cake and embarrassing stories, kandee and her mama, Shannon

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Anonymous said...

I just watched your video with you and your Mom and that was so adorable! I really wish I had a relationship like that with my Mom.. Happy birthday Kandees mama! :)

Anonymous said...

The video was removed by the user???? Where is it

Pinnie77 said...

Watching your video you both have come such along way... Happy birthday Kandees mommy!!! You are such a brave and beautiful soul... Kandee... You are such a role model to my daughter and she is only 12.. Watching your video and how you both interact is beautiful and I think you have taught me a little something mommy Johnson about being a patient mommy.. Thank you and I hope you have a Beautiful birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Haha o kandee your videos crack me up.. Doughnut socks!! Haha so good. Your mom is so wonderful and so beautiful. I think it's an awesome idea to do a questions video with your mama! I love the joy you guys have!! Be blessed kandee and mama!! Love you both:). Susie_williams3

Anonymous said...

Kandee, your mum and family are all so lovely. I want to let you know how much you have made a difference to me. Too many things to mention happened in my life and i didnt take care of myself very much. You have reminded me how good it feels to have a skincare routine, to apply a little make-up, to have fun with accessories and have my own style. These little things can so easily be left out when someone is feeling depressed or brokenhearted. Thanks to your inspiring, fun, brilliant tutorials, i have the know-how and the motivation and the love i needed to get back to being me again. Thank you and your beautiful heart! xxx Julia from England (It makes me laugh when you do a British accent, love it)

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