Saturday, November 22, 2008

dude, where's my eyeshadow

even though on this shoot it looks like she has no make-up on....she actually has lots on...this was the idea....but for kinda want your make-up to stick

this is a make-up melt-down intervention......the first in a series of Make-up Mistake Interventions....

#1 where'd my eye make-up go?
first....before putting any eyeshadow/liner, anything!!!

you must put foundation all over our eyelid - from lashes to brows

why? because the skin on your eyelids is so thin and red/pink, that any, and all veins ans redness will show through and ruin any eyeshadow or liner...... have to prepare your canvas (eyelid) apply powder all over (from lashes to brows) making sure your eyelid is totally dry

why? for your eyeshadow to go on evenly and so that it have to have a powdered eye area..... think about's like when you bake a grease the pan, then you put flour (powder) so the cake won't stick....same thing with eyeshadow....your eyeshadow will stick all unevenly and blotchy if you don't powder it up.....and it takes like 1 second anyway

now throw on as many shades as you like.....put your liner on and for extra staying power....put the same or darker color over your liner to make it virtually water-proof....
example: black eye shadow over it applied with an angled brush

now you'll be as good as if you tattooed it on...almost


Gee said...

WOw!! great tips! you are totally awesom!

Erin Gutierrez said...

Those are some great tips! Thanks Kandee!!!

AmélieC. said...

Awesomee, thanks Kandee!

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