Thursday, June 19, 2014

7 Reasons To Try Teal Hair

I'm blue bee-dat-ooh-deee-dat-do-dow...
No blue in mood, but blue in the hair. And not in the little ol' lady blue hair either! ha ha ha

So here's 5 reasons why I died my hair blue:

1. When my hair is short and dark it just look more manly, I think.
2. I missed my pink hair, but have to bleach it way too light so the pink shows up.
3. One of my fav colors in turquoise, and this is sorta' close as teal.
4. My mom actually agreed that I needed a fun color, and helped me pick the teal. I love my mamma.
5. I've realized I actually like this color with my skin tone! ha ha ha
6. And more people seem to interact with you and say they like your hair color when it's a fun color. People everyday stop and say they like my hair color, which never happens when it's just brown. ha ha I've had a lot more fun conversations started all because of my hair!
7. The teal actually look really good with my skin tone and makes it look more golden!

You can see it's "bright" teal-ness, in this pick of me, when I ran into Amber Rose in the Nashville airport. We are both good friends with Priscilla Ono, who does her make-up!

And in the more darkly lit areas, it looks more dark teal like this!

Life is too short to just have one hair color! ha ha ha

Who knows how long I'll keep this, blue is a hard color to keep in the hair! But hope it's a fun visual change!

PS. I will be teaching 2 make-up classes this weekend at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas this weekend, a High Definition Make-Up Class on Saturday and a Bridal Make-Up Class on Sunday, click here to find my classes and sign up, if you are going! Can't wait to hug you!

Teal hugs, your homie Kandee

If you wanna see all the stuff I post all over the internet, because I showed off my blue hair sooner on instagram, follow me on these babies:

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