Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey, I'm still here.....birthday lips and all:

I know, maybe 1 or 2 of you might have missed my blog posts....hee hee
So here is an incredibly imperfect "birthday cupcake lip art" I did for fun. Before anyone points our the obvious, yes, I know the lines are crooked.  But I still thought I'd share some unseen on instagram pics from my bday...

Me with a couple of "fanboys" on my birthday...ha ha ha ha
Ryan (Jordan's friend, me and Jordan)

And then these pictures were already posted on instagram, but here they are again:

The amazing and delicious flower cake my cousin made me...

The awesomest of awesome birthday sunglasses, that Sunstaches sent me, thanks guys!

And me and my mamma, who is the one who made my birthday possible, literally. Without her, I wouldn't have a reason to celebrate my birthday or probably even be here:

And 5 facts about my birthday-ness:
1. Best Birthday I ever had, might be when my mom made a Hula party and painted a giant monkey cut-out for your face to replace his and take pictures.

2. Worst birthday, ummmmm after I thought about it, I'll just skip it, because it's depressing to think about. ha ha ha

3. Birthdays are great because each year you get wiser, stronger and just antiques or wine, you just get more valuable and awesome.

4. Tom Hanks also share my birthday.

5. And this is not the same Hula Party, but as you can tell I had a fondness for Hawaiian parties....just enjoy my stupid 12 year old, headband-trend and my sister making sure everyone Chills Out, in her shirt:

And I thought it might be fun to virtually take you all along with me on my birthday, so I made a video about it, come and see it here, and don't be fooled, that is not a bowling-stunt-double, that's me ha ha ha:

Huge hugs and so much love from my heart to yours, thanks for all your birthday love and making me feel loved and special, you guys all, mean more to me than I can even describe, you are my Kandee Family.

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