Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Dream In The Colors of The Sunset: things I'm in love/obsessed with

It's Wednesay and here's some things I'm liking....

I like the cotton candy pinks and pastel turquoise colors of the sky in the desert at sunset.
I like that my closet looks like someone who's style is all over the place.
I like being all over the place.
I am totally in like with this song and have listened to it 8 times in a row:

Echosmith -  Cool Kids

I am in love with this shade of "faded denim/stormy ocean sky" blue hair:

I am slightly in love with everything from Free People, and I wish they would want me to be their fashion ambassador and send me their clothes to wear! ha ha ha ha

And I love all these things and wish I had them to go walking around the desert, not practical, but it'd make for cool blog pictures:

Leather Fringe Poncho... I am semi-obsessed with kimonos and things with fringe.

HAT: brown felt hat, you know me and my love for hats.

you know I've been rocking the off the shoulder shirt, since my tutorial back in 09'... does anyone remember this video:

FRINGE MOCCS - Here I go with the fringe again.... but I love moccasins:

Romantic Gladiator Sandals anyone:

And I love this necklace..... "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" - Johnny Cash...
because everyone needs to keep a close watch on their hearts....
I saw them on etsy from Natashaaloha

Seeing this, makes me miss when I made jewelry, makes me miss when I'd spend days just making, painting, furniture.....oh the moments when time has no meaning because you love it.

And my JULY FAVORITES is up if you missed hearing my voice say my favorite things out loud, there's some fun stuff in here, please for give the loud music, I had no idea:

Happy Wednesday....
Hope this adds some sparkle to the middle of your week, and it's National Hot Dog day.....
Hot Diggity Dog, your friend, Kandee

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