Friday, March 26, 2010


so here's my outfit of the day...
I feel head hurts, sinuses are being mean to me....I have a cough that sounds like I'm gonna hack up a small cat...and I just want to curl up and watch a movie and sip tea...but no such luck little, Kandee!
man, i wish i could just go sleep! And facebeook hasn't resolved my "disabled" facebook issue! I wrote them 2 letters yesterday and nothin'! I feel so weird without my facebook, like I've lost connection with my little "kandee krew"!!!!
so before I go drink 57 buckets of "throat coat" tea, here's what I had on....with my big crazay hair.

*white tank - Hanes men's tank top from Walmart (hee hee hee)
*Black (awesome zip long shirt) from Beullah (I got it at Cosmo's store SPEED on Melrose (323)  655-8498
* grey zebra leggings ( i got these at Kohl's a long time ago, but American Apparel has them in white and black)
*boots- Doc Martens Triumph boot ( i get so many "i love your boots", in these!)
and my super cool earring feather from Cardi Beutler (who is such a super cool girl) you can email her at:  (i am in love with these earrings!!!!!)

i'm gonna try to go rest...and get better...cuz i feel like poo-dizzle!

mission of the day: compliment someone on something, and don't worry that they'll think they are too will just make their day!
huge love and boxes of kleenex, kandee


Jenni said...

Kandee, I hope you feel better!

Erin said...

Hey Girl, I hope you feel better soon. My secret thing I do, suck on a lemon slice and then drink a mug of hot mint tea with some natural honey. It is better then my grandmother's gargle salt water cure. Take care and remember to get plenty of sleep and take your vitamins.

Erin Muree

Kate said...

Hope you feel better! {Atleast you look cute!}

Jess said...

Get Well soon Kandee! I love you!! x

FitterTwit said...

AWE... I feel ur pain! Get well soon! :(

mnh said...

I hope you feel better! Will you take pics of that room you are in, it looks so awesome from what little I can see.

Chiara Reinoso said...

meeeen...your luck is not being very nice to you jajaja...or me! but it should be on the way(i hope)
well even though you are feeling like crap you stell manage to look good...dont get it...if i were you ill be soooooooo discuting jajajaj..ummm well hope you get better and get your facebook back.
Oh by the way...i have a it posible that you can answer this masages????or a way to communicate..cos i have a bunch of question for you!!
chao chao...besos y abrazos from VENEZUELA!muah

Shelby Renae said...

Your hair makes me very happy. :)
I hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of fluids and don't push yourself too hard today. Sending you hugs! xoxo

Diane said...

Hope zou can solve the FB problem :( and more importantly, hope you feel better! You look amazing in those clothes! SO cool! And you're so slim, I wish I could be like you when I'll be your age (I'm 22 now)!

have a fun day!


Jedidiah said...

Hi Kandee! Hope you get to feeling better quick! I'm sure you've already heard of this makeup, but if not you should check them out. I think this is definitely a Kandee kind of makeup. ;) Get some rest! <3

Eden Angel said...

Aww I hope you get well soon xx

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are truly one of my many inspirations i think your amazing today is my first day blogging and i truly hope you find my stories interesting as well as i find yours

Kat said...

this outfit is amazing and i love the hair!!!! :)get to feeling better!!!

Helga Þórey said...

Get better honey ! send you a lots of good and supporting thoughts sweetheart! :D

Big love to you

Unknown said...

Kandee, I know this is going to sound gross but it really helped me when I was sick. Since you have a REALLY bad caugh here is a natural remedy:
You need ginger and honey.
1. Get ginger - just one root is enough. Peel it so you take the skin off.
2. Cut a piece of it off and start mashing it. You should produce enough of the juice to mix it with honey to make about a tablespoon full.
3. Take the juice and mix in some honey for taste, like I said it should be about a tablespoon full.
Drink up. Do it may be 3 times in a day and your caugh will be gone in no time.
I hope you feel better soon! GET LOTS OF REST AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!
P.S. Obviously if you are allergic to ginger or honey DON'T DO IT! lol

Unknown said...

Ahhh!! Kandee I love those boots!!! the're so cute on you! I just bought myself the same pair! thanks!! :-)

Unknown said...


You are so loyal and devoted to writing to us, ur fans, even when your sick and feel not so great!
thank you !!
I hope your ok, and that you get better soon.
have a big loooong sleep and drink hot soup ;)
I hope you can sort out your facebook thing thats so annoying! I always write to you on that now some stranger has it :(
please get better and stay warm and out of the wind.
thinking of you.. and praying you get better soon!
my blessing to you that your well soon!!
take care now xx
love Ashleigh Lilley
from New Zealand

Ashley said...

your fan page is still there! it's your personal page that is gone. i thought you deleted me!...but i know you would never do that, so then i chuckled to myself haha. i hope you get your accounts back and i really hope you feel better! i sent you some treasures in the mail, i hope you get it! i heart you very much, Kandee Girl!

mucho amor,
Ashley, your Disney Pricess! :D


FaithHopeLove said...

Get Better Kandee, sorry to hear you feeling icky....Ill pray for you. Its always the best to watch a movie and snuggle up when your feeling under the weather - thats a good idea - take it easy and rest - then when your better - your maca powder and hemp shakes will lift you up again.

Unknown said...

Awww I hope you feel better soon, you sure look amazing! Love your outfit AND your awesome hair! Take some meds, get some rest and soon as you know it, you'll be feelin fine!
~Cassidy Z.

Anonymous said...

Even when you're sick you are one sexay bitch. *rawr*

Hope you feel better!

Beansieleigh said...

My gosh.. Even when you're sick, you look good!.. Feel better soon!

Marly said...

Aw sad day): you still look gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon(:

vs said...

omg i'm sick too! :(
hugs! get well soon :D

Hayley said...

I hope you feel better!!

This look totally looks Joan Jett inspired. I'm digging it. (:

Reese said...

Get well soon Kandee! I hope you feel better. I love your outfit and your hair and need I say I LOVE your boots!?! Well drink a lot of fluids and get some rest! Get well thoughts and Hugs! :)

laurika said...

your look is amaizing:D ussually i make my hair like you have in the foto:Di know how you feel kandee because i am sick too from yesterday:Dwith tea and lemon you will feel better...pupiceeiii:D i wait your new videos...hugs

mïu said...

awsome hair!!!

Fleur said...

Heyyyy I have the same boots! :D They ARE awesome aren't they!?!? Hope you feel better soon Kandee!

Nikki Jay The Makeup Artist said...

Hey K!, Can you make an inexpensive T-shirt that says Kandee is my Homegirl? Would love to support!!

FitterTwit said...

This might make you feel better... you just got a blog award:

. said...

My chiropractor told me to make honey- lemon tea..and add as much honey as you like ( i use TONS) to make it sweet enough. Make sure the tea is hot so the honey melts properly! The honey collects all the bacteria and bad stuff (I'm no scienctist so i dunno the names of the bad stuffxD) and then the lemon comes in and the acid from the lemon kills it! I did it and it totally works for EVERYTHING! It orks as good as anti-bioticts--but it's natural! try it!
xoxo eva;)

Nashe' said...

great look ! feel better

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