Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a DAY!!!!!

So the reason it has taken me so long to post my blog for today...is because I had exciting things happening today!!!

I got to find out what kind of cupcake (baby) I'll be having!!!
If you didn't know I was pregnant please CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! then come back and finish reading...

For those that know....click here , www.kandeeland.com, to see what I'm having!!! I got to find out today!!!!
so after I went to get the Ultrasound....we went for a frozen yogurt because that's an awesome way to celebrate!!!
And then to the MAC store, ofcourse! ha ha ha ha ha

My awesome friend Jenay, that works at MAC had a special surprise for me...we both love green eye shadow...and MAC had a collection come out called, DARE TO WEAR..the only color that I really wanted was SASSY GRASS a matte green that is the color of a pool table! I love it! And they were SOLD OUT!!! So sweet Jenay, said she'd give me hers!!!! look at this color!!

I love those girls at MAC....Veronica and Jenay are so sweet!!! They gave me the NEW VIVA GLAM lipglass in CYNDI (the cyndi lauper) color.....
AFTER CYNDI lipglass

Then I bought that color that I wanted...from the Fabulous Feline Collection from MAC, the lipglass in JEALOUS~ the swampy green gloss that looks like Shrek's wife Fiona would wear it, but looks anything but swampy on you lips! I love it!

AFTER with JEALOUS lipglass
Then they gave me the HAUTE & NAUGHTY MASCARA

It's like 2 mascaras in one!

I don't know how they get these 2 brushes in one tube that give 2 totally diff lash looks!
This officially goes on sale in all MAC stores on September 16th!  Can't wait to try it out and tell you how it looks!

I had a "baby" haul and an awesome trip to  MAC...thanks to my MAC girls Jenay and Veronica!

huge love and lipglass....your kandee


Heather Tietjen said...

Gotta love a baby and makeup haul all in the same day! And a baby girl is on her way! How exciting for you. I don't even have to say you will be a wonderful mom because you alread are. You're children are so lucky to have a mom like you. Congrats to you and your girly cupcake :)

dani@callitbeauty said...

congratulations on "lady cupcake!"

also, what great gifts you have! i'm planning on getting a viva glam cyndi lipglass, it's so gorgeous :)


Anonymous said...

HUGE congradulations, Kandee! I'm so, so happy for you! Your little girl is going to be the most fashion-forward infant in the whole world. (:

That eyeshadow looks AWESOME! I'm going to have to order some for myself, along with that mascara.

Congrats again!!!

Much love,

Lilian said...

Kandee!! Congratulation on your baby girl! what a day...
Lots of hugs from Chile.
PS: loved the new MAC green shadow, I don't think we have those over here... :(

See ya!

Liesl said...

Congratulations, Kandee!!!

What an exciting day indeed and I'm so glad you got to celebrate in a lovely fashion!

Thanks for sharing all you do and for staying so positive!

Liesl :)

Lindsey Hughes said...

You are so dang cute :) Great post!

Lots of Love,


Katalina said...

Gongrats Kandee!!! You're gonna have a little princess as lovely as You :)

JackieA said...

Congratulations all the way from sunny Malaysia Kandee!

Ms. Wedgie said...

Reading your posts is making me really broody!! A GIRL!!! That's great news...wonder if Little Miss Cupcake will end up being a little 'mini me' version of you. I can just imagine the two of you making videos together! That would be so cute!

Congratulations...you deserve all the happiness in the world!! :)


someone said...

hi kandee,
i just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are a wonderful person.. Your a single mom and raising 3 children on your own, i admire you..don't let people get you down, i had problems with that before,, but then i realized why should i even pay attention to people like that.. i have dealt with it through family and still do and friends..It has made me a strong woman and you have helped me along the way.. thank you so much you are wonderful..
much love xoxoxoxoxo

nicola said...

shoot! i got it wrong.....lol
congrats kandee, a baby girl, how sweet, my daughter lacee is 1 on the 29th of this month!
im so happy for you

love and luck

nikki xxxxx

Jackee said...

Awww....congrats!!! Having a little girl is fun until puberty hits! HA!! My daughter is 12 and she's my little diva!!

Unknown said...

hy i really like your blog and i watch daily.please can you tell me how old are you?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS AWESOME KANDEE! And you're making me want to buy a green lipgloss now, haha :)

Unknown said...

Hey kandee! This is wonderful news! I smiled and its dedicated just to you! Kandee, please don't over work yourself! Blogging and you tubeings gotta be supper stressful! Just remember to have some KANDEE TIME!

Jen said...

Kandee!!!! YAY I'm sooo excited for you and your baby girl!!! I hope you are feeling good :) I just got the Cyndi lipglass (with cherry liner, WOW!), too, and it's my new FAVE!!!! it's so beautiful :) I love you tons and can't wait to meet you on SATURDAY at the Glaminar!!!! Wooohooo!!!!!

Beth said...

Congratulations!!! Brilliant news!! So happy for you! God Bless Bethxxx

Noturavgmom said...

Congrats Kandee! Being preggers is one of my favorite feelings in the world! Enjoy every moment of it!! You look fab b.t.w! Glowing and gorgeous! Stay well hydrated! :D

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