Thursday, January 27, 2011

on this day 2 years ago....I had..

pink eye....well not the kind that makes your all all pinky and crusty...ha ha ha but I thought is was fun to see what I was doing exactly 2 years ago on this day...this was pretty shortly after I started doing youtube....
Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of the "Kandee Family"...from those who've followed me since the start...and to those who may have just found out about our happy-kandee-fam today!
We've come so far...and so much has changed...from making a pink eye making our CUPCAKE UPDATE videos (new bloggy on her at my blog too)

Have fun and enjoy..."what were we doing 2 years ago today"......getting ready to do a fun pink Valentine's Day look!

here's what I used:
Hot Pink Lipstick from Covergirl in Pink Wink
Hot Pink Blush (on your eyes as an eyeshadow) in DEEP PINK from MAC
*any cheap pink shadow from the drugstore will don't need to spend al lot!)
Black Eyeliner in SMOLDER from MAC
Light Baby Pink Shimmery a pearly-light pink...I can't see the name of the one I sorry
Highlighter in SHELL from MAC
Light Pink Blush in DANDELION from Benefit
White pearl eyeshadow for highlight on cheek in PLATINUM LUSTER from the The Body Shop

flat angled brush
fluffy brush like (224 from MAC)
flat blending brush
fluffy cheek brush

And I already primed my face- you can watch my video on Youtube on Getting Flawless Skin

Thanks for watching!! And you can watch the video on's looksso much better, I think! Lipgloss and Lashes, Kandee
PS. and please subscribe to me on Youtube so they'll let me make better, longer videos! Thanks're all so wonderful!


anni said...

I loved that look back then and still do! I recreated it more than once and i think it is time to get that pink eyeshadow out of my drawer again ;)

Have a wonderful day with your little family! xoxo from Germany,
Anni :)

TaTi said...

we loved you then, we love you now, and we will continue..its the leat we can do for you, after all you are doing for us..
thank you for everything,
you are the sunshine of our fb, twitter, youtube accounts!!
strawberry flavoured kiss

Kathrine.S said...

Oh Kandee you are my inspiration you have tought me so much thank you and keep doing what you do cuz we all love you for it.

Sarah said...

lovely look...

Crista said...

I'm pretty sure that was a Valentine's day look. I think I was one of your first subscribers and I just loved your enthusiasm and energy ever since I saw you first videos. You have inspired me so much and you have been such a great friend to me. I wish you all the best in the world, lots of love and sunshine.



Unknown said...

you are such an inspiration for me, i am really glad i found your blog! although i was flower power before, sometimes when i'm down i think about your inspirational words >:D<

Amelia Kitzul said...

Cool! Im gonna watch it, and I always love going to my blogger dashboard and seeing new posts from you! I get so stoked like WOO THERE A NEW POST YEAH YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandy said...

Hi Kandee & baby Princess & the white stick!

Neat to see a video from two years ago today. Quality has improved. Can't wait until your bubbly self returns to making videos on YT!

Take Care,

Ancilla said...

Kandee I <3 you :)! I am so happy you decided to make youtube videos & share your beautiful personality with so many people all over the world! Your videos always make me happy!! Even though I have never met you in person I truly see you as a dear friend. It would be so cool to meet you one day haha! XOXO

Erin said...

O that is just too fun! I am excited to see the NEW Valentines Day video, coming up! Cause, I need to get some new makeup! I have been watching you, Kandee for two years and have been addicted since! Seriously, lol my husband says I pay more attention to you than anyone else, (outside of the family!) ;o) Is there life beyond Kandee Johnson videos? Lol, I think just church, outreaching( telling people about Jesus) and of course my family and KANDEEEEEE! Lol ok but really, You are amazing! God uses you to inspire others and give them an opportunity to change lives! I love all your videos, blog,vlogs and ect.... Thank you! (((((big hug)))))

Strawberriesandcream31 said...

Omg Kandee! You are so amazing I just love your videos!

sue said...

welldone you xx'she is just beautful' want 2 wish u all the very best from here in the emerald isles xx you have a lovely spirit kandee'keep up the good work and godbless xxxshe's a credit to you xxx

Kristy said...

I love this look . I have always loved this look its one of my favorites !!! IT was fun to revisit it. You are so amazing such a wonderful poitive influence in my life. You keep me going. Thank you for all of your wonderful kandeeness itmakes me happy!! Your little one is so so so perfect ! Congrats again!

Araceli said...

Hello Dear KANDEE :)
This Make-up look is so beautiful! My sister used it on me for my senior dinner that i had when i was in high school it looked great along with my Red dress :) jiji
Well i hope you are having a beautiful day filled with love!!
LOve being in the Kandee Family <3
-besos y habrasos-

Anonymous said...

ahhh i remember when you did this tutorial! i still love it!

Reni-ferek said...

beautiful makeup! you have beautiful eyes:) and of course, congratulate the baby:) it says, after reading your previous posts:)

Giedre said...

You are such a beautiful person.. In all means, Kandee! And as I think how much you have helped me to go through tough times.. I feel so thankful to you. Even though I am 19, still young, I had a really really hard time and I just want to thank you and hug you tightly!

I was reading your blogs every morning before school, while eating my breakfast and they, YOU.. brought me from one day to another.. and things got better and better! And now, I am such a happy bubbly girl! THANK YOU FROM MY LITTLE HEART, BUT HUGE ONE IN THE MEANS OF HOW MUCH LOVE FITS INTO IT! XXX

Unknown said...

you are such an inspiration to me and i know a lot of people say this because it is true, but you honestly made me a better person: more loving, caring, happy and i could go on and on... thx 4 being who you are

love and happiness,

Nancy said...

I love the look. Alway want to say what an uplifting person you are. New beautiful baby girl and two other small children and you have got to be running on empty and you are just so uplifting. I'm so happy I found your blog.

Estell said...

I cant get over how adorable you are! I love you blog :D

Anonymous said...

too cool for School, Kandee :-)

Laura said...

oh Kandee i remember doing pink-eye with you (kind of) 2 yrs ago... and ur right so much has changed. i honestly feel I have so much to thank you (and now your sister too!) for over the last 2 1/2 years.

i feel like i walk around as light as a feather coz ive learnt to hold onto that internal joy no matter what and YOU lit that candle (or sparkler!) in me with ur kind words of encouragement. and i feel fortified by love and faith in people and its definitely u and tiffanys influence.

anyway i hope ur reading this! i know i speak for hundred in everything i said.
all my love to you and ur family. god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

KANDEE!!!! Congrats on your beautiful baby!!! Your family is so adorable!!! I love the names: Vera, Zoee, and Avree!!! Lots of love!

Sherry said...

The world needs more people like you Kandee! Heck I could work on it a little better myself! I want my kids to always have a positive attitude and I certainly cant expect it from them if they dont see it from me!
Love watching your videos! Your precious and so are all your kiddos!
One of my favorite quotes to share with you!

"Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle"

Lovely Imperfection said...

totally off subject but lol i even blogged about this, yesterday on the way to a job interview a snippet of nu shooz i cant wait came on and i laughed thinkin bout you dancing in the vid and then i remember your vid about life and being positive and happy and it calmed my nerves before my interview !! thanks doll !

Araceli said...

Hello Again Dear Kandee!!
Woah! O_O im posting two comments on one blog!!jiji
Well i just wanted to let you know that I finally did my first post on my blog. Im Araceli the person who wrote a super long comment on your other wonderful blog. I had said that i hadnt posted anything on my blog yet, well that changed a few min, ago. hahah
Well i hope you are doing great with gorgeous little cupcake!!
Besos Y Habrasos

aGlamRevolution said...

I remember this video!
Kandee...I remember I first came across your channel because of the Megan Fox tutorial you did. I remember how much you looked like her!
I've learned so much from you. From Makeup to everyday're certainly someone I look up to. You're definitely an influence in my life (a good one!)
When I met you at IMATS this past June (I'm the one who said I was star-stuck :] )umm...I had a huge knot in my throat with the feeling I wanted to cry but did not know why. Later that day when people gathered around in the Urban Decay center to meet you I saw people were crying of joy. Then it hit me :
Kandee you have such a great big heart. Thank you so much for being you. I know many people don't have anyone to talk to and you offer the words of true friend. Without asking for anything in return. Your words are like huge warm wings that wrap around us when we need someone to comfort us.
I know from my experience you and your cheerful attitude always come to my mind when I'm not having a good day. Or when someone is mean during the day I always think, "what would Kandee do?
You're such a wonderful friend and you can so tell by the people you meet and you display in your channel! You have this personality that makes people want to be your friend.
Well, I hope you have a beautiful day with you little bundles of joy. (your babies)
Thanks Kandee

nihar said...

It is such a preety look.. I found u only a few months ago through your t shirt cutting videos.. Its it strange ? :P
i was not into make up at all but just by watching ur videos i fell in love with make up.. U r so addictive kandee :-)
m so happy to have found u.. U r the best :-*
lots of love.. Muahhhh

Sam. S said...

your so beautiful and talented Kandee
you inspire me :)
xoxo <3

Lejla said...

Oh dear Kandeeheart, I've been with you from the very beginning when I tried to find out how to wash my brushes..since then, I've watched every single video of yours and I have a great collection of them! I remember showing to every person that I care about your ''My story...'' video and they were touched so later the'd say, 'Hey, do you have more videos of that make up girl? She's so nice...' Sometimes I watch other make up guru advices but none of them is as TRUE and ORIGINAL and RELAXED and FUN as our Kandee! So I stay tuned only at your channels!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love you Kandee You're so inspiring! Hpe everthing is well with you and you're whole family! Wish you all the best! <3

Anonymous said...

i can not believe its been two years!!! love my friend Kandee. be blessed and enjoy ur new little addition.

KayXiong said...

I hope you don't mind if I recreate this look! Love it!!!

Ultra_Raquel87 said...

You are sooo gorgeous! I love all of your looks thanks so much for the inspiration!

MorganHorses(: said...

Beautiful Look! Check out my beaty blogg!!

Unknown said...

kandee i have so any quetions to ask you about make up!!!...because i have always had trouble with it, and would LOVE to learn how to make myself look and feel better. i could never seem to get it right. You have made my think about what i want to do for a future job but first i need your help on learning how too do it....from the expert! (YOU)

Totsie said...

Heya kandee ive just recently signed up but ive been watching your youtube videos for about 2 years now, im really inspired by you i think your amazing please write back cuz im dying to chat xxx

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