Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bollywood - Arabic Make-Up

hi everybody!
here is the video I did to try this look out on myself before I had my BOLLYWOOD shoot....
this pictures I took don't fully show the details on her make-up but maybe when I get teh photos from the shoot, I can post em' up here....

here's what i used:
FACE: L'Oreal TRue match foundationin golden beige
laura mercier duo foundation in S5
MAC loose powder in LIGHT


Black waterproof eyeliner in ENGRAVED from MAC

ShadowSense by SenseCosmetics you can order at:


long lasting shadow from in Sandstone Pearl

Urban Decay shadows in LAST CALL (dark sparkly plumb), GRIFTER (light glittery lavender)

MAC shadows in SMUT (dark-dark purple-blackish glitter) and CARBON (black)

MASCARA (L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes in BLACK)

LIPS:i have been addicted to this lipcolor for the last several days.....

it is long-lasting lipcolor by SenseCosmetics you can get it at , and Kelly is wonderful!!! She picked out the perfect colors for me.....for a sexy nude mouth....then you put their amazing gloss on to seal the will be a lipjunkie too if you try it!!!! (i used PINK LEMONADE in this video)

LipSense is amazing....i have been wearing it for the last several stays on so stinkin' well....I slept with it on and woke up with it still peeling or crackling like other brands....I used PINK LEMONADE & PEACHES and CREAM...they are my fav for nude colors..then you put this super-long-lasting lipgloss on....this is my new fav lip stuff!! to KELLY at

YEAH..and I'm thinking maybe we can everyone vote who should be the winner of the contest...???? I'll post em all next....everyone did an awesome job!!!! wow!


Anonymous said...

I had an idea for a video, about a "what's in my purse" ? Those are so fun, and something I think only a girl would love!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I hope you recieved my e-mail. Anyway, hope you're feeling better today.
You're absolutely stunning with this make up on!, but that's nothing new, everybod knows you're like a Barbie doll :)

The idea of Jill is not bad. But if there's any possibility to do that ''tutorial'' that I requested via e-mail, I would so appreciate it!.

Have a nice day kandee girl!
Take care sweetie.

Sara said...

hi kandee! I just wanna say that you're so wonderful, such an inspiration to me. I don't know how to explain how much I like your posts and videos because I'm not good at all when I have to talk or write in english, but anyways I just wanted you to know that I'm always wanting to know more about you! hahaha

Aberdeen said...

Love your eyes in this one! MUAH!!

Chazity said...

your sooo pretty im excited to see who won the contest :)
i still have my fingers crossed lol
well i hope your having a better day today.
have a great day Kandee :)
cant wait to see what comping up next

Anonymous said...

HEllo Kandee,

the bollywood makeup u did was awesome. u r a stunner.
FYI! the website link for that lip gloss does not work.
n also under Kim K. look you have written SIN for black it should be OIL SLICK.


Anonymous said...

i think this is the site...

Anonymous said...

Could you please do a makeup look for pale people. I love my pale skin and I want to show it off without looking like a goth.I love the super pale skin look, but eyes are hard to make look nice... So please do a pale makeup video since its something way different.

lala said...

YOU ARE SOOO PRETTY!!! Before and after! I love the look and all of you videos are great. I feel like I've learned a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ah, hello. I've only recently discovered your videos/blog (about 3 hours ago) and I've been looking at them ever since! :)

What compelled me to comment is that someone else mentioned ideas for people with pale skin. That includes me, so really I just wanted to put in another vote for us day-walkers.

sandragarciagata said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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