Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheerleading Championship Make-Up

this is an emergency request:
Joanna and her college cheerleading team need a look for the here is a fast, easy, and cheap look for competition and/or stage make-up...
which looks weird for everyday, but fun for show and the distance from the stage to the people who are far away in the audience....
the teams colors are red, white and here it is

and here's what colors

I used:
FACE: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in w4 Natural Beige
and Laura Mercier SEcret Camoflague Duo in S5
EYES:....golds (I used goldmine from MAC and kitten from Stila)
a steel-blue like (Knight Divine from MAC) or covergirl makes a great steel-grey-blue
black shadow....any brand (i used Carbon from MAC)
medium chocolate brown (i used Espresso from MAC) you can use it to shade crease and for eyebrows

FAKE LASHES: duo glue and ardell can use 2 long one....and then a shorter fuller set on the DEMI WISPIES

CHEEKS: a hot pink blush any brand (or use a cheap hot pink eyeshadow as blush!)
LIPS: red lipstick (NYC makes a cheap red), I used Russian Red from MAC
and a real shiny can dab red glitter to the center of the lips too!

FUN GLITTER: dab lipgloss, highlighter, or concealer under eyebrows....and on cheekbones...
take gold glitter (like from the craft store) and dab it on the gloss or concealer..which will hold the glitter on like glue....with your finger

Knock em' out Joanna...and her team!!! Tell us how you did and send a picture of all you girls made up!!!!

CONTEST RESULTS ARE COMING UP....I GOT SO MANY PICTURES, I'm still trying to open all the files and see them!!! Everyone looks so great...I wish I could send everyone something, because everyone really looks fantastic!!!!
have the sparkliest monday of the month!!!! kandee


Chazity said...

i like this look its very pretty
my sisters a cheerleader and i use to be so this is cool.
cant wait to see who wins :)
good luck choosing a winner (im crossing my fingers :) lol) you seem like such a great person.
have a great day.

Aberdeen said...

You had to have been a cheerleader.

If not in this life, a past one.


Emeria said...

kandee you're one of my faveeee. gurus/bloggers..thanks for all the inspiring looks..seeing your vids and seeing you use that one urban decay palette totally convinced me to go get it two weeks ago :]

niea999 said...

hey, I'm happy you received this request cause I really like what you did !! glitters, glitterrrrrs !!!

ho, and about the zoom, you should put your hand behind the product you wanna show to the camera, I think that can help the camera to zoom on it ^^

see you, desr sparkly girl ^3^

Holly said...

MY BLOG ROCKS BUT YOUR BLOG ROCKS HARDER!!I nominated you for the award on my blog, check it outxx

Claudia said...

Hey Kandee,.
I was wondering if you could do a graduation look. Graduations are coming on there's still some time. I don't know if this helps but my cap and gown are gonna be purple with golden details (the purple at the top of this page is probably the purple we'll use and my outfit will probably be a black...
Thanks a million. Keep up the great work! I check ur channel every morn n night. I like to think I'm getting much better w/ makeup since I started following ur videos. I love ur tips!

shh-ecret said...

i love, LOVE your style! it's crazy!

and with that i'm absolutely in love with your hair. i'm aware you've cut it yourself (and i'm scared shitless to do so..) and i've realized that even though you have make up on, if your hair looks like a rats nest you don't feel all that great (at least i don't)

anyhow, id love to see more blogs on your hair styles, tricks, quick-ups whatever!

you''re amazing! keep up the work!

Anonymous said...

hey kandee,

I love the cheerleader look. it was amazing. could you do a pink make up inspired look. als if you have time could you do a light spring look. maybe some yellows, oranges or reds. thanks and keep the videos coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! I enjoy watching your makeup blogs. I love makeup, and your tips are very helpful because I aspire to be a makeup artist. Hopefully, one day I can make that happen,and who knows, maybe one day I'll be working with you on a shoot one day :) Keep up with the blogs and stay positive!

Anonymous said...

kandee can u do a look just like katy perry's


cheermakeup said...

Wow ! Nice videos on cheer makeup. Beautiful blog i like so much.

cheermakeup said...

Wow ! Nice videos on cheer makeup
Beautiful blog i like so much.

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