Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up With the Kardashian's E! Promo) Look

Hi everyone!!! I LOVE this look, this is one of my favorites, well, since after I did it!

It's a really sultry, sexy look!!!

Kim Kardashian's make-up artist Troy Jensen, used all Yves Saint Laurent products.....they are fabulous, but a little pricey, so I'm recreating it so it's a little less painful on the pocketbook!

here's the YSL products her make-up artist used:

what I used to recreate this look:

FACE: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation - Golden Beige

Concealer in MAC Studio Fix NC-35

TO CONTOUR I USED MAC's STUDIO STICK in NC-44 (many shades darker than my skin color)

MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder NC-35

Creme Highlighter Shu Uemura in PEARL or SHELL from MAC

Powder HIghlighter 10 from BENEFIT



eyeshadows...SHROOM from MAC (pale ivory-beige shimmer)

ESPRESSO from MAC (dark chocolate brown)

MULCh from MAC (dark brown-bronze)

CINNAMON from Estee LAuder (taupe-pewter) color

SIN from Urban Decay (glittery black)

CARBON from MAC (black matte)

LINER SMOLDER from MAC (black kohl pencil)

SUper Volume Mascara from THe BOdy SHop


angled brush and CHARCOAL BROWN eyeshadow from MAC

LIPS: Sephora Lipliner in #135 (pale baby pinky-peach)

lipstick from N.Y.C. in Chiffon (pale baby frosty pink)


above is how my own lil' eyes came out!

Have fun glammin' your look up with this hot look....if you have BROWN me, this look will really make them glow!!!

Oh, yeah...I'm gonna post the CONTEST next!!!! yay!!!!


r + s said...

ooooohhhh! This might be a good wedding one!!! Sexy Rock N Roll meets Swarovski and Satin...

MLB said...

Kandee! Awesome recreation! Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

That really looks awesome!

You should do a look that makes your eyes look wider if they are sorta like asian type eyes.

Anonymous said...

Kandee, thanks for all of these GREAT videos. I love learning new tricks to enhance my makeup routine. Keep 'em up.

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

Really cool! I love the contouring tricks - I should try those..Here is my take on Kim's did I do?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tutorial as usual, I would really like to see a video that has your makeup collection.
I think that would be awesome.

Barbie-Plushie said...

Wow i love it, i really have to try this look out sometime. =D Can't wait to see some more.

Anonymous said...

I love your videos! They are unlike everybody elses. Here is a request, I dont know if you have time to, but if you do, here's the picture:

the model's name is hannah davis, and the ad is for ralph rocks perfume.

Hope you keep posting videos!


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome video. I am glad you can make you videos longer. I was hoping you could do a Olsen Twins inspired look or a lighter eye look. One that is not so evening looking for the spring and summer! Thanks a bunches!

Anonymous said...

Hot look.

niea999 said...

I love this look ! One of my favorite I think !

About the Body Shop, I was asking myself because a lot of people use M.A.C. sooo much ! And yes, I tried and the products are amazing ! But expensive for me..

I'll try TBS face powder, haha! Must compare with this Revlon Powder :
who was not so bad for autumn months ^^

thanks again for your videos & advices !

Anonymous said...

I loved this look :D I was about ask for it but I asked Jessica Alba instead..I love her barely there make up and waiting for that look when you have time ;))
Love u xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey i love your videos but i have some acne problems and will the st . Tropez mousse make my skin look a little more covered what do you for clients with some acne .!? Thanx so much you are great hope yu keep puttin up videos

Anonymous said...

hey Kandee, let me tell you, you are such a talented artist! :D thank you so much for your tricks. that positive energy you show makes me always feel great:) I found your blog by chance and it is quite difficult to find some of the products here in Europe.. but anyways, THANKK YOUUU SO MUUUUUCH FOR YOUR VIDEOS!!! XOXOX

Anonymous said...

i was wondering where i can get the Creme Highlighter Shu Uemura i can't seem to find it anywhere :(

Anonymous said...

kandee your the best make up artist ever and since your so good your my biggest ever rollmodel love ya kandee

Anonymous said...

it loooks really good. i try it & it doesn't look that good but it looks kool anywayz (:
-thank yOu.x3

Tara said...

Where can I get the Creme Highlighter Shu Uemura i can't seem to find it anywhere :( I have even tried EBAY

Anonymous said...

Could you please start showing what brushes you use?? It's hard to see what they look like. Or maybe list them for us??

Unknown said...

I think you look like Kim Kardashian!!
Love this look it's very babelicious!!!!

Unknown said...

I just tried this look! I love it! And your explanation is so good! Thanks!

Cynthia B. Demented said...

Fabulous! I always wanted to achieve this look as I have dark brown eyes too, I figured it would make my eyes pop out just like hers?... anyways, thank you so much for the tutorial!

Pauline said...

I love the look but my big problem is I have very small blue eyes so all the dark eyeshadow makes me look I have been a zomby for weeks, i would love to have your help bc I have the same look for to many years, i have a Facebook page where you can see all my pictures, I would love to be able to achive the dark look

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