Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm not happy!

every single one of us has been depressed, sad, hurt, hopeless...
whether you are sad over a relationship, the lack of a relationship, no job, not the job you want, no money, huge bills, you're frustrated with your life, your family...

You should not be happy!

This probably sounds weird coming from me...who seems eternally happy, that some people have accused me of being fake! They couldn't figure out how someone could be happy all the time!
And the truth is, I'm not happy all the time. Happiness is based on some thing or event, that MAKES you FEEL happy. (It makes me happy when someone hugs me or says something nice to me....those are my personal examples....)...but JOY is really what I have. Joy is what's in your heart no matter what is going on around you...
I have been through some less than wonderful things in my life, but I have been joyful during these...I've been able to smile, laugh, and be joyfully "happy" during these times...

Not a lot of people have joy in their hearts...and happiness is too wishy-washy to depend on...
If someone doesn't make us happy, we're sad, if nothing exciting or hopeful happens, we're sad...if someone hurts our feelings, we're sad...but JOY is something that we experience in our hearts...that isn't dependent on outside circumstances...

God has put joy in my heart...and I have to remember to ask him for more joy sometimes. People ask me, "how are you so happy?"....And I am not the type to blast people with "religious talk", I don't consider myself to be "religious", but I do consider myself to have a relationship with God, and to be a follower of Jesus. If you don't agree with me, that's totally fine....if you do, that's awesome...I just wanted the share the reason that I have joy in my life.

Here's one thing that I heard yesterday, that was so great to let sink into my heart.
Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus

If you're interested, to start my day off with the right mindset...I read this in the morning...take a look if you want:

have the most joyfully day!!! huge love from my heart to yours, and as my grama used to sign her letters: "JOYFULLY", kandee


Shane Suga said...

Hey girl! Great blog(s) This blog particularly made me think and smile! Love your videos! your creativity and spunk just puts a smile on my face! lol! I do makeup and hair and I find myself, when I am shopping for product, asking "Ok, now what did Kandee say to get?" or " What would Kandee do.." lol. My friends and family think I am crazy i think When I constantly refer to your videos and talk about you like I know you or say " This is an idea Kandee gave me! " lol Oh well! Anyways, You're truly an inspiration and I look forward to your insightful words and awesome videos! Keep up the GREAT work! Happy holidays as well! :)

M A I A said...

I think this note of thanks is long overdue. And seeing your post on being unhappy is the sign for me to start writing this and send you directly.

Kandee, THANK YOU.
From the bottom of my heart, with genuine tears in my eyes, I want to say THANK YOU.

You have helped me be a better version of myself.

Let me explain.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It was a rollercoaster relationship with nasty issues in the formula.
When I finally had the strength to break it off, I found myself lost and my life, pointless.
I’ve always been an artist yet I lost that when I was with him. I decided to go back to art. And discovered make up in the process….and discovered you.
You’re the best make up artist in the world. You know why? Because you “touch” people in more ways than one.
You don’t just teach art. You teach about life.

You helped me regain my confidence after such a long time of being insecure with the “third party”…. You showed me how a simple outfit or a make up look can give me joy for that day, only because I know I’m not wasting that day being plain and drab. You taught me to take full joy in what I have and what I wear.
Because of your words and general tone of encouragement for all of your followers, I was able to start my “career” as a make up artist. I have widened my horizon, added to my network and basically have gained confidence in my skills.

Thank you for being you and sharing that with us.

People are scared to see others so happy because they can’t seem to find happiness in the simplest things. That scares the hell out of them and they find it impossible that others can be so joyful in life.
Teach them.
Teach them to love life as it is, to love life because there is no other way to live.
Teach them to erase hatred, envy and pessimism from their hearts.
Teach them by living with as much joy as you have now.

Life is a matter of extremes. There is good even in the bad.
Remember, we appreciate light all the more if we enjoy the darkness.
We revel more in happiness if we absorb all the sadness there is in our lives.
Life is a marriage of extremes.

So enjoy this moment of sadness. Enjoy all that life has to offer. Because when we swallow our pride, grit our teeth, hold back the tears and force a smile through the pain, we reabsorb that energy to become a bigger version of ourselves.

And once again, thank you. For helping me pull through.

Be happy. Keep smiling.

MarenElizabeth Martinez

Lula Flor said...

Praise the Lord for the joy He has given you. I can relate to what you have said. We know that we can count on God for everything, He loves us unconditionally, like no other. He wants the best for those who love Him, and we know that we can trust Him. There is a scripture in particular that I keep close to my heart Jeremiah 17:7-8. Under tough circumstances James 1:12. May the Lord continue blessing you and giving you His joy!

Dee said...

Hi Kandee.

Joel Osteen is pretty awesome when helping us connect with GOD. His site sends our the "Todays' Word" and its so inspiring and at times I feel like GoD is talking directly to me. It gives me hope and makes me feel good.

You are expressing something that most people feel too. Keep that joy in your heart, there will always be people that try and bring you down, But Have faith and keep that joy in your heart.

I'm trying everyday to do the same. And I truely thank you for this.

Beckah said...


You are such an inspiration. I wish I could get the world's biggest hug from you right now. I know it would make me feel better.

Lots of Love,

Unknown said...

You always know what to say...
Seriously, thank you Kandee, you always make my heart feel good.

I hope I can do it too, I think is a way I can thank you.

With love <3
Angel Ramirez

During Winter said...


Thank you so much for posting this.
You have no idea how much the Lord uses you to impact many lives. It encourages me so much.


emvan said...

thank you for this. =)

Unknown said...

Kandee, I just knew that you knew Jesus! There is no way someone can shine so much light and warmth, simply because they want to.. I see Jesus in your eyes and in all your posts. Please don't change! And i pray for a better future for you! You deserve it!

Love Tanya V.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU. and I LOVEEEE your BLOG. It's absolutely inspirational. You're just the most liveliest person, with this compassionate, enthusiastic personality. I absolutely admire you...i love your make up. i love your pep talks. you're just great all around! never let go of the joy in your heart! ----------love from ATLANTA-Catherine

zeldahopper said...

You're wonderful. And I needed to have some "joy" this week. Thanks for the reminder to live above our circumstances. Make it a great day!

bryseana said...

Thanks for your words, they were helpful.

By the way, I love Joyce. She's very inspirational.

Treva said...

this was a really nice post. thanks kandee!

Nahee said...

I totally agree!

Thank you so much for everything you do!! I wish there were more people like you in the world!

And thank you for posting the Joyce Meyer site, it was amazing!


nicolaj dahlin said...

kandee - air mail hugs and kisses from melbourne, australia! thank you for putting joy in 'my heart'. Make up brings me the joy you speak of... xo

Becky said...

I know how Christ's love can bring such happiness, and like you Kandee I do not force it on people, but you are doing such an amazing job of being an example of how that love can help you through the darkest of times. To be honest, I've kinda ignored God for awhile now. Thought I could do things on my own. Thought I had to. Your blog is bringing me back to the truth. You are amazing, I can't say enough. Thank you mama!

Becky said...

I know how Christ's love can bring such happiness, and like you Kandee I do not force it on people, but you are doing such an amazing job of being an example of how that love can help you through the darkest of times. To be honest, I've kinda ignored God for awhile now. Thought I could do things on my own. Thought I had to. Your blog is bringing me back to the truth. You are amazing, I can't say enough. Thank you mama!

Anonymous said...

Please, Kandee, read this in your Bible: 1 Peter 5:7. We all face troublesome circumstances. We have to proove to Jehovah, God that we are willing to be faithful to him come what may. He really does care.

Palestinian Princess said...

I just want to let you know that you are the example of a true Christian. The Lord is using you in a mighty and powerful way and I can see the Lord shining in you. The fruits of the Spirit are showing. I always remind my kids (my church kids) the difference between happiness and joy. Continue to shine!
Priscilla <3

Kris said...

Hey Kandee!
I am new to you and your world. I didn't know that you were a Christian though! That is so awesome! I think you are an amazing person and I can totally see Jesus in you. Keep on shining your light girlie!

Much love,

Kris Bankston
from out amongst the cows and pastures of Tennessee :)

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