Saturday, December 25, 2010


what do you get when you mix a pink tree and a  pregnant lady?!? ME on Christmas! ha ha ha

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I am sending you huge amounts of love, sparkles for your heart...and a huge dose of "you are not alone"....I'm with you in matter what happens or is happening today..."it's okay"....I am sending hugs, love and if I could I'd have the biggest Christmas celebration with everyone!!!

Off to finish opening presents and to go make homemade hot chocolate!!!

CHECK BACK ON MY KANDEELAND BLOG to see pics from our Christmas Day LATER! YAY

HERE's A present that I hope makes your Christmas a little brighter with some laughter from my sister!!!

Candy canes, hot chocolate, and hugs bigger than any tree you've ever seen..from me to you,

And may the love that entered the world, this day we are celebrating, fill your heart with love overflowing!!!


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Kandeeee :D Sending best wishes from Brazil ♥ God bless you and your family :) xo

bella cyn said...

Merry Christmas! I love the sisterly love in the blooper video.

.freak fly on me. said...

Feliz Natal!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your rings!!! =D
Blessings from Brazil! (also!)

elarievay07 said...

Lol!!! You two girls are so Beautiful and Fun!! reminds me of me and my sisters(: well Merry Christmas♥ LOVE THE FEATHER EARING by the way :D

natalie said...

Merry Christmas! God Bless!!

Jay said...

I love you two together!! Best wishes and a merry christmas from Norway ;)

Sencillamente Kyra said...

Merry Christmas !!!

Unknown said...

"I wonder if the feathers miss flying" LMAO Priceless - thank you two for the laughs! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Merry christmas and I am keeping you and your fam in prayer!

Unknown said...

You two are just like my sisters & I. We goof off all the time. Sisterly fun is always the best! You two are a riot. :)

Always love your vids, even the goofy ones! Have a holly jolly Christmas Kandee & family!

Hugs from a not-so-snowy Denver!
Anjolie <3

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, sweet Kandee! I love your pink X-mas tree!!
Lots of love!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! I love your tree!

I spread the good news about the brushes on my blog!

Hope that's okay! I just had to share it with my other fashionista friends!

Unknown said...

Dear Kandee,
I've had a VERY difficult year, I thank you for the love, lightness and laughter, it brightens my day and brings a smile, which makes everyone more lovely.

Unknown said...

Pinky tree, lol, how much fun! Thanks for sharing your sparkles!
It's hearfelt (& I think I'm not wrong) to say that we all wish a truly wonderful 2011 for you & the fam. It's not very common to see someone who cares like you do, so positive & for real. Well, you deserve the bestest of the best :)
Warm hugs and chocolate nougat from Madrid - xxoo

Viva La Kristin said...

I loved the video! Can't wait how the rest of it will be.
Will you be doing christmas/new years make up??

Merry Christmas Kandee! Have a great holiday.
Love, Kristin

NatalieLaura said...

Hahaha how cute I could hear one of your adorable kiddos whisper "I need to go pee" :DDD

Alma Erica said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO KANDEE AND UR WONDERFUL FAMILY! Im glad this year i just subscribed to everything of u lol i absolutely LOVE ur videos they make me happy, i never knew there would be ppl like u so kind and full of a happy heart but im sure glad your u, Keep doing what u do cuz ur amazing at it ur beautiful and talented and i wanna say thank u cuz guess what? Im getting the brush set from Crown brushes for xmas (still needa get here tho lol) Im soooo excited! :D yaaaaayyyy

Hope ur day is wonderful and keep a smile on.
Cant wait to see when ur baby girl is born <3

smiles - Alma M. :)

Unknown said...

You too beautiful. Have heaps of fun with your loved ones
Merry Christmas

InsanityZw said...

Merry Christmas Kandee!!!
I love your messages, they make me smile ^^
Best wishes and lots of beautiful gifts for youuu, You're an amazing artist and a gorgeous person *-*
Health and prosperity for you!
Merry Merry Christmas ♥

niea999 said...

I can't say more than anyone here so.. Merry Christmas Kandee !! and Merry Christmas everyone !!!!

Krisztixx said...

Tiffany is sooo funny! haha
thanks so much for both of you, this video made me laugh so hard XD MERRY CHRISTMAS TO BOTH OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! <3

Anonymous said...

I had a super lousy day to go on top of a super lousy week but your blooper vid with your sister made me laugh so hard. Thanks for sharing and making my Christmas day a little brighter. I hope you and your entire family had a wonderful Christmas day!

Mayo76 said...

Thanks for sharing. I really LOVE your videos.

I feel like you were part of my family. Don't worry, I'm not a stalker :-D

Love and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Spain.

Alli Mack said...

Kandee! Omgz u inspired me to not mask my emotionsand be a confident and honest girl! I admitted my feelings for my best guy friend and now we r dating! I culdnt b happier in my life! U r the best and inspire so many young girls like me! Huge love and remember jesus is the reason for the season!!! <3

Megan said...

I love your tree, it's so cute!! ^^ We couldn't one this year, but I'm definitely going to decorate a Kandee pink tree for next year. :)

Bebe said...

I wrote about you Kandee! Let me know what you think please. The title is Inspiration!

Thank you! I love and adore you and your family


mhauger said...

kandee, you and your sister are so funny. i love all your videos. i try to keep up on your new videos the best i can. your videos have helped me with alot of things.

Jane said...

Heyy Kandee! Merry Christmas to you too!! And your cute family!:))
I also have one question which i was just thinking about... Where is your boyfriend? I haven't seen him in any of the recent pictures... not that this is any of my business but i was just wondering if everything is okay between you two? I hope it is..:) Love, Jane x

Camilla said...

Merry christmas everyone!

Or "God jul" as we say in Sweden :)

thank you for all the sillyness, I really needed that yesterday, laughed really much at the bloopio ^^

Love from Sweden/ ♥Camilla

diamondsareagirlsbestfriend said...

merry christmas everyone ♥ :D

loved that vid kandee :) where are part 2, 3, 4... etc? hahahaah :P

Fab said...

Hi Kandee,
I love your blog and your make-up tutorials are amazing. I watched one a couple weeks ago and have been using your tips throughout the holiday season! Thank you so much!! Hope you had a very merry christmas!

The Wirt Family said...

U two crack me up! Makes me wish I had a sister or that my sister in-laws were closer geography wise! Happy Holidays Kandee, and we love your videos. I think it's great to see you laughing and having fun! You are a very hard worker and it's fun to see you let loose with your sis!

Christy said...

I ADORE the pink tree!

Unknown said...

Your sister is a riot! I am loving the pink Christmas tree.

Ariel2010 said...

Sending hugs and love right back. God bless you and youre family.

evon7686 said...

LOL, i loved this video. The laughter and joking around is great.
And of course i love the pink tree.
I got a hello kitty purse just like yours for christmas!!! But mine is the black and hot pink one. I love it!!!!! Thanks so much for recommending it.
Best wishes, happy holidays, and have and amazing end & beginning to the year!!!

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