Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Imperfect Christmas Eve & Kristie Tunick

heavy hearts, hurts and sadness...

man, sometimes our dreams of a perfect "movie like" Christmas make our hearts so sad because our "real" Christmas is just not looking like our dream one! ha ha ha ah

Maybe our family is not the greatest, maybe one person always manages to hurt you or make you feel bad, or is just awful to be around!It could be anything I blogged about, relationship, stress, money, feeling alone...

Release it right now!! There is probably not ONE perfect's ok. I am having an imperfect Christmas..and you know what? It's ok.

NExt year I'm gonna make it a real hum-dinger of a Christmas! It's ok if I couldn't get my kids all the things they wanted, it's ok since I just moved and everything is still unpacked, it's ok that baby is coming soon and I don't feel ready, it's ok if I don't get to be with all my family, it's ok that some family is not so pleasant to be around, it's ok that Christmas is normally my favorite time of year, but this year just doesn't feel like feels crazy...
just moved last coming in just a couple few weeks, nothing is put away, I couldn't even get all my decorations out...lots of stressful situations with so many things in my life I'd be writing for hours...ha ha ha ha

But you know what? It is alright...everything is gonna be ok...
I sometimes think that God allows all this to happen to me, so that my heart will grow stronger, and  my attitude will be even more gratetful when things go great! And that maybe by my heart hurting, it will help encourage someone else that is hurting too...

and then there was Kristie Tunick....
This whole thing with Kristie Tunick...started off by me and my big heart wanting to help a girl who left me a messages and then on my phone, crying, saying how she was scared to die, only had 3 weeks to live, and wouldn't make it to Thanksgiving. I have to tell you, I had a funny feeling in my stomach about her from the very beginning, but I just ignored it, and thought I was making it up. (I should have listened to that feeling!)...
I have no idea if she is even really sick with anything...I just believed that since 20/20 on ABC did a natioanl news story on her "mysterious" disease it must be legitimate. When I talked to her she sounds like she's on heavy medications, she rambles about things, talks about topics that don't really have anything to do with her health. At first I thought this was just her way of dealing with her "impending" death.
Trying to help her has turned into a huge stressful mess for me...I could write about it, but I made this video to help explain. Please watch the end, I received a nasty email from her after I wrote her an email about feeling betrayed and not wanting any more correspondence with her.
THIS IS WHAT I  EMAILED HER after Brian and Kristie kept trying to contact me about a diaper bag they sent me:
Hi Brian...I couldn't find the return label attachment it was just the tracking number. And don't worry you guys don't need to get me anything, it would be more of a blessing if you used that money to help take care of your expenses. I will return it, things are a little crazy as baby is coming soon, I just moved, adn have 3 others to take care of! ha ha ha

I will not be able to correspond very much any longer as all of the things with Kristie have and are continuing to be a huge source of stress, which I need to be free from for the baby right now.

This has had a very negative effect, from me trying to help. I feel slightly betrayed, as when Kristie contacted me crying saying she was scared to die and would not make it to Thanksgiving, I really put a lot of things on line to reach out and help. I am a very "beleiving" person and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. When Kristie told me she only had three weeks to live and didn't want to die, I wasn't about to ask if they doctor told her that, is she just came up with that number as a possible time frame to live. And in my trying to help is rallied a lot of others to want to help too.

I read through some of the texts Kristie had sent me, and missed something she sent. She mentioned dealing with all these "born again Christians" who keep emailing her. This deeply offended me, as I am one of those  "born again Christians". My faith is what fills me with joy, gives me peace, and God is the very foundation of my life. I am very sorry, I do feel that Kristie is very sick, but not me, nor anyone can truly help Kristie at this point. God is the creator and ultimate healer. I know I had sent Kristie some links to spiritually inspiration things and never heard a comment about them.

I truly hope Kristie gets the help that she needs. I owe a lot of people an explanation of what has happened, because people listened to my plea for help on Kristie's behalf...and they feel betrayed by me. And I feel like Kristie wasn't totally honest with what or who came up with her diagnosis of weeks to live I never would have posted something saying 3 weeks to live, if I had known this wasn't true. And the 3 weeks to live comment is the reason why I did the video in the first place.

I will not be able to respond as I really can't bring anymore stress into my world right now, with baby coming very soon. I relinquish Kristie and you both, to God's hands. He is the only one wise and strong enough to bear this weight.
I truly hope you both have a merry christmas. And I thank you for the kind gift, and if you do get me a return label (the box didn't even have a return address on it)...i wish return it to the company and please use that money to take care of yourselves.

huge love and may God work in both of your hearts, kandee

I think Kristie Tunick may have more than just physical problems. I  found out from someone that has a dress shop that tried to help Kristie, that Kristie asked her to make her a couture dress and to buy her a bunch of make-up, she even told the lady that she needed to make me a dress too! (I don't want a dress! I was just trying to save her life!
Others who have contacted Kristie to help have told me about odd things she has said to them, and all of them have had a weird feeling too. And Kristie would make weird statements about buying people things, and that she grew up "wealthy", and after several times of her telling me to go pick out fancy outfits to where that she would buy me...I knew something was wrong. I refused any of her offers and told her that is she was really doing badly financially, she should be using any money to help her survive. I've now heard others saying she said this same thing to them, too.

Just so everyone knows...I received no money on her behalf, I have given her no money...Kristie said she would tell people about me when the news stories came in, and I said I wasn't doing it for that, I was doing it to save her life! I don't think someone who was really dying even say such things, in hindsight. I thought at first she might seem a little weird because of all her medications she said she was on, but I think she has real serious problems. I've read more things from people about her, and everything everyone says, is exactly the same stuff she says to me. I even watched a youtube video where somone plays a clip from a voicemail and other people said, "maybe that's not even her on the voicemail", I listened and not only is it Kristie but it's her boyfriend too.

I will let you watch the video...and I just feel so awful about trying to help someone that was not honest with me...I really wish I had done this for someone that had a kind heart that really needed help, or a little baby or child that needed the help...

remember no matter who or what tried to get us down this Christmas, refuse to give them the power to deal your happiness, huge love and lots of hot chocolate, kandee


Anna Marie said...

this situation is so sad. its a shame you had put so much effort into helping her.
I hope she gets what she and her boyfriend deserve.

you are a wonderful person Kandee. Keep your head up and Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

this is heart breaking some people are really sick. try to think of the positives this holiday for you and yours.. try to put this as far as you can behind you!

Natalia said...

Kandee, Your fans love you. Like another mother, sister, cousin. Stay strong and remember we will stick with you through thick and thin.
<3 you. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

You are a very wonderful person Kandee. You did the right thing by helping her out. Kristie will learn her lesson.

Have a merry Christmas and remember, you are a wonderful person.

Celeste said...

Kandee!! I feel so sad that this has turn into a nasty thing when you all wanted to do for her is help.. the only thing is that us as your truly fans does not help, since we are not like her!!! we love you ans support you mo matter what!!! you are a precious person!!!
And I'll be thinking of you a lot! and all my prayers go to you and remember "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13
Love ya

Unknown said...

I pray that you don't let this experience change your heart . There are just people in this world that are not happy with themselves and feel like the world owns them something, and I hope god helps her feel in that darkness in her heart may it be healing her physically or mentally. I hope you have a merry Christmas and continue focusing on your children and your health. Take one day as it comes with happiness and joy .

Trim girl said...

What is wrong with people. Trying to scam the tenderhearted people out of money and things. there are people out there who really have problems. how are we suppose to know who to trust?

Lindie said...

You are one of the most beautiful people I know and you have such an amazingly big heart!!
I heard you apologize in your video and you have nothing to apologize for. You did what you felt right in your heart. You were trying to help a human that you truly believed needed help...THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! What an amazing example of God's love that you show on a daily basis. You are truly an inspiration! I have to say to you what you keep saying to us...don't stop being the loving, Godly person that you ARE!

Love and Christmas wishes, Melinda

Susan said...

KANDEE you are a BEAUTIFUL girl with an ENORMOUS heart! You did not deserve this, nor does anybody! I hope Kristie learns her lesson sooner or later and I hope your heart is still just as big. You are a truly genuine lady! And that is VERY rare to find in today's society <3 keep shining and even if the sun doesn't shine for you today, put your shadows behind you because the sun will always shine tomorrow! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family xoxoxoxoox MUCH LOVE

Danya said...

Kandee, you are a wonderfully loving, caring, and generous person,and you shouldn't let these people get to you! They are obviously messed up, and you trying to help them selflessly shows what an amazing person you really are!! We all love you, so don't feel bad about what happened because it isn't your fault!!! You are such an inspiration to people all over the world, and this situation should not set you back in any way!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! xoxoxoxo

Molly said...

So sorry to hear about this Kandee! You have a very kind heart, it's not your fault, don't let ignorant people get you down. This girl obviously has some serious issues. I hope getting it off your chest in this video has helped relieve the stress both for you & baby and you can now look past this and enjoy the holidays. Get this pointless stress out of your life. I think you have the right idea. Keep your head up! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! :) -Molly

Unknown said...


I hope that you are able to release your anxiety about this situation and tell God that you need him to take over! You are about to have a beautiful smart little cupcake and you need to be happy and calm. You shouldn't have to deal with any of this. All of your true fans and friends know that you had only the BEST intentions and that your heart wasi nthe RIGHT place. We know that! Please know that we stand behind YOU 100% and are praying that this whole situation can just be forgotten and everyone can just move on!!!

I wish you the very best and I hope that you find some peace with this situation and not allow her bitterness to hurt you anymore. You have a beautiful heart and soul :) the world needs more people like you Kandee!!!

Merry Christmas from Canada!

<3 Kayla

Lena said...

Kandee, thank you for the post! I REALLY needed to hear that today. I TOTALLY expect Christmas to be happy happy, perfect, everyone loving & extra nice to each other. But that's not how things go & to not be hard on ourselves if everything isn't perfect. I see friends on facebook & think 'gee, they have such a perfect life' but in reality, they don't either. It's important not to make assumptions. I think many of us are busy chasing after that elusive perfect christmas, that we have missed the blessings we DO have. Whether we're fighting with our partner or family doesn't like other family, or no $ to buy's not about gifts. If you give someone sincere love, that is all that matters. Enjoy the music, the decorations & think of what you have to be thankful for, because we ALL have something to be thankful for. So thank you for putting things into perspective. Now, although my Christmas is off to a rocky start, I know that I am still a loved & blessed person & that I'm not the only one shedding some tears. Experiencing a sad heart or challenges, is a part of life. It's what makes us grow, learn & hopefully become a better person.

Thank you for always sharing your vulnerabilities with us. It's such a HUGE HELP knowing 'i'm not the only one!'

You are beautiful inside & out & talented & inspiring.

Merry Christmas Kandee & Kandee-fans. Sending much love & light to everyone. What a beautiful community we have on here! :)

Yaritza said...

This is all so disturbing! I'm so sorry u have 2 go through all this! I'm really feeling 4 u,babe:( But all u can do is put it in God's hands. I pray 4 Kristie & Brian. I pray that God bless them & they open their hearts 2 His saving grace, ultimate compassion, & endless mercy. Kandee, u seem 2 b very genuine in ur love of others, keep that lovely spirit. I pray 4 u & ur family. May God bless u & keep u always ;) Very Merry Christmas, Love :)

emalyce said...

I believe that God is very pleased with you because He put those seeds of compassion in you so that you could do great things. To look at this positively, she is still definitely getting the prayer that she wouldn't have ever gotten if it weren't for you! And as you said, the power of prayer is amazing! God said that when we come together in agreement, He will move mountains. Well, she is healed of whatever ails her--physically, mentally, emotionally, AND spiritually, because the blood spilled for us on Calvary sanctifies all of us. She just has to claim the victory for herself and accept it.

Kandee, I am very proud of how you reacted to this. It goes to show that your heart was in the right place and that you truly are a God's kid, and that is maybe what God wanted to show the world? That there is grace, forgiveness, and compassion. He's probably up there just beaming because He knows your heart and just wants to hug you would your own children because they do something you're proud of.

I hope you are encouraged! =D You are so encouraging to others and have lifted so many of us up in dark times, that I could only hope you feel that weight off your shoulders. My Christmas has been lonely and depressing, but because of your light, it has flipped around. I feel so much lighter and happier. You are an answered prayer, a joyful person, and an inspiration to never give up.

May many, many blessings come to you and your family!

Big hugs,


Carisse said...

I've never felt the need to comment on anything online, but this has happened to me over and over again, leave in mind I'm only 21.

There's so many wolves in sheep's clothing and only so many genuinely caring people.

We glow with a bright light that attracts these predators and they want to take that light away, so don't let it.

The sad thing is, it leaves a scar, and it'll always stay in the back of your mind and have that fear looming behind you.


But don't let it drag you down cause the only way to get to them is to show them that no matter what, whatever they did had no effect on you at all.


Tabitha said...

Kandee I am so sorry this is happening. Don't let this girl and her negativity affect you. Focus your attention on your newborn baby and your other kids. You are a sweet and loving person. You did well in releasing her to God. Try and enjoy your Christmas!

Lissa said...

I have had to deal with similar problems in different church ministries, pray is sometimes the only help we can give some people. Don't stress to much because you have planted a seed that can't be ignored even if they don't like it.
Snuggle your babies and rejoice in all the blessings you have had this year. :)

CarissaDearest said...

Im so sorry this has happened to you Kandee. Thank you for your heart, and for being someone who sees the gold in people. That is such a valuable thing. You are so incredible, I'll be praying for you and for lots of peace in this whole situation. Have a wonderful christmas.


Viva La Kristin said...

I hope you wil forget about this soon Kandee. I can't believe that sombody could do that, it's horrible. I don't think anybody is blaming you for trying to help her, you did the right thing. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your family, and take care of your little cupcake! :)

Unknown said...

I know how upsetting and frustrating this is for you - I posted her story also, friended her on FB, worried and stressed about this poor girl who desperately needed help. Now you just have to let it go. She is not angry with you for trying to help, but for finding out what kind of person she really is. Your kind heart is one of the biggest things we all love about you - don't ever change. Take a deep breath, put her emails in a separate file in case something ever comes of it, but don't look at them anymore. This is not worth stressing over for one more second! It's Christmas Eve and you need peace. Have a blessed Christmas with your family. Hugs!

Anonymous said...


Your baby is more important then some person who has no respect first for them selfs and then for others. Please take good care of your self and your baby, forget this woman, she is not worth your time.

Brianna said...

I'm so sorry all this happened, Kandee. You are such a loving, kind person, and you were definitely taken advantage of. We're all on your side and are sending you love :). Also, I wanted to say that I really admire that you said that you don't wish her any negative things, and that you're freeing your mind of all this drama and leaving it up to God now. It's really hard not to wish the worst for someone after you've been hurt - I tend to just give up on people and say, "Well I don't care what happens to them now, let the worst happen for all I care." But the fact that you aren't wishing her any negativity, and that you still hope she gets better, is just another example of how kind and generous you are. Thank you for reminding me that that's an attitude we should all strive to have :).

Have a very merry Christmas, and thank you for all your inspiration <3.

Ruta said...

kandee u are an amazing person...its ok to be upset and to have a rant lol its in our nature... people like kristy will get what they diserve...and take you to court for what it should be u takin her to court!!!! u have the biggest warmest heart ever! the only reason why she is so offended its because she knows ur right ! i hope that you read this because everytime i watch ur video it makes my day!!! love u lots!!! say hi from london to the cupcake!

beautybyella said...

Dear Kandee,
hers are only empty threats and a desperate reach for attention and publicity! Sometimes when people cannot find positive attention they will try and get whatever form of attention they can find! or maybe she's a "celebrity" wannabe...and her 15 min are up!
She IS sick, in the head, so don't pay any more attention to her! Ignore her emails...even better, block her to junk mail. You and your baby deserve a peaceful Christmas. May you and your family always be blessed! Merry Christmas :)

Simply Kendra said...

Wow Kandee,

Sounds like Crazytown. Don't let this stress you out! You only did what any other good hearted person would do in this situation , you tried to help. How were you to know this person was a con artist.
Big Shame on her. And a big Kudos for you for being a sweetheart and for handling this situation so well.

Allana said...

you are so kind, and don't deserve to be taken advantage of. Its so sad to know that people out there are scamming, and trying to hurt people. Negativity, greed, jealousy, etc that people have can be used to do some awful things, to tear people down, especially kind-hearted people like you. Please don't let this depress you, or stress you out, this is not the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last. Just think of your little daughter growing inside of you, and of your 3 other beautiful children, that will no doubt have the hugest, kindest hearts.
You did your best and thats all that matters.
Have a merry christmas and try to put this behind you.


Shannon said...

Kandee love, you are an angel. Send Kristi some love from your heart and move on with your life forgetting about the past. You have given it to God and He takes it away into His hands. This is not your responsibility. We all see your precious heart shining even more becuase of this. You are an inspiration in good times and in bad. Thank you for sharing your heart always with us, your friends. We love you forever, Kandee girl.
Love, Shannon Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

you have nothing to worry about. Karma always gets her way (:

Unknown said...

Haha . . . I love the Ryan Seacrest comment . . . Kandee this situation sucks and I'm so sorry she came into your life. But keep doing what you do and being the awesome person you are. It sounds like she is an attention whore and probably a bit delusional and desperate. She probably saw your popularity and rising sucess and thought "Hey I could get in on that" But like you said only God knows her true intent and I believe karma is a powerful tool he uses. You just keep being the positive one and you'll come out on top. Hope you have an AMAZING Christmas with your family and little ones ;)

Sadia Saif said...

Kandee Babe! You don't need to worry about all of this right now; likelihood is that she won't take you to court and all of it was talk. You are so much above all of this-give out your love to those people who love you and care for you. Take care of yourself and your baby and have a wonderful Christmas, because lowlifes like these people do not deserve to have an effect on your holiday spirit.

You work hard and inspire people-you inspire me! I hope you feel all the love that we are pouring out of our hearts to you. Use this light to illuminate the darkness that people like Kristie unneccesarily bring into your life.

We love you! Merry Christmas <3

Vicki Stamp said...

Hi kandee I just wanted to leave a comment after watching your video. I want to say that you are a beautiful soul and a true inspiration to me, you teach me everyday that I too can be happier and more positive. I pray that you try and forget this whole thing and remember that god will always protect your heart, as you are meant for better things than a person like her xxxxxxxx love vicki stamp

sillywillynillymom said...

You can't be upset that you ran to her side in a time that you thought she was in need...what you did was the right thing...the rest of the baloney is on HER. You did the right thing and she was a naughty naughty girl. Please be proud of yourself as a human being...okay? This will come back to you as a blessing..I promise...naughty people take advantage of good people all the time and you aren't the one who messed up at all..I am proud that you tried.

shlee d. said...

Thank you for displaying the true meaning of the holidays. It's not about what we get for each other, or about show perfect our holiday is, it's about a being with family and enjoying what god has already given us. The air in our lungs, the warmth of a hug, and the love in our hearts that we give to others is most important. You exemplify this and I admire you for being so classy and respectful during this time in your life. I wish your family and and you and your family a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! Additionally I wanted to leave you with a quote that always helps me when times get a little tougher..."always remember, you were only given this life because god knew you were strong enough to live it"... Please remember this and know that you are strong.

shlee d. said...
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Anonymous said...

Kandee you have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever know! Please do not let this ruin your holidays because some people are insecure about their lives. I see it as she has some problems that only she and her boyfriend can get fixed. It is out of your hands to try and fix them for them. You will always have a big heart and I see this as a test of your generosity and love and you passed because you gave it and didnt think twice about it even though you had second guesses. You are truly and inspiration to me and I hope you have your family have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! Its dust in the wind now and just watch it fly away with a smile on your face :D


Valerie said...

I just wanted to tell you Kandee that you are a great person. I recently found your videos on youtube and have since watched all of them I think and have read some of your blog and I am very impressed with your life and your heart. You have helped me out a lot with your tutorials and videos and from one Christian to another, may you have a super blessed Christmas season and New Year. :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, it does not matter WHO you reached out to, to save. Whether they are deserving or not, is not for you or I to decide, that's God's territory. What matters is that Our Father planted something beautiful and compassionate on the inside of you, for you to share, and that very something has done FAR more good in people's lives. It's simple, when you do good on a big scale, you get big attention from the enemy. Kandee,
you just take up your armour of God, my girl and soldier on, because you are a beautifully and
wonderfully made. You are exactly who God created you to be, and the evils of the world are under your feet.

It's A Girl Thing said...

I think that what you did was a great thing. you tried to help her.
she is wrong and evil for turning it around on you. i don't know you personally but what i do know of you, is that you seem like the most passionate and helpful person. for such a kind person as yourself i can't see how she could do that to you. try to be calm for your family, children and baby that's coming. it's the holiday's and you don't deserve the stress.

happy holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kandee. Unfortunately, part of being popular on the net includes being involved in some not so great situations. I really feel for you and this sort of drama and frustration is the last thing you need to be bothered with when you've got so much going in with your life, too. I think the problem with Kristie Tunick is not that she's an evil person-- I honestly think that she truly has a neuromuscular disease that if anything, has left her mind a bit addled. I hate to be defending her, but I think the best way to look at this situation is that this was a desperate person who contacted you out of frustration and if anything, overstated her actual condition and now, is reacting negatively because people called her out on it. Like you said on your video, you just need to give it up to God and let him deal with it. There's only so much you can do and seriously, you need to just take care of yourself and not get worked up over this. With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! Cheers!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear she took advantage of you Luke this. It must take a very sad person to harm someone as sweet as you. I would have done exactly the same thing you did had I been in your position. You seem to be so kind and sorry that something like this happened. I hope the rest of the holidays are peaceful for you, your baby on the way, and the rest of your family. Your videos and blog posts have truly been inspirational to me. Thank you and God bless. Merry Christmas. -Allison

The Wirt Family said...

I am really sorry Kandee. I'm not trying to make light of this situation, but you look great. We all love you and hope you have a great Christmas! I am glad you have a caring heart. Have a blessed new year with your new baby and bigger family!

*starr fish said...

Your heart is in a good place and you put it out there in a way that impacts so many people in a positive way. Unfortunately there are people who try to take advantage of goodness. You said a few times in your video that you relinquish her and this situation to God. With a situation like this, that's the only thing to be done. Let it go in peace, knowing the goodness within your heart is strong and true. Focus positive energy on your baby, your kiddos and the people who bring goodness into your life and then have a Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. You are right...the best thing to do is give it to god and let him carry the burden of the situation. We can't understand why people do what they do...we only can control how we respond. You did the right thing by trying to help someone in need. God sees you're heart and its intentions and so do we that support you. I hope you have a very merry Christmas filled with peace and joy!

sweetsarah51 said...

Heyy Kandee!!
I hope you read this but, i just made a blogspot account to tell you something! You are absolutely amazing, and nice, and generous and all u wanted to do is help the girl! im really sorry that she is making ur christmas really bad and i think that you should not let her get to you and just enjoy your christmas tomorrow with your kids and family :) and you know your probably right... GOd i sprobably letting this happen to you so ur faith can grow on it!! i absolutely believe that ! your an amazing person who deserves everything that is good! and remember that you even tell your fans to be happy and forget the negative things !!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND DON'T FORGET U DID NOTHING WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. - Proverbs 4:23
Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. May God blaess and kkep you all!

Andrea said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you, you are so kind and loving and have an amazing heart. It was so amazing of you to spend your time to try to help her and it is not your fault that she took advantage of you and like you said you should just forget about her and try to relax and take care of you and your babies. I wish you and your family a merry christmas and a new year filled with joy and laughter.

Unknown said...

lovely kandee,

i am really shocked about this and i am sorry that you had to deal with this situation.
you have such a big heart and your baby will get a great mom.

have a lovely christmas with your kids and family.

xo sabrina

Christy said...

Kandee - This is my HUG to you. I wish you Peace, Love, Hope and abundant Joy! God Bless you and your growing family. You are loved. Merry Christmas my friend!

m0chiii said...

Kandee- I think you did an awesome job trying to help her! God bless you..
I have soo much respect for you for trying to help.

I'm so sorry that this happened to you... =(

Please do not stress anymore.. the baby does not need this =(

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kandee! Much love <3

Dyna said...

kandee you seem so stressed in the video. it's a shame that someone would repay you like that. you're such a nice person. I wish you and your baby all the best. And please don't stress yourself over something like that. If someone was offended or whatever or accusing you of hurting them or whatever - remember it was NOT your intention to do so. if only everyone in the world was like you xxxx

Unknown said...

Ugh, this upsets me. You were just trying to help her and she just betrays you like that, that girl really has mental problems, poor her.. You don't deserve nothing of that, Kandee. Thank you for being such a good person with a big heart full of love. Just let this all behind you, relax and enjoy your last few weeks of your pregnancy. Ohmygoosh, I'm so excited for yoou. :D You're awesome and I wish you a merry Christmas with a lot of positive energy. <3

illinlostworld said...

I hope she goes to hell soon, she just used you , the most kind person I have ever seen,for fucking money. I hope that Kristie goes to jail or something.

NatalieLaura said...

Kandee.... the worst part of this is how it has affected you. You are PREGNANT, that is a fragile state enough, you are carrying a life. It breaks my heart to see you so upset and almost crying.... you are literally my sunshine, if you are upset or crying, there's no hope for the rest of us!I love you so much Kandee, I don't care that I've never met you, you are a huge part of my everyday life and you affect my outlook on life more than I can describe. What I wish for you is to take a nice big bubble bath full of vanilla cupcake bodywash and other sugary good smelling stuff! Please make peace with this, you are in no way at fault. I know your life is imperfect, I've read your blogs and I'm sure there's so much you don't say, but I STILL wish to be just like you. Forget about all this negativity. Merry Christmas Kandee, have a HAPPY one :)))

poyito said...

I Am not asking you to show this to you tube but Kandee please check this prayer for Samuel :D I know that you would pray for this child of God.

Hachimitsu said...

Kandee, My name is Honey Lee and I'm 18 years old. I have been watching you since when you had your bad quality camera, and I love all your videos very much. You are a blessing and an inspiration. I can see that your heart is just full of happiness and joy, and Kandee, I pray that everyone will have a little of you in them. I saw your video about how your heart has always been to help and to give, and that really touch me. Keep making your videos because Kandee, you are changing the world right now. God has a much bigger plan, and I'm sure he is so happy to have a daughter like you. You are truly an inspiration. God Bless.

Mayo76 said...

Christmas imperfect for both. I'm so sorry.
I wish with all my heart that I was the only person in this world with imperfect Christmas.
Keep up our faith that everything will get better.
Love to everyone who gives without expecting anything in return.

Unknown said...

KJ! forget about her and her bf. focus on yourself and your family and friends and your fans!

love you kandee! xoxo

KarmaKat said...

Dear Kandee,

First & most importantly, I wish you, your family & your bun in the oven a very merry christmas & happy new year. Many blessings to you always! :)

Ok, regarding Kristie... I'm sorry to post this comment about this awful person...I want it to just go away too but, to see the hurt in your eyes over this deceitfulness....It really made me very angry & sad. I've heard soo many rumors about this woman now that this "SCAM" has been revealed. It really makes my heart hurt, you are just the sweetest, honest person. I don't even know you personally but, honestly the joy that radiates from your smile & your positivity in every video makes each of your Facebook, YouTube & Twitter fans/followers feel like we are all a big family of best friends. I am so very sorry this happened to you. We are all behind you 110%, so if this woman even attempts to take you to court, I hope a judge will laugh her out of his/her courtroom & throw it out. Don't waste another thought on it my dear. Just pray that God will take over this horrible misunderstanding & everything will be ok. :) I wish you all the love & hugs in the world. God Bless.

-Catherine from Redondo Beach, CA-

InsanityZw said...

I think you did the right thing, that girl didn't have to do what she did. It's very sad to see people doing those kind of acts in order to get what they want, it is frustrating and sick...
I saw the whole video and I just wanted to tell you that you're a really really amazing and wonderful person, your heart is really big and generous, the world needs more persons like you :). I'm sure that Kristie or whatever is her name, will get what she truly deserves, God will know what to do.

You're a marvellous girl!
God bless you and your family!
Have a Merry Happy Christmas ♥

Hayley said...

I can't believe anyone would do that to you! How did she get your phone number to begin with! It looks like she seeked you out knowing that u have the HUGE heart that you do! I had one of my best friends steal my identity and take a lot of money from me. We are needless to say NO longer friends but karma will get Kristie in the end. It did for my ex friend! You can't stress about it and definantly don't let her stop you from helping the next person. I am like that too I think I can't help everyone and I've had some bad relationships because I thought I could help them but you really can't help someone unless they can help their selves. And it is very sick and disturbing that a couple would plot this story of an "illness" just for some fame. And I'm sorry if she did take you to court they would laugh at her and say what's Kandee's crime.........HELPING AND HAVING A BIG HEART! Don't stress and have a great holiday. Remember karma comes around full circle!
Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

Kandee, it is so sad to see you so upset. I pray to Jesus that your heart is unburdened. Just remember that all things work for the good for those who love Christ Jesus. He is such an amazing savior. Let your christmas be beautiful and your heart free from this horrible mess.

Little pumpkin peanut baby inside needs a healthy happy momma and that is who you are. You are a joy and light in this dark world. So proud of you.

allllll my love!
hugs to kandee!

isabelschild said...

And herein lies the difference between you and other's who have experienced similar situations. You have not become resentful or wished bad upon these people, but have given it to God, the author of each of our lives. This has really shown your character and proves that you are who and what you say you are, a Christian. You have reacted quite honorable in such an unhonorable circumstance. I adore you for having such a kind and loving spirit, now go enjoy Christmas with your family!! <3

Peter Martin said...

M√ľnchausen syndrome is a term for psychiatric disorders known as factitious disorders wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves...

nadia said...

how sad can that girl be! I am sorry you had to deal with that kandee!

Juli said...

Kandee, you are an awesome person and a great role model. The world could use more people who are as kind and giving as you. Merry Christmas :)

xoxo, Juli

Haley (: said...

Kandee, you are amazing ! you dont need to stress about this anymore, you did as much as you could do and obviously she didnt appreciate it, you dont need this negative situation in your life. it's christmas time, just worry about you and your family for a while. always remember that karma comes back and bites people in the booty, ha ha ! and remember one more thing... if someone doesnt like you, mind over matter. you dont mind and they dont matter <3 hope this helps.

have an amzing christmas and lots of chocolate (:

love, Haley (:

Unknown said...

My heart really goes out to you kandee I have been scammed so many times on craigslist where people would call me and i would believe them It made me feel so stupid to keep falling for them I cant believe people now a days what is this world coming to?

But anyways keep your head up and all your true fans will stand by u and your true fans are what matter and will stand by you always!

Pure Minerals Source said...

Hi Kandee;

I am so sorry to hear that you were decieved! But as you said, listen to those feelings you get. I have learned myself that is typically God telling you something isn't right with that person. But you are such a blessing to so many Kandee, and you do have the Love of Jesus in your heart. It is all over you! I ask the Father to release his blessings upon you and your family in this time of betrayal. I ask the Father that if your reputation has been marred due to the activity of Satan and his kingdom that the Father restores to you 7 fold what Satan stolen from you! And not only will your reputation and name stand as it did before, but that it carries even more dignity and weight than ever before. I ask him that blessings from his throne will flow over you and your children and thier children and that Satan will have no foot in your paths, for you all belong to the kingdom of God and no evil from the Kingdom of Satan will ever prevail against any of you. In Jesus Name it is So!

Now go and delete the original blog and video you did for her if you have not done so as of yet. And as you said Kandee; with the blessings of God that reside in you do not let this incident or any others that come up in your life stop you from giving his love to others. That's what this is all about. Satan know how much God's love flows from you and he doesn't want that to take place. So here came the big incident to try and stop you from being who God created you to be. A living vessel of his love and kindness.

Much Love In Christ to You and Yours Kandee! I'm praying for you & them & You will prevail!

Formulator & Founder

Unknown said...

Don't let this ruin your Christmas or let it bother you for another second of your life. Life is too short to waste regretting or resenting. I know it's stressful now, but just think about how sometime soon in the future this will all be behind you. All your fans know that you only did this out of the kindness of your heart.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

I have been reading your blog for several months now...Thes evening I felt I needed to write to you...To say, "You;re an amzing young woman with a great big heart!" In the past several weeks you have help me a lot and made me laugh about families and Christmas. You also made me realize life is NOT perfect...Especially, around the holiday's. My advice to you is believe in yourself and God.

Thank you! Keep your prayers flowing and your smile on your face.
It;s important to believe in your faith. We all await the joy of your soon-to be baby. Right now is the time we ALL should rally around you.
You're a really good person. Please, remember this always.

With admiration and respect,

Namaste said...

Kandee I am so sorry this happened!!

You are wonderful. I know this because when I really needed some light you gave me the sun. You saved my spirit that cold day in Canada.
Since meeting you, your sling shot analogy has proved correct. Do not let it deter you from helping. You changed my life. Merry Christmas Kandee.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" "This Too Shall Pass" sounded like you could use some of my Mom's words of advice. I hope you find peace this holiday season, and any issues regarding this situation melt away soon. :)

LenaLandmine said...

Please take this video down asap. No one wants an upset Kandee! Bring back the happy Kandee! It's hard to forgive and forget, but it's easier than you think. See watch: *poof*. Done!

Like magic.

Merry xmas to the nth degree! (and happy baby times!)


Shara Nelson said...

Kandee- I can feel your stress through the computer. lol! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Just want you to know I'll be praying for your well-being through this situation. You know that the Lord works all things for the good of all who are called by him!! So, trust him with this situation and do NOT let the enemy steal your joy during this season- the Christmas season and the birth of your baby. take care-Shara

EunBee said...


Linda said...

Hi Kandee, although i've only started following you on youtube later this year i feel that you're an inspiration. Being 21 and meeting different people has proved challenging, but some of your videos have helped me through some of the worst encounters. I wish you a Merry Christmas and don't let this encounter bring you down!!! Love and support always, Linda.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Kandee! A beautiful song to ease your heart a little:

Lots of love and good wishes from Toronto!

nihar said...

Hey Kandee..
Dont worry things will be fine.. i hope all those mean people on youtube stop troubling u soon.. you are a very kind person and you'll get what you deserve.. m sure God will make things fine for you soon..
Merry Christmas :-)
Take care of yourself and your little cupcake :-*

SarahSmile said...

Kandee, im shocked! I had no clue she was lying or anything! How horrible. But you do not need this stress while your almost due!!!!

Msdiamondtaylor said...

That is terrible Kandee!! Please don't stress about these horrible people who are obviously not right in the head or totally evil. You are such a lovely person and it makes me so angry that people take advantage of your loving, giving nature.
Please rest assured that all your fans love you and people like Kristie are just one-offs!
Have a lovely christmas and hope the birth goes well. Keep posting the youtube videos, you are a great inspiration to me, and to many others.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx Natalie

MinneapolisMel said...

Kandee - Merry Christmas! I'm having an imperfect Christmas too, but I'm making it a great one by just being thankful for all of the blessings that Jesus has given me over the years and this year I'm really trying to focus on what this day is about - celebrating the birth of Jesus. When you're feeling down or stressed, just remember that God will never give you a hurdle that you can't cross and every obstacle or obnoxious person that He presents you with is there to make you stronger! I hope you have a super fantastic holiday with your kiddos and family! :) :) You are such an awesome person and a true inspiration for me to be a happier, kinder person!

Penny Pincher said...

I'm sorry that horrible people are attracted to you, I guess it's because ALL people are! ;)
You have the most amazing personality and you're such a ray of sunshine! :)
Everyone loves you, it can't be helped that not everyone is as wonderful as you I guess. ;)
But please don't let this horrid beast ruin anymore of your days!
We all and GOD love you so much and want nothing but your happiness! :)
Just focus on the positives, how many people adore you, even those who have never met you face to face! ;) AND you're about to have a beautiful blessing arrive very soon! :)
Merry Christmas sweetie! :)
♥ We love you!!! ♥

Unknown said...

merry christmas to you and your family, kandee!
hugs and happy thoughts are my christmas present from me :)

colleenxox said...

I'm sorry that this happened. You are a wonderful person, and I can't believe somebody could have taken advantage of you like this. It's out of your hands. YOU are the good person, you were just doing what you thought was right and helpful.I hope this blows over soon, and I hope you have a great Christmas. We all still support you and everything you do. <3

Sakorarox said...

Its sad when people take advantage :(

Dont worry. What comes around goes back around.

Its sad when ppl take advantage of people's kind hearts. A few years ago my mom was walking near our street, and this young man was there (late 20's) with like a 3 year old little girl. He was asking for money because his little girl had a terminal illness and he couldnt afford to buy her meds. He even had a doctor signed prescription! My mom asked him how much the meds cost and how much he had he said they cost about $200 and he had about$50. So my mom gave him $150! And we weren't the richest family on the block either! But my mom has a big heart and she figured that if she was blessed enough to be able to afford $200 medicine if it came down to it....then she should help this guy.

Next day she walks by the same place and sees this guy is scamming ppl for money! When he sees my mom coming down the street he panics, picks up the little girl, and runs.

I mean....there is only a certain sick person who would use a 3 year olds terminal illness to scam money.

As funny as it sounds...if you're going to be a least be an 'honest' thief :p

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you remind me of my mom. so soft hearted and you dont doubt anyone. this is so wonderful. you need to remember that everything happens for a reason...

you are handling this unfortunate event so well and just know that we all support and love you. i hope you are having a nice Christmas day..sending you so many hugs xxx

Noelle Reese said...

Karma Baby! :) We all get what we deserve! And you my friend are about to get a yummy new baby so don't give this another thought! :)

Unknown said...

LOL ironic eh? first telling people how bad they are, because they didn't buy the story to begin with.. and why didn't you give her money? isn't that what you asked us to do..?

Kathryn Rachael said...


You have such a sweet soul. Please, continue being your amazingly AWESOME self!

I completely understand believing in the good faith in others and have been in similar situations. I hope this doesn't change your belief in good people.

I have a poem I wrote about losing faith in others because of them portraying themselves as a person they're not.

I know you have a lot weighing on your heart right now, I am praying for you.

Stay encouraged, so many others love you and believe in you and your humble and kind heart.


P.S. If you want that poem, I would love to share it.

Ning Ning Gong said...

You have more than 144,000 people like you, supporting you, what you let this one person get you down? Is sad but don’t let it ruin your holidays!
Take good bath, play with your kids, and look outside, is going to be sunny day!

Laura said...

dear kandee,

don't let this negative experience let pull you down. You tried to help her and you did everything you can.
you're a great person who wants to help and just forget about it, it's just not worth it :)


Unknown said...

You are a very amazing person, I am glad there are people in the world like you. I completely agree with everything you have said. I am glad you are the type of person to put their thoughts and feelings out there, which gives people of piece of mind about what you and how other people think. I am the type of person who does give people the benefit of the doubt and doesn't question people, and i enjoy helping people also. You are one of the many angels that god sent to this world to make it a better place. I hope you have a merry christmas and god bless :D

Karlita said...

Dear Kandee Please Don"t Let This Upset You;; You Are A Wonderful Person With A Huge;; Kind Heart. I"m Very Glad You Let This In God"s Hands As He Is The Ultimate Rock Of Stability "& Serenity. Leave This In Your Past Just Like Evry Other Human Mistake We Make Day By Day. God Saw The Goodness In Your Heart;; As Did We All... But Please Please Don"t Let Poison Or Bitterness Enter Your Beautiful Heart. All My Love "& Compassion, Karla

FaithHopeLove said...

love you kandee, i love your honesty and open heart and dont loose that ever...i have not posted in a bit, my own life stuff going on , but im good and getting trough each day with gods grace - i still read your blogs and will always be your freind from afar, i pray for you and your children and your baby - god and your angels will pur thier loving arms around you and carry you thru any hard times, you and i both know this.....let me go to my box for you. Hold on.....hum, i wonder if i picked this one for you inthe past...this quote i pulled out was one that my mom wrote to me when i was having a super hard time in my life and now its meant for you....
"the love you have for people is going to pay off for you. Your cup will always be full as long as you continue to love yourself and reflect this love to others. Love will give you everything. And you will not want or need anything. remember that. i hope that you are feeling wonderful this moment. your next moment will be ven greater. remain who you are, i love you Mom"
hope this makes you smile kandee
love your freind stephanie
faith hope love
merry christmas

T Lei Marie said...

Kandee, your heart was in the right place. You cannot control other people's reactions to a kind sincere gesture, but do it anyway, don't let anyone block your blessings by holding you back. It's unfortunate but things happened. When I saw that 20/20 video some time ago I felt the SAME way as you. I was in tears. It's ok to love, it's ok to care and if it doesn't work out then you still did the best you could.

This saying fits the situation perfectly...

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.
-this version is credited to Mother Teresa

Anonymous said...

Dont give her any more attention. This is exactly what she wants so dont do anymore posts or videos on her and just take care of yourself and your family and baby bump =) Merry Christmas!!

ps. Keep all emails and texts just in case she does take you to court.

Anonymous said...

I have always tried to be an understanding person and find the reason for everyone's behavior, but it's things like this that I will never be able to understand. How can they be so selfish?

Don't let this one incident stop you from helping people ever again. You are such a sweet, good-natured person and the world needs more who are like you. Just know that you have so many people who are supporting you right now.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Kandee, we love you so much! and it hurts me that someone will do that to you.

Rachel said...

Love you Kandee!!! Just saw this...!/note.php?note_id=173933905964323 ... and it really reminded me of your problem with Kristie. I guess you aren't the first person she has taken advantage of and you won't be the last :( You are way too wonderful to have to deal with this baloney! I think it's really wonderful how you, even though you were angry, were able to maintain your composure and get the message out without saying anything cruel or hurtful. Most people would be so quick to trash talk others, it's refreshing to see someone act like a mature human being for once :)

babypanda said...

Its people like her that make the rest of us question helping others because of the lies the use for attention... it breaks my heart.

Hannah said...

I'm so sorry that this happened Kandee, you have such a kind and generous attitude and it's horrible that you've been taken advantage of.

I really hope you have had a lovely Christmas to make up for this horrible situation, and that next year is full of happiness and love and new baby :)

Hannah xxxx

AnjAli7 said...

What is she going to take you to court for???? What grounds? LOL...She is pathetic. Delete and ignore Kandee! You are pregnant - she is not even worth the air time. |

DC said...

Hey Kandee,
I think you are an AMAZING woman. Don't pay any attention to her drama, She will have to give accounts to God for what she has done. You are a STRONG person and we all love you! Keep your chin up hunny! We all support you!

Erika said...

This makes me very upset, that she took advantage of you, then tried to buy your friendship (that's how i read the gifts she was trying to send you).
I commend you, Kandee, for being such a caring loving person who only wants to help people. I hope this doesn't cause you any more stress.
It also upsets me because my friend's mom has a mysterious disease that caused her to go completely numb, much like Kristie was claiming, and I was hoping that the attention would help my friend's mother get a proper diagnosis. Sadly this isn't the case, and she continues to be trapped in her body. It's been 7 years since my friend's mom first had these symptoms. It gave me a sense of false hope. :(
You have so much love to give, and I wish you all the best in life!

AnjAli7 said...

Cont' Kandee, I am not sure what state you are in, but I would also consider getting a restraining order against her and her BF. She sounds very disturbed and she might just turn into some kind of a stalker. Be safe and keep your family safe.

SynestheticSoul said...

Hello Kandee! Would it be imposing to ask you to submit that email to this site?

You don't have to, but it would be appreciated!

Katherine W. said...

Wow! She is DEFINTELY SICK! SICK IN THE HEAD! I feel sick in my stomach too that she would do something like this...

Ashley said...

Sending hugs to you Kandee!! I'm sorry you're going through this. She took advantage of your kind heart.

BiankizZ Castillo said...

doesnt import Kandee we love and trust you me and yur fans believe and stay always with you. in the bad and the good time =P youre amazing and a beautiful person... o how say in mexico Eres una maravillosa y muy bonita persona =) te quiero linda =P

Chandra said...

Kandee, this is really sad. The only "ilness" that Kristie clearly has is in the "mental realm". Your heart is pure and good and these are the trials and tribulations that we will all be faced with as human beings and Christians as well. Any religion or spiritual belief that allows people to open their hearts to those in need is wonderful, but sadly there are those out there who are sick in more ways than one, and who can be helped by prayer alone. Kristie is one of those people. Just keep your heart open, and trust in our God to work this situation into something good. It will happen, you need to stay strong and embrace this adversity as part of being in the world but not of the world. This too will pass, hon. God's blessings to you and your baby on the way. The new year will bring so many wonderful blessings for you. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer says, whether you worry about things or don't worry, they will or will not come to pass, but you will lose your present moment life fretting over those things which you have absolutely no control over... people that you have no control over. You only control your thoughts, actions and heart. Peace to you.... have faith.

Elli_94 said...

I horrible for you Kandee and truly angry at the situation, and Kristie Tunick. I've never been a big commenter on videos, but I really enjoy watching your vlogs. And tutorials. There different for me, because theyre so positive and happy. And in a lot of videos the happy seems kind of fake, but you really exude genuine care and happiness. Which I think is amazing, especially when you dont know soo many of your viewers. It's just such an excellent outlook on life and a wonderfully kind thing to do. And for a person to take advantage of that really, truly makes me upset. Using her illness in this matter only angers me more, as I've been struggling with an autoimmune disease as well. It took 6 years before I was properly diagnosed and now, because of it, I'm much more ill than I could have been. It's a disease full of controversy something that has really turned my life upside down, due to many people having strong negative opinions on it. But seeing a person like this, fabricating, or more like exaggerating so harshly their own situation disgusts me. Because its people like this, who twist their situation that hurt people like me or my friends in my support groups with these same issues. These lies she tells, this twisting of the truth helps noone. It hurts other sick people, it hurts you, and it hurts her.
Being sick is hard and horrible but taking advantage of others in this way is worse.
I mentioned in a comment how genuinely positive i find you and enjoy watching your videos. Im not as positive as you are, and im naturally skeptical. But watching Kandee Johnson videos brings me just that little burst of happiness. And i just... it really hurts me to see someone so nice hurting.
Anyways, I wish id been on the computer sooner to see this vlog and comment sooner. I hope it brings you some comfort. Because youre a wonderful person. I truly believe that. Im sorry it took an issue like this to finally make my lazy butt comment. But its true. For those 5, 10, lol 20 minutes I watch a Kandee Johnson video I feel like its ok. And the world's not as bad as I sometimes think. And im still young and can push through anything. Your personal stories and fun videos and tricks all reinforce this belief. No matter how tough things seem now, theres always a brighter side.
Kristie was truly a fool to do such a thing to you, when you offer such niceness. But I know you're the better person and will be fine soon.I hope your Christmas was wonderful and bright and that everything with your baby goes well as well! <3 (sorry if I rambled i've never commented on a blog like this before ;-;)

niekangel said...

I had to learn it the hard way. But please don't trust everybody. My heart is broken more than one's before I learned to let people earn there trust first.
But don't worry, I really believe in 3 times. If you do bad, it will come to you 3x so hard. And that's the same with if you are a good person. So dear kandee, you have nothing to worry about. Because you are a ANGEL.
I hope you have a good new year..

(sorry for my english typing. I'm from the netherlands,europe)

xx niek

Shannon said...

I can only imagine the anguish you must have felt after posting the video very publicly and then finding out the contents were based on something untrue. You stated, "You never know the reasons why things work out," on the video above. You are so right! I watched both videos about Kristi posted by you, and I learned a lot about giving from you. So, if for no other reason, maybe people like me were able to learn about giving from you! I, too, rely on God and He is my foundation. Thank you for just being your sweet self. You are precious!! Such a role model for women! God Bless you and I'll be praying for the birth of your new, sweet baby girl :0)

Ashlee said...

Kandee, I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this. Keep your head up. I wish you the best and hopefully with less stress too. Lots of love, Ashlee

Kyla Makay said...

Amen Kandee! AMEN. That's all.


Dilly Dally said...

Don't blame yourself for being a trusting person. We all know you had the best of intentions. Keep on believin.

Kandyce said...

it makes me sad to see you so upset! it could all be for fame, who knows. she obviously does have something wrong with her, nothing that is in any of your control. if anything we all know where your heart is & how much you wanted to help. Brian did mention her "3 week" time period on facebook, & if it wasn't true from the get-go she would have spoken of it sooner. Take a deep breath and try to remain the calm & positive kandee we have all grown to love. we're all on your side, you're not alone in this! it's almost a new year. <3

Sara said...

It absolutely is terrible that you were betrayed by a woman, whom you were only trying to help.

But I do feel, as an atheist, that in the e-mail you sent to Kristie and Brian that you were being a bit too abrasive about your faith. I'm definitely not saying that you're wrong or anything, however if I was to receive an e-mail from someone and it said a bunch of times that I should become a Christian and "trust God" I would be offended. It's very much the same thing as how Kristie insulted your beliefs, if you try to force it on to her.
I would be offended and a bit pissed off.

But I do support you, Kandee. Just try to remember that not everyone is going to appreciate someone trying to change their beliefs by forcing their own onto them.

Irene Yuanita said...

Kandee don't be saaad! You make me sad toooo :'( You really have a big heart! We love youu!

xxfromIndonesiaa. <3

hummmingbird said...

Dear Kandee, this is the first time I have ever commented on anyone's
videos/ blogs, anything on the internet.

I don't hardly wear make up, I couldn't use a blow dryer to save my life, yet I love your videos.

and here's why.

you are messanger, Kandee.
And since you have been
sending from your heart
the love that IS
out to others, your inner glow
has become stronger and stronger.

Your wing span is only getting wider and wider, and for those
under this beautiful arc, you
are i know , so gratefull.

Take this video down soon, as you feel. As it is redirecting energy
in ways you don't like

There is something to learn from this experience and it is a beautiful and powerful lesson.
You already said it in your video.
Your cup spills over Kandee.
It is bottomless, endless.
let others drink from the well
or not, but you are
as you are . Kahlil Gibran
wrote an amazing poem
about Giving
it is a beautiful teaching
and full of Christ energy.
have look on internet for this poem.

ok my love.
happy new year

-- said...

Kandee! First and foremost, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Don't you ever let people like this bring you down. God is always by the side of truth and to know someone has done this to you breaks my heart! But no worries, leaving it in God's hands is best. Although I am Muslim, we all have ONE GOD and that should not separate any of us. Your smile is contagious and it surely brings my crappy days up. It was so AWFUL what Krsity did to you but don't let it get to you; you're better then that! You're beautiful in every way, never forget that!!! I wish there were more people like you that have such big hearts; you truly are amazing. *bear hugs* Smile gorgeous! (=

- <3

Unknown said...

Kandee, I think anyone who has been following this and has any experience with you either through youtube or in real life would know that what you did was well intentioned. And anyone who posts negative or mean things to or about in regards to this, has their own personal issues that have nothing to do with you. I hope this doesn't sour your spirit, you are a truly inspirational being, remember that and keep true to your heart...xoxo


Sweet sweet Kandee...i don't know what to say:( This is so bad bad bad. I mean you just helped are who you are and you help the world if you could. You are the most beautiful person I know. You are the one who made me smile again and through I believed in hope again. Once you've mailed me back. I made your cupcakes and told you about my 3 children having all different. My heart was so deeply broken. I was in so much pain and i started reading your book en wachting your vids. And light started to shine again in my heart. I picked up my bible again and started to pray again. You have saved me and now i read this? How could someone say what they said to you. You only make people smile and give broken hearts hope. You are a giver. I have given so much in my life, but even my heart had broken up and you medicated me with your words and your joy. God is using you in a big way. You and your sister mean so much to me. I think you and your sister mean a lot to a lottt of people out there. To think somebody does this? I really have absolutely no words.

Sweet Kandee you know like me, this is the world of people who never stop to amaze you. In a good way or in a bad way. Just as long our hearts are in the hands of God, we will be just fine. Please put this all aside...just let Jesus deal with this and you keep warm and cozy for the baby and your children. I love you, a lot of people love you and God loves you. God bless you and your family.

xxx Loyoya (Barbara)


reading your book....yessss you should write a book...hahahaha...I ment your blog. My children are playing so loudly...hahaha. You know what i meant right?


araz said...

Hi Kandee :) You are the most wonderful person that i ever know! Be strong and don't let anyone ruin your day ( even one second of it ) forget about this thing and delete the video from your page . we all know your beautiful and kind personality ..
Merry Christmas to you and your amazing family <3


Anonymous said...


I don't have a Youtube account, but I watch your videos all the time. If I did have a Youtube (my parents won't let me sign up :( ), you would be one of the first people I subscribed to.

Anyway, I saw your first video on Kristie, and I am the same way as you, I wanted to help. I told all my friends through facebook, and email, and now I feel horrible.

I totally understand where you come from. If I recieved and email/phonecall like that, I would do something very similar to what you did, especially if they said "three weeks to live".

I say you totally forget this ever happened. Delete the first video on Kristie, and after you give people 1 month or so to view this newest one, delete that too.

Thank you for your time,


sofia said...

you shouldnt be so sad. you opened your heart to help someone you thought needed it. you have been such a kind person and done so much for so many people and you should be proud of that.

sometimes God sends people to test us and we can either let all the hurt and frustration get to us and turn us into people that we dont want to be or, we can do what you already have, believe in others and open your heart without question. God has a plan for everyone and for people who mislead and hurt others, he created Karma.

my prayers are with them hoping that they get whatever help they may need but in the end only God can help them and only God can decide how to handle such things.
so my prayers are also with you that you find peace with the fact that you were (and still are) such a kind and open person and havent let this experience ruin your faith.

i hope you can sleep a little easier and smile a little deeper :)

prayers, support and love
x sofia x

Ariel2010 said...

I will put it in my 6-year-olds words. Kandee was just trying to be nice and she didn't have to be so rude. How terrible that this was done to you. Please continue to have an open heart and care for others. You spread so much love, inspiration, and how to many. All you can do is leave this in Gods hands. I know that you will be blessed because you tried to help someone who you thought was dieing. Take care of youreself, children, and little cupcake on the way. Hugs, support, and love.

haven said...

kandee your such a loving caring person.

"Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you,and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you" (matthew 5:43-44)

just thought i'd share it with you :)

Lauren A. said...

kandee you are an amazing person. you've probably read it over 1000 times, but one more couldn't hurt. you are just so inspirational, & kind. I can't believe that she would do these things to you, you don't deserve any of this. I hope there is peace in this for you, and you move one with your lovely baby girl and family. but things happen for a reason. God did this for a reason, the reason i don't know however, but you will probably figure it out soon enough.

god bless you, & stay strong! ♥

Unknown said...

Kandee my dear, like everyone else i just want to say you hv a beautiful heart. i understand why you are beginning to stress over this. just know that we all love and adore you. please try to relax and not let this craziness get to you. you want to see you healthy and happy my dear. <3

p.s. i appreciate the truth and honesty you share with us.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! Check out my fashion & beauty blog!!!
xo Emily

Eve said...

Your video is still being used... have them disassociate you!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, Bless you for doing the right thing. I too am a christian and it makes me mad also that comments like that would be made as I am sure "christians" were the bulk of the support she received. It's too bad this had to happen right before christmas, you don't need any more stress. the baby doesn't need it either. I don't usually respond to things like this but I did want to let you know how you have touched my life, I have been ill with a diagnosed and treatable condition. (oh no!! not again... but I am ok and would only ask a prayer or two), but what I really wanted you to know is that during my painful times or times when I hurt too much to rest, I have been lurking on you tube and love your videos. they provide me with some much needed distraction and comic relief at times. And of course I want to look fabulous!!! I know these things take time to get over, it is so much easier said than done to let things slide off your back...especially when you have been hurt. Have your beautiful baby and set your mind to having the best christmas ever next season. I will pray that you find peace.

a s h l e y (: said...

Kandee I am so blessed and encouraged by your faith and your ability to give this situation to God and know that He will take care of it. You inspire me to be a better Christian and I am so thankful for the role model you have been in my life. I am very similar in that I am very believing and I want to help people and I've had similar situations where I've been taken advantaged of and the way you've handled this situation is such an inspiration. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight and charisma with the world. You are truly a blessing! :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I LOVE you!! Dont let this girl upset you. You have such a GOOD heart! I will continue to pray for her and her boyfriend, because there is obviously something wrong with them. Lots of Love Kandee!!

Nick said... blog about my ties, they are awesome, just like you Kandee!

Carolyn said...

You can read the above comments as see.. YOU ARE LOVED. We don't know you personally, but we feel that you are a best friend. We know your heart. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, GOD knows your heart. That's why He put us on this Earth, right? To help people. And that's exactly what you were doing. Sometimes, the Devil just screws it all up. Hold your head up high, and focus on the good in your life... your kids, your new bundle of joy on the way, and all of those poeple in the world who you reach out to on a daily basis through Youtube, your job, and just in passing. We love you.

Annemarie said...

Oh Sweetie,

Don't let someone else's misery effect the sweet, caring, good natured person you are. People looking for trouble will always find it. We just keep smiling and doing the will of God. Remember the scripture "this too shall pass."

Don't stress yourself and that precious baby out. Just lay it at Gods feet and walk away. He will carry our burdens we have no need to. All that is required of us to have faith in him.

So keep that pretty smile on that pretty face, and we'll see you in your next video. Bless You and Yours..

Nattiie said...

Dear Kandee. You Have an awfully big heart. Wish more people in scotland did the things you do. Back in 2009 My Son was born and it was the bestest thing that could have happened to me. I Found out he had seribal Paulsie. Taylor is his name. Me and his dad struggle for a living all cause he needs special addaptions. We havent had any help from doctors. Kirstie has doctors making adaptions for her. me & my family have nearly spent Just Over £2,000 pounds for the adaptions. i feel comfortable telling you. but hopefully the things we do makes everyday better for our little man. Thank you for the courage kandee in making me a better mum.
So i Thank God your in this world :D Thanks Kandee Johnson! And Happy wishes for the Bonny Little Girl when she comes. Much Love Natalie x

Abby said...

There should be more people like you. You're an amazing person. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. Don't stop being as caring as you are. The world needs people like you. Youre amazing.

Unknown said...

Kandee you are such a wonderful person and it's very sad that someone would try to take advantage of your kindness. I hope people still don't feel betrayed by you! You were betrayed and tried to help her without knowing. You're such a strong person and such a great inspiration to all of us!

Dana Casey said...

I don't know much about the story, but I know that when situations like this come about it's really hard to trust people again and open your heart to those who are really in need of help, friendship, company, love etc... It's so unfortunate that people with not-so-kind hearts abuse/take advantage of someone's warm heart like yours Kandee. I hope you are able to put this sad experience behind you. Xox

Laci said...

omgsh im so sorry you had to go through that kandee, this whole situation proves that you have an amazing heart and spirit that i hope will rub off on others that are not as kind and cold hearted. its a sad world we live in when people take advantage of the kindness of others. i just hope that when those kinds of people come into our lives that we don't stop loving and caring for others because thats what god calls us to be, thats part of the reason why god put jesus on this earth to die for our sins and to be a role model for the kind of person god wants us to model ourselves after, to look out for others in every situation good or bad [:. god is working through you kandee and i can see it because you let your spirit shine through you and it shows. god is really proud of the person you are and you are truly beautiful on the inside and out i really hope that you never change because i think thats what gods will is for you is to bring others happiness with your upbeat and positive attitude and your caring heart and loving spirit dont let that go.

if you want to email me back my email is

i hope you and your family are all good and well
god bless you guys<3


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