Friday, December 3, 2010


ha ha ha ha..look at the difference in my belly! ha ha ha ha
so here it is...
my VERY PREGNANT update video.....

Yes I was trying to find a picture to show you my before stomach..and the only one I could find (because I never go around showing off my bare non-pregnant belly..ha ha ha ha) was a picture I took after doing the Jessica Rabbit look. (yes I always have to take the pictures of myself for my ones usually around!)
Of course I always crop out the rest of my body, just to show my face...but here it old flatter stomach...
and yes I used to run about 5 miles everyday and lift weights...but since I had my big "almost-got-my-leg-chopped-off" accident...I wasn't allowed to run or anything...then I found out I was pregnant as was out of shape already...ha ha ha
SO sit back and watch in amazement as you see my pregnancy update video....

and thank you so much everyone that have posted name ideas! I've seen some really great ones I've never heard of!
big bellies....kandee


Joy said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!! Both before and after. You seriously have the most perfect pregnant belly. What's you secret so I can take notes for when I have a baby!? You have a beautiful spirit Kandee!!

Meg said...

You look amazing in both photos! You are just too cute! And by the way, I was laughing so hard at the video of you and your sister! Have a lovely weekend!


The Wright Family said...

Thank you for posting that! I have not been able to follow over the past few months very much, however, it is a delite when I do get to catch up! Congrats on the baby. I just hope when I get pregnant my face doesn't balloon out! You don't seem to have that problem! LOL

FuglyDuckling said...

You look absolutely amazing and positively beautiful in both pictures!

The one before with your red wig, it reminds me of Rihanna with her long red hair. ha ha ha. It's absolutely amazing!

Buzybugs said...

You are SO darling.. I love your pregnant videos and I wish you all the best.. I cannot wait to see your babe when she's born.. your so CUTE..

Adrienne said...

You look great!

The video is "unavailable", is anyone else not able to see it?

Olivia said...

More pregnancy videos! I love them :)

And I want to let you know that you inspired me to start my own blog ( and I actually mentioned/quoted you in my first post. Thanks for all the love and inspiration!

CarissaDearest said...

Alethea :] Uh-Ley-Thee-Uh
Alli for short

Unknown said...

Super cute video, I don't have any name ideas but I'm sure you'll come up with a great one!

♥ROSIE♥ said...

i think we would all watch ur pregnancy videos ..kandee u look cute preggo ..i think u should name her like me ROSIE OR LIKE MY MOM PUT ME ROSIBEL HEHE OR DELILAH OR DARLA OR KANDEE IS CUTE I THINK ILL NAME MY THAT WHEN I HAVE 1 =]

LoveNevaHate said...

cant view the video but u look amazing before and even more radiant now.


i love watching your videos. they are always something i look forward to. i like the big ol belly, you rock it well ;) haha as for baby girl names ... Ariceli [air-uh-cell-e] is my nieces name and she is thE cutest 9 month chubbster, we call her celi for short] or Paislie ... Kamerion [yes i love it for a girl]. im sure what ever you choose will fit her and be a beautiful name. stay happy :) xoxo - carly

Tierney said...

I think a a cute name is Katiery it is my cousins name she is hawaiian. It is pronounced ka-tear-ee. I also love Alina and Laina. Good luck!!!

Jennifer (Nova) said...

Kandee you are adorable and beautiful!! Love your cupcake belly and all your videos!! I can't wait to meet your new addition!! I'm so excited for you! BIG BELLY HUGS!!

madison said...

Love the preggy videos and Madison is a great name I get many many compliments on it hope that helps

Unknown said...
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Jenna said...

Hi Kandee, I tried leaving you a comment on your youtube video but I dont know if it went through or not. You and you baby bump are sooo cute! I would love to hear more things about your pregnancy. Please keep us updated! As for baby names, you could name her Jenna. Thats my name. lol! j/k but that would be pretty cool. If I had a girl I always liked the name Audriana because its different and not a lot of people have that name. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anemone said...

My dear Kandee... U no where look out of shape. You always look great regardless anything...Infact i hope i look as great as you do pregnant when i am pregnant. You are my inspiration to be more than just beautiful on outside but inside more than ever. Thank you Kandee. I wish i could get an email from you this Christmas. Happy holidays kandee. You loook great always.

Unknown said...

I think you should name her Chandelle (Shan-dell)
It is very classy sounding reminds me of Chanel without everyone saying why would you do that. haha
Good luck and we look forward to seeing your pineapple:)

Anonymous said...

I always loved the name Kalel :)
Pronounced "Kuh-lell". I love it.
"Kalel Johnson".
Awe. :)
Hope you see this comment!!

Again, Kalel pronounced "Kuh-lell"

funkymacgirl said...


dear higher power said...

My daughters name is Nauci Elise, funny I had it picked out when I was like 13. I like unusual names, my middle being La Nelle. So I think you should have whatever awesome name you want. Ps baby is due right before my bday.

Unknown said...

awww i luv pregnancies. i can't wait to see how ur baby looks like. i would love to see more updates on ur lil cupcake. i think her name should be giselle (from enchanted) elle for short or lucy.

god bless

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Love your baby cupcake videos :]

I think you should name your baby Abrielle! :D

It's pronounced Gabrielle without the "G."

I go by Abby for short, but now in college I say Abrielle more because I love my name and get so many compliments on it :)

Anything you pick will be great!
Have a great night :)

caramel.9034 said...

Hey kandee i just wanna say that i love you soo much lol you've really helped my throw soo many makeup issues :) and your baby is gonna be so lucky to have you as a mom :) but if you haven't thought of a name yet, i have a few suggestions for you Avery or Rosemarie those are my two favorite girls names(i hope that they help)

pepsi said...

yea my belly def didnt look as beautiful as urs i have a 6 month old. she was early too almost 2 months early. my husband and i are Mexican and we named our daughter Sophia Isabel(sound better when u say it in Spanish) lol we both love Sophia Loren so thats why we named her Sophia and Isabel just sounded pretty with it. and imma count down with u because when ur cupcake is due my soldier will be home with his lil ones and i :) i love ur videos they are AWESOME! lol wish u luck with picking a name

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee, I too am preggers and I wish you would do a video on the products you are using while you still use St. Tropez Bronzer? How about Un-Petroleum? Anyway, or even how your feeling cause Its been hard for me to stay positive some days and you are so motivational! Thanks so much for all your videos I always look forward to them :)

alexis said...

i hope you saw my comment with the names. if you like them...

Emz said...

I found a few very beautiful Native American names.

Chenoa- meaning: Dove

Miakota- Meaning: Power of the moon

Tiponi- Meaning: Child of importance

Kohana- Meaning: Swift

Lynn- Meaning: Waterfall

And I've always been sort of fond of the name Lyndee (lynn-Dee) Though I do not know the origin or meaning...

Kohana Lynn Johnson sounds really pretty :)

But, Whatever name you give her... She is going to be beautiful and super loved.

Silvia said...

Where can I get a hello kitty phone case like yours?

Sweet Baby B said...

You are so cute! I love all of your videos and would definitely love to hear all your updates about your pregnancy!!!
Some names I love the name Katira (ka-tear-uh) that's my cousins name and I think it is adorable!! Even though I really like unusual names I love the name Hannah. Also Camryn is a really cute name! Whatever name you choose will be super cute! I can't wait to hear what you decide to name your little cupcake :D

d~dub808 said...

You look absolutely beautiful, Kandee!!!
My daughter's name is Griffyn and she is the most wonderful little girl EVER!!!!!!! Just a suggestion....
Take care and ALOHA!!!!

Heather said...

Personally, I like names that are timeless:
Anna, Grace, Gwen (Gwendolyn or Gwyneth), Audrey, & Eleanor

Other names I like that are a little more "trendy" (but you still have no problem pronouncing them...):
Aubrey, Dahlia, Paige, Markee & Laina

I love your pregnancy videos. You are beautiful! Keep them up!

DK said...


I really like the name Kylie Violet Johnson for your baby. That name just screams happiness and optimism which suits you and your family so much. Violets are also beautiful flower that can fill a room with such joy and happiness. When I hear that name I just picture a little girl with a smile that can change the world and fill with sunshine. Not only is the name beautiful but its also not a very common name...and why should she have common name when her mom is so unique and special. It just suits you so well! Congratulations on your baby and I wish you have a fast and safe delivery. Good Luck!

Laynie said...

Oh, Kandee, you look so gorgeous!! Don't feel bad, really. You look so, so beautiful. I think the love you're feeling for this new baby and your other little ones is so, so clear to see on your face.

Personally, I'd love to see any video you're willing to share. Your videos are filled with so much joy that they really brighten my day and I really just like watching you talk! I know that could totally sound creepy and stalker-like, which isn't the goal... you just seem to really believe the same things I do- that it's better to spread positivity and happiness if at all possible.

So yea- weird food cravings, what pregnancy has done to your hair and skin (interesting makeup/beauty video idea, IMHO), how you're handling the changing sizes of everything... anything you're willing to share would be great!

As for baby names... I have no idea! I'd planned to name my baby Katherine before we learned he was a boy. I also like Abigail a lot, but there are so many good names. It's hard to give a person a name that will last a lifetime before you've even met them!

Good luck, and here's hoping for a completely uneventful, healthy birth! ♥♥♥

kylee k said...

Hey Kandee! You look great! I think we would all watch pregnant videos from you! I really like my name Kylee Kristine, I have always gotten very nice compliments about my name. Kylee Kristine Johnson sounds so cute! :) Also, what is your baby daddy's name? Cause maybe you could somehow combine your guys' names to make a little cupcake name. That's what my husband and I want to do when we have a baby. I also like Preslee, Saylor, Aisley, Paislee. Hope this helps!! XOXO

Kylee Kristine

Valeria Tennyson said...

Loving the pretty belly. Wishing you the best of luck on your delivery.

The Haden's said...

Love your prego vids ! Some names that I love are Camille, Isla, Reese, Grace and Tatum . XOXO - Aubree

Unknown said...

how about courtlynne channing or enslee!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are just adorable. And since you have dubbed your little belly "cupcake" maybe you should name her that. The Spanish word for cupcake is Magdalena. Love and Stuff.

Anonymous said...

Here are my top name picks in no particular order:

Aislinn or Aislynn

You look beautiful - I hope you get a chance to relax over the next few weeks so you are rested when your baby arrives. Best wishes & hugs to you and your kids.

MamaSarah said...

keep posting the prego videos!!! they are so cute! So u mentioned a girls name that sounds like about Mandee :) isnt there a song with the name mandee in it? lol. anyway, happy holidays to u and ur cute little family..

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee! You look so beautiful!!! I want to see more preggy videos, please make more! Also, I think you should name your baby girl CLAUDIA! That is my name and I must say that I love it because it never seems to get common or over-used and it sounds girly! Love you Kandee!!

Girlwithnonoodle said...
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Liz_Who said...

Georgia is a pretty name! Keep doing updates!!

Celly said...

your cute either wayy(: i always watch your videos and try to keep updated with your blog.
andd as for the name, ii really like Sophia andd i saw it was the #1 name in 2010, i guess its a counsidece(however you spell that)that ive always like that name, anyways its up to you.(:
xoxo Araceli(:

Daisha said...

I like the names Joy Ana and Lily Marie or just Joy or Lily. You're beautiful, by the way and I hope that everything goes amazing for you and the rest of your cupcake baking haha :D

Unknown said...

Autumn Emerald (:

nicola said...

hi kandee..... how do not have any stretch marks you lucky lady, when i had my son i was 9 stone 3 by almost 8 months i ballooned to 15 and a half stone and i was covered like a road map lol xxx

i think this is a lovely name for baby........lacee baby sounds sweet with kandee

wishing you love, luck and huge happiness

nikki xx xx xx xx

Lili said...

How about Marilee (meh-ri-lee) or Sarahi (sarah-ee) mine and my sister's name! We <3 you!

Tor Marius Markussen said...

Hi Kandee!!:)

You look absolutely beautiful!
I wish I could look so beautiful when I was pregnant, hehe:)

My beautiful daughter's name is Leona Isabel, so...What about Leona for your little mini-me?;)

Hugs & kisses from Norway <3

CupcakeKiller said...

You've got a belly like a whale and yet you still look amazing! :D

Can't wait until Cupcake time!

I've got a name to throw into the mix, my little cupcake is called Sophy - we didn't like the regular spelling of Sophie - and man she rocks this name, suits her down to the ground!


Alice said...

Hi Kandee, I imagine you can't wait until baby gets here. It must be tough having a 24/7 ride-along! I find it really interesting to hear your updates and I would love to see more. Here are some ideas I had for names:

Alice, Bailey, Sophia, Anastasyia, Laurel, Katerina, Victoria, Stephanie, Veronica

Have you tried just browsing through baby name websites?

Good luck finding a name! I hope you have an easy delivery when it comes :) Yay baby belly!

Diane said...

Hy Kandee, OMG! I can't believe the way you used to look and you were like 31 or so, right? What an amazing body! hope you'll get it back soon!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I so love your videos! You have an amazing personality! So personable. You seem like the type of person who would be easy to be friends with. Congratulations on the video. You are beautiful. The pregnancy has you glowing =) Can't wait to see more videos.

Anonymous said...

Kali is a good name I have always loved my name! Kay-lee.....or Gracie Jade. Xo

Barbs2dF said...

I think you should name her Bárbara hehehe or Catarina :P those are my two first names.

Sarah said...

Kandee--you have such a beautiful spirit!!! So inspiring!!! I definitely needed this feel good video after the lousy day we had today!!! I think you should name your baby Kambria Grace. :)

Shannon said...

Kandee you're so beautiful and you don't look fat at all you have a nice pregnancy glow and look great love to here your updates
much love,

Nina said...

you are a star KANDEE !! hope you like it, it might be only a few seconds now but I am sure you will be way more famous down the road !!

Foxana said...

Oh dear Kandee ! Im so glad that i could see u pregnant ! U're a beautiful pregant ! Here i have some names :
♥ Roxana or Roxanne ( it means : morning spark , shining, brilliant one )
♥ Angelica ...( from angel , i really like it )
♥ Monique ( that's very sophisticated )
♥ Bella ( that's really lovely )
♥ Jazmine or Jaqueline ( by the way i'm not from france ,but they have nice names..:D )
... ♥ Eileen ( the light of the sun )
♥ Shanna ( Small and wise )
♥ Sonya
♥ Carrie
♥ Nancy
♥ Kristen / Kristin
♥ Emma , Amanda
♥ Elle / Ella
♥ Scarlett
♥ Christina
♥ Kathleen / Kim / Heidi

If i found out another names , im gonna write u ! Take care mamasita xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I like the videos!!! do you post pictures from this baby when it's born or not (as your other kids?). I hope you do!!

Anna Maria said...

Hi Kandee,

I like the name Avalon!!


Unknown said...

i think baby's name should be Agyness. love you Kandee <3

lizzie_fitz said...

NO stretch marks!!!! lucky lucky lucky you!

i think a name beginning with E - like Evelyn/in or something. baby evi, cute.

but then, im english - probably more acceptable in england than US? dont know.

aanyyywaaay, your looking awesome :)

sarita said...

you look swell. bless you. name suggestions: czitlalli -seat-la-li or claudia or sarita or charisma. feel better.

charmed-chick said...

what a very neat little bump you have :)

Candice D said...

Kandee, you amazing in EVERY way possible! When I'm down & out, having a bad day, stressed etc... I just watch a few of your videos or read your blogs & I begin to feel better! Your like my own little "mommy time out" :) please post more pregnancy videos, along w/ all the other videos, I just love them all! I have two kids a girl (5) Tallulah, & a boy (17months) Ryker. I think both of their names are beautiful...of course! If I would of had another girl she would have been, Ailey, from Alvin Ailey the wonderful dance company. Can't wait for the next video!

Viva La Kristin said...

You look beautiful Kandee! I don't mind the pretty videos, I think you should do updates if you really want to.

I think Isolde and Angelica (Angel) are really pretty names. You probably heard the story of Tristan and Isolde, it is a really sad and a beautiful story.
Angelica is an herb, it was used as a medical herb back in the day.
I hope you will be able to pick out a beautiful name for your little baby girl. Good luck!

Blonde Mafia said...

Your so beautiful.

I like the names:
Eden, Emmory, and Avery

God Bless

Ty said...

Lol, when I was pregnant, everyone talked about how comfortable maternity jeans were, so when I was too big to fit into my regular jeans, I went and bought a maternity pair....Boy were those people insane! They made me itch and made it even harder to breath and just made me feel sick because they were so tight on my belly. I just wanted to take them off and throw them at the people that claimed they were so comfortable. Haha. Still over a month to go, this part seems to drag on forever huh? Lol, Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

kandeeee name her Chloë just like mine baby girl :D she's now 8 weeks old!!! and i love her soooo much.
and more pregnancy vids please!!!!

Jillylady628 said...

Hey Kandee! Gosh you are gorgeous! What do you put on your skin to prevent stretch marks??
Just wanted you to know that the love of God is so so evident in your life and it is so wonderful to see his joy coming out in your videos! They are so encouraging and uplifting and I LOVE them!
I love the names:
Aundi-Can't find a meaning
Delainey-Angel from heaven
Dalia- Gentle
Evelyn-Lively, pleasant
Patrice-Regal, of noble descent
Good luck choosing a name for your precious one!
God's blessings on you and your family!

Jillylady628 said...

Hey Kandee! Gosh you are gorgeous! What do you put on your skin to prevent stretch marks??
Just wanted you to know that the love of God is so so evident in your life and it is so wonderful to see his joy coming out in your videos! They are so encouraging and uplifting and I LOVE them!
I love the names:
Aundi-Can't find a meaning
Delainey-Angel from heaven
Dalia- Gentle
Evelyn-Lively, pleasant
Patrice-Regal, of noble descent
Good luck choosing a name for your precious one!
God's blessings on you and your family!

The Girls said...

I absolutely love the name Taevia. It sounds like 'tay' 'vee' 'a' So beautiful! Good luck in your search! :)

KendelRenae said...

you should soooooo do preggy vids..... love u kanee!!!!

Unknown said...

My Daughter's name is's from the Final Fantasy VII video game. I just loved it, it's so unique! I looked it up, it means Earth. Variations are Aerith and Eriasu.

Lexy said...

Hi Kandee. I've never left a comment on a video before, but thought I would to day. My Daughters name Is Serena, and we mostly call her Rina. My name is Alexia, but everyone calls me Lexy. I hope this helps some. Merry Christmas!

Lexy said...

Oh! I have also called my Goddaughter Cupcake her whole life so I'm partial to that..I think it's cute when you call your baby tummy Cupcake!

Erin said...

i know you're looking for names, and I know there's A LOT of ideas out there. My daughter's name is Sailey. I always had a hard time picking out the perfect name for my kids and when they 're born it's like you just look at them and it fits! ;) Sailey is pronounced (say-lee) I love it and it totally fits her and haven't heard that name anywhere.But, there's an Idea. and remember Kandee, you're more beautiful and ever and more special than you know! hehe! Sound familiar??

Ktew Inc said...

I think you're the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!
How about the name: Eurydice (air-id-a-cee)
It's greek. I heard it the other day and thought it was really pretty.

Anonymous said...

tatiana, natasha, naomi are beautiful names

lulu said...

Kandee...I am pregs with twin I will give you my girl names... Remy (or Remi) and Quinn ....Beautiful and Cool Names! Just like you! Love, Luann

Anonymous said...


valfactor said...

You should name her azalea (a-ZAYL-yah) or azzy or lea for short i think it is a really pretty name !

Anonymous said...

I love Honor either for a first name or middle name!! <3

Mic said...

How about "Michelle"? Like the beatles' song. Anyhow, Kandee you look so beautiful and shining. I love you!

C.C said...

Is that how you looked after 3 kids? you are awesome!

Hana Tralala said...

OOw Kandee :) love your pragnancy posts..the are so emotional and sweet and honest:)) If i had a baby, it would probably name Rozetta :) it´s so dignified and girly :)

kerryo said...

I love the name Jazz, but that's just me :) I also like Roxie, and my three cousins have unusual names; Saffron, Jazmin and Willow.

I'd love to see more pregnancy videos, they make my heart swell (and worryingly it also makes me slightly broody!) :D

Mayo76 said...
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Mayo76 said...

If I have a daughter someday, she'll be called Candela.

So that's my suggestion to you, the name I would choose for my own daughter.

And of course! Videos of pregnant women.

Love Kandee.

Holly said...

I love watching your pregnancy come along! I am jealous!!

Ada said...

I would like You to make video how you care of yourself (health&body) during the pregnancy. best wishes:)

Unknown said...

I loved it! I think you should definitely post more pregnancy update videos. :) you are GLOWING in your videos. Its wonderful to see you so happy and excited! You're beautiful now and always Kandee! Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see mote videos!

~Cassidy Z.

Anonymous said...

What about the name Noelle?

kandee fam lil sis

Anonymous said...

You're definitely glowing and look amazing!!! I'm sure your baby girl will be so lucky to have such a down to earth and extremely positive mom! Congrats again on your pregnancy!!!

Izabell said...

So sweet!
I wish you good luck with the baby!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee!! Would you please do this Emma Watson look? I think the green eyes and red lip would be great for the holidays. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

i thought i would help you out a little bit so here are baby girl names:
Amber -which means GEM
Kalea- means bright

their just acouple of my fave names

Unknown said...

My favorite girl names are Blair and Anna. The more unique the better. Odessa is another unique name I like.
White christmas wishes to you and your kids.

Unknown said...

Taven is another name I remembered.

Eshe said...

Mira and Kyra are a couple of my favorites.
This is a great place to look at names.
If you go to the social security website they show you the most popular names from last year and many other previous years.

Unknown said...

hey kandee! im was so happy to hear that you're having a girl!
i like the names:
Maiara (my-air-uh)
Sabina (not SabRina)
Hanadie (huh-noddie, which is hawaiian)
i have a lot of ideas:P
congrats to you and your new child!

Marly said...

Hiiii Kandee(:

You should name your baby "Marly" (: haha or spell it differently like Marlie or Marli or Marley orrr Marlee. There are plenty of cool spellings. I don't know how many times people have spelled my name a different way. Only six more weeks!!!

Have an extra special day!

Charismastar said...

My name is Charis~ ch(a)-ris\ is pronounced KARE-iss. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Charis is "grace". womanly beauty, charm, and inspiration. favor, favored by God, Gift CHARISMA: a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader) Synonyms: allure, magnetism, appeal, attractiveness, captivation, charm, duende, enchantment, fascination, force field, glamour (also glamor), magic, magnetism, oomph, pizzazz (or pizazz),
Kandee You are awesome! don't listen to the negative things that people post. You are beautiful and have charisma! I love being able to see what's going on in your life! keep em comin!:)

Charismastar said...

My name is Charis~ ch(a)-ris\ is pronounced KARE-iss. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Charis is "grace". womanly beauty, charm, and inspiration. favor, favored by God, Gift CHARISMA: a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader) Synonyms: allure, magnetism, appeal, attractiveness, captivation, charm, duende, enchantment, fascination, force field, glamour (also glamor), magic, magnetism, oomph, pizzazz (or pizazz),
Kandee You are awesome! don't listen to the negative things that people post. You are beautiful and have charisma! I love being able to see what's going on in your life! keep em comin!:)

Rebecca Chan said...

Names: Lucinda (lucy!), Amanda, Daphne, Ella, Elle.
Congratulations! I love your blogs. Don't listen to those people calling you fat, you are without a doubt the skinniest pregnant woman I've ever seen.

Photographed Memories said...

I think you should name the baby Lilly. :) You can spell it LILLIE if you want a name that ends with an "e" :)

I would love to see more preggo videos! I love babies! I have three of my own. :)

Flavia said...

I don't think your face looks puffy AT ALL! U look as beautiful as always, AND u are carring a little angel inside! =) I would love to see preggy videos, in fact, I would watch any video that u make, because u always have a great energy =)

For girl names, I like Cecily, Phoebe, Prudence, Pennellyn, Anya...please tell us when u pick the name, I am sure it will be a beautiful name, and I dont't think it would be weird to call her Kandee, because in the Gilmore Girls Lorerai did that with Rory(I don't know if u watched gilmore girls, but anyway, mother and daughter had the same name, it was cool!)

Anonymous said...

What will the baby's last name be? That's helpful for suggesting the right names.

hanamai said...

For a name, I wanted to name my daughter Ayame (Ai-ya-meh) Kai, but that didn't happen. We did keep Kai, though! :)

By the by: Ayame means iris, like the flower and Kai means ocean

livemaryle said...

I have an idea for her name, it's nothing creative, but I think It would be cute if her name is Eclaire, like the little sweet thing!

AlliCav said...

So this is like the fourth video that i've watched of you, and i was surprised that you are pregnant

but the big surprise was that your due date is on my birthday! I'm a January 14th kid, and i hope your new baby girl will be too.

Pink Glitter Rock'n Roll said...

more pregnancy videos! :)

hana said...

You look absolutely beautiful!
You have always been one of my greatest inspirations, and following your pregnancy have been a true honor for me. ^_^

I love you Kandee! <3

Sara said...

Lord I wish I had a stomach like yours! I might print the picture out and put it on my wall for inspiration!

Harmony said...

Kandee - if you don't name baby "cupcake" how about "Harmony Hope" feel better u r beautiful inside and out. I'm a single mom, my 15 year old amazing baby is"Landon" great name. bugs and feel better. Allison in Florida

Harmony said...

Ooops "hugs" not "bugs". Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I love your pregnancy video and would definitely watch more. So cute! Hope the rest of it goes smoothly for you!

Anonymous said...

How about.....





Elia (el-ee-ah)




Unknown said...

so EXCITING!!! I hope she's born Jan 14 because that's my birthday too!

I love all your videos, you're beautiful from the inside out and that's so rare to see these days!

keep spreading love and beauty,


Anonymous said...

I personally would love if you posted pregnancy videos. I'm hoping to have a baby soon myself and it would definitely help me out. Not to mention pretty much any video you do i would watch.

As for names. I can tell you my favorites but I'm weird so yeah!

Baby Names: Abigail, Maria, Tara, Isabella, Jennifer, Marisa, Shannon.

Dedde_ said...

I love watching your videos, preggo or not, so please keep it up. You are wonderful, while pregnant AND having a cold. I've got a cold too, and I just got my medicine!! Thank you for being you! /Daria

Beth said...


You look amazing!

My baby name suggestions are:

Lydia (lid-e-a)

Also, I'm sure we'd all love to see more pregnancy videos. Life isn't all about make-up. We follow you for other reasons too. =)


Brittney Erps said...

I LOVE YOUR PREGNANCY VIDEOS! I'm also pregnant and also expecting a little girl:) So it's nice to see what to expect, since it is my first, and I'm halfway there:) Thank you for all of your videos and inspiration!

laura kirwan said...

I love Lauren (as in Lauren Bacall), Poppy and Rose. I am from Ireland and I love Blathnaid also spelt Blanaid -this is an ancient Irish name, it even appears in legend, and means flower. I would pronounce it "Blah"- (there is a kind of lilting sigh to it) "neid". Aoife is wonderful too, it means beauty and joy. I would pronounce it "EEE"-"Feh". There are a few websites about Irish names - one is called www. and it does pronunciations!

Veniceblair said...

You are really beautiful before, now and after.

You look so young and your make up tutorials are really nice.

Nice blog and videos.♥.

Jessica said...

Amara :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I love your "preggy-videos!" I read both your blogs every morning with a cup of tea - haha you're part of my wake-up routine! You are beautiful and glowing with that little tummy munchkin growing inside of you.
I think you should do a "healthy, natural, pregnancy glow" makeup tutorial haha. Good luck picking a name! My little girl's name is Winter Eden.
I pictured the garden of Eden all covered in snow and icicles and thought it was the perfect name for her. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee!! I would love more preggy vids, you are super fabulous :) and as for names, what about CHARLOTTE or ELAYNE :)

Janner said...

hmmm... im thinking a christmas theme names! Try these:


Personally i like Ivy the best!

Harmony said...

Harmony is such sweet name. Have you done any videos about your thoughts on "wrinkle" remover products? Just curious. Hope you are feeling better.

ShayC said...

Name suggestion!

What about "Shay" or "Shalom"?
Shalom means "peace" (safety, security, strength, prosperity, health and the increase of God is the longer version.)

Shay means "gift from God" or "present from God". That's how I got the nickname! It's been a neat blessing. :)

Unknown said...

Ariellah. Like Ariel, but with a "la" at the end! Always thought it was beautiful.

Unknown said...

Oops! Forgot to post the meaning!
Ariellah means "Messenger of God" in Hebrew!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hey Kandee

i really like the name Darylee pronounced Dara-lee meaning dearly beloved

thank you for sharing this video

Anonymous said...

You should name your beautiful baby girl Michele. :) I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that my name is Michele and my birthday is January 14th. :) lol

I think you look beautiful and would be very interested in watching other pregnancy videos!

Unknown said...

HOT MAMA! You're gorgeous before and after!!! You look amazing pregnant!

Beauty and shoes addict said...

You look really amazing and I love your joie de vivre (I'm French) and it's so cool you're waiting for a girl ! I haven't children but I love these name for a girl : Lola, Juliette, Elvire (maybe in english Elvira but I prefer the french way), Grace, Yaël (that's my name and I love my name), Sasha, Chiara and Sarah. I hope it's help you. Bye sweatie

PrettyHateMachine said...

Kandee, you look beautiful no matter what!! I think you should post pregnancy update videos!!! This is such an exciting time and you should share it! I always thought Lily Rose would be a beautiful name for a girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,

I have never commented before, but was really excited to today!!

What about naming her Tiara? :)

All my love <3

carlinai said...

Kandee I think anything you do whether it's pregg vids or make up vids or even update vids...we dont really care as long as its something from you!!! I'm get happy just seeing any video of urs even if i can relate or not!!! That's just how much you rock!!

For girls names:
Bella Emma Carly Chloe Lea
Sophia Summer Addison Aubrey
Quinn Bristol is a favorite of mine but good luck naming your Beautiful baby girl!!!

Unknown said...


-Leta (Lee-ta)

Amy said...

Congrats to you & your family on the impending arrival of your sweet baby girl. :) I enjoy all of your videos; make-up or otherwise. You are truly a joy to watch!

My name suggestions are: Paisly, Piper, Quinne, or Brecklin.

I have 3 boys so I never got to use any girl names! LOL ~hugs~

Ashley G. said...

<3 Isla Noelle Johnson (isla is "eye-luh" isla fisher)

Jericha Blaine Johnson

Spencer Alayne Johnson

Olive Quinn Johnson

Emily Bliss Johnson

Tallyn Brynn Johnson

<3<3<3 London Ellay Johnson (you loved london and so many kind ppl to your preggo-ness, and L.A. the beginning and end of the glaminars, something very special) this name sounds cool and i just made it up right now lol

Anonymous said...


You look amazing!!

Some suggestions, maybe give you some ideas:


Hope you have a great day and that you have great holidays!

Automated said...

Use a family name! Maybe one of your grandmas or great grandma!

tjensen said...

I have heard the name Ava, Arianna. I also think Evie is really cute for a girls name as well. I also think that the name Megan is cute.

You look adorable.

Unknown said...

How about a name like "Mariah"? with various ways to spell it of course =) Myriah, Miriah, Mariah, Mriah,... Mia's a cute name too


Unknown said...

How about a name like "Mariah"? with various ways to spell it of course =) Myriah, Miriah, Mariah, Mriah,... Mia's a cute name too


ChelseaFoglio said...

I absolutely LOVE the preggy vids! keep 'em coming Kand! :D and as for the name, I was thinking something sweet like Chloe or Holly <3 or even , Chelsea ;) haha No matter what you decide, Im sure she'll love it to pieces :D

Love you Kand! :D


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Amanda said...

Cambria! or Tilly.... or something else cute :)
you're great Kandee!!! love your makeup tutorials... im a cosmetology student and i'm obsessed with you!! sorry if thats weird haha... and i love the pregnancy videos!!

Dena Miller said...

I think you are just the cutest!!! Love all your videos...You are definitely someone I would enjoy being friends with! Just do what you do girl...let your heart be your guide. Oh and I could see you with a little girl named Bella. She will be just as beautiful as you, I am sure.
I would love for you to visit me on face book some time @

jewelzmomof4 said...

I have two name ideas for you......Cheyanne and Savhanna. I was going to use one of those names for my kids but.....I had ALL BOYS!!!! Four boys and never got to use my girl names :( oh well I am pretty proud of my boys and they have some great names to LOL.

annette1030 said...

How about the name Alexandra Eve? Always thought that was pretty :)

Sonshine said...

You are such an inspiration. How about the names Hope, Destiny or Faith?

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,

I just love you!! You're too cute :)! How about Brielle, Summer, Quinn, Sawyer, Lacey, Peyton, or Aubrey for baby?

Fricket said...

Karma, Phillipa (Pippa for short), Amberlee, Kamee, Angeline, I'm feeling these names for you. Have a wonderful delivery!!

Unknown said...

Magenta? its my sisters name and i love it, crimson? , savanna, misha,
anastasia, Natasha

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