Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kandee's Food Network: Holy Cupcakes, Batman!

things I love:
and CUPCAKES!!!!

Enter my kitchen o'kandeeness...and learn yourself, how to make my semi-world famous cupcakes...ha ha ha ha..I love them (in dangerous proportions)'s the recipe if you need it again:
Kandee's World's Best Chocolate Cupcakes
Preheat oven to 300 degrees (about 148 celsius)
2 cups FLOUR 2 cups SUGAR
3/4 cup COCOA (you can use Hershey's or Ghirardelli )
2 eggs 1 tsp salt
1cup canola oil
1 CUP boiling water (i boil 1 1/2 cups...evaporation!)
(add boiling water to sugar, to melt all the sugar granules)
I mix all the ingredients at once in the recipe...and it comes out great!)

Kandee's World's Best Cream Cheese Frosting
1 stick of BUTTER
1 1/4 cup POWDERED SUGAR (add slowly or you'll be covered in it!)
1/4 cup of WHIPPING CREAM (add after you've mixed everything)

I am starting the I HEART CUPCAKES FOR EVERY MEAL club, wanna join? ha ha ha ha
Put on your cooking hat....and join my Martha Stewart meets Rachel Ray, meets show! ha ha ha ha
Happy Cupcaking!

PS... I am eating a cupcake right now...for breakfast!


yojessimac said...

I wonder if I could make some vegan hemp cumpcakes using the hempshake mix and vegan cream cheese?! Hmmmm!!! I might have to try this! I was totally expecting little batmans on your cupcakes as the picture loaded, but they still look super cute and yummy!

sarad4 said...

yay! I love cupcakes and I love to bake too, I'm gonna make these one day! :D

Anonymous said...

from makeup tricks to hair dressing to jewelry making to ...clothes cutting AND NOOOOwwwww (DRUMM ROLLS PLS) CUP CAKE BAKINGG.!!!! what elseee do u know and what else are u amazingggg atttt??? more videooooo pls

PrincessKayFay said...

Hehe I just watched the video.. you're so funny ! :) and those cakes look lush xx

Kell said...

speakin of cupcakes!

im doing a giveaway on my blog right now and the prize is a super cute cupcake necklace :) you should check it out, miss cupcake lover!


Shannon said...

i am now trying to think of a good reason to make 24 cupcakes..hmm... maybe just to eat one is reason enough! yum! great video, Kandee! :D thanks!

Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

I love the music that is playing in the background and when you are dancing - can you tell me what it is?

Your kitchen is so nice and clean! Thanks for the fun video and the recipe.

Unknown said...

The video was so cute! I can't wait to try the recipes, thanks a bunch Kandee

Anonymous said...

I will try the "Kandee-Cakes" today and tell you how they came out!

Trina said...

This would be so dangerous for me to make. Especially since hubby prolly wouldn't eat any lol

Anonymous said...

you made a lot of cupcakes... now i wanna make cupcakes! i would probably make a HUGE should do a video on your accessories (rings etc) i was squinting to see what ring you had on your left!

Dilly Dally said...

I Love it! COOKING WITH KANDEE- and you put candy in them! Nice kitchen too!

Jordyn said...

Ummm...yum..I am all over this! I love the new Cooking with Kandee cute.

Just on an aside note: could you possibly do a post/video on maternity style? I know that you have 3 kids and I'd be curious to see what you wore through your pregnancies....thanx:)

Yummy said...

Yummmmmyyy!!! I am going to try this recipe for the weekend! You were my inspiration to start blogging ! Thank you so much

MissKellie said...

I watched this video hours ago and ever since I've been dying to get off work so I can make cupcakes!!! haha! The cravings are killing me! LoL. Im totally baking chocolate cupcakes tonight! mmm..cant wait! :)

Unknown said...

ooo those look so good!! My favorite is Red Velvet w/ cream cheese frosting. Have you ever tried Sprinkles??

Amber said...

Kandee: What can't you do? I loved your cooking show LOL The dance break was my's nice to know I'm not the only one that dances while impatiently waiting!

Love the blog! I think the Glaminars should be in Denver :)


dear internet said...

aww kandee! those look sooo good!
haha, your dancing always makes me smile.
i love watching your videos and reading your blog!
it always makes my day!
love you!

niea999 said...

haha, kitchen break dance was so funky cooking time ! ^x^

thanks for the recipe, I'm french so I know oven cooking but now living in Japan with no oven... I can't cook nooooothiiiing u_U (did I mentioned how BAD I am as cooking ? hmm..)

well, seems delicious, I'll try !.. when I'll come back home, my real home.. my country..haaa *no money girl is dreaming* XD

Violet Sky said...

Love your video. Your so lovely in it and funny <3 I pray you achieve success in every part of life.

<3 Black Dahlia / Sahr ( from Kingdom of Bahrain)


Anonymous said...

I made the "Kandee-cakes" (gave it my own little name) for my girls bible study group and they were the bomb!!!! THANKS! I made 36 and not only did I feed the girls in my small group but they took some home! I had nothing left over - which is good..I wouldn't of been able to avoid that temptation! LOL THANKS KANDEE!

Jocelynne said...

omg those look AMAZING! I loveeee cream cheese icing paired with chocolate cupcakes so I'm going to try this out really soon. x

Jess said...

like this video like LOVE IT!!! :-* do a house tour please!!

Leanne said...

I made these in a mini version with buttercream frosting and they rocked!

Anonymous said...

I've been invited to a 18th birthday party tomorrow night, but I'm so tempted to stay at home and bake these haha.

You should do a video on a typical Kandee lunch! Although your facebook status just said you had a muffin for lunch.

Well if I can get a body like yours by eating muffins I'm not complaining!! Love all your videos, and I appreciate how much time you put into them as there seems to be a new one up everyday!

Keep for the crazyyy work!

Your Facebook friendddddddd
Lucy Fallaize


Anonymous said...

I've been invited to a 18th birthday party tomorrow night, but I'm so tempted to stay at home and bake these haha.

You should do a video on a typical Kandee lunch! Although your facebook status just said you had a muffin for lunch.

Well if I can get a body like yours by eating muffins I'm not complaining!! Love all your videos, and I appreciate how much time you put into them as there seems to be a new one up everyday!

Keep up the crazyyy work!

Your Facebook friendddddddd
Lucy Fallaize


Eva Van D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eva Van D said...

It's amazing!!! evertime I read your blog I see we have more things in common, like the Amelie Movie. I love dancing it is in my vains maybe because my mom dance when I was in her belly! oh and disney well for me desney world was nearer, I was a disney kid and even thogh i am a little bit older i will always be a disney girl!!

Anonymous said...

hey... i made these.. they're amazing! yummy!

Anonymous said...

I JUST made these and they're amazing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frosting. I'm not a big frosting girl either, but this is delicious!

Your videos are always so much fun to watch.

Thanks for the recipe! :)

AdrenalGirl said...

KANDEE!!! hi!!!

I JUST made these cupcakes- they were great! but I think I added a lil too much water:( I forgot to measure out the water like you did but they were still delish!!! My hubby loved them and the icing was to die for! This recipe is def. a keeper!!!

luv steph

Unknown said...

ohh my gosh, i just made these. so GOOOD.

LittleLovely said...

Hey Kandee, I remember in one of your videos you said you eat alot of mexican food. I thought it would be great if you did a video of some mexican food you like to make.

Idaira said...

I'll try this!!! so nice! one...DOS...three... :p we want moreee recipes!

MXDAY said...

OMG- I am making the cupcakes as we speak and my batter looks too runny ?! :(
I dunno what I did!? I followed ALL instructions?! (I THINK!?)

HELP! or i guess we will see how they turn out?!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi, I seen in the video it calls for Veg Oil but when you wrote down what was in it, it didn't call for Veg Oil. Wondering if it calls for it or not?

alnme26 said...

You are just the cutest thing. Have learned a lot watching you. I am now addicted to Kandee.

AnnieJul said...

The recipe is great! but I think you forgot to mention the oil here in the list on your blog ^^

Michelle Ong said...

Hi.. made the cupcukes.. they were good ..thanks!

btw.. Is the cupcake quite soft at the bottom? coz mine is ..not sure did i do it correctly..

elenam said...

im officially addicted to watching your videos. I learn so much, thx 4 your time!!!

Unknown said...

kandee - you are getting better & better every day w/your videos! You are so inspiring, we all love you so much - keep 'em coming and bless your HUGE heart for everything you do! p.s. I would like to see more cooking/baking and your top 10 beauty tips. What do you use for body moisturizer & what kind of exfoliation do you recommend for face/body?

Anonymous said...

I'm about to make those cupcakes now =) They look sooo delicious!!!!!
I looove reading your blogs and you always make my days with your positiveness =)

You've been wearing this cute leopard print jacket and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got it from. I haven't found one that looks like yours yet =(

I hope you'll have a wonderful day =)

Ally E. said...

Hey Kandee. Was baked the cupcakes according to your reciepe, it's a shame you forgot to add oil in the ingredients list on your blog, it's a good thing i remembered you were adding something very icky in the video. Fat repulses me, but I added it anyway, that's what makes it tasty, isn't it? :) Anywho, i just wanted to share the photos here you go, look how you inspire people. You're amazing :* Much love, Alla

April said...

Goodness gracious these are FANTASTIC! I make these all the time and gosh how I can eat the cream cheese frosting by the spoonfuls! I adore you Kandee you are FANTASTIC and soo cheerful!

Tiahna said...

these were good the first time i made them..but then i made them again using the ingredients list from the comment below.and you forgot to add canola oil to it :( but when it has it theyre great :) thanks kandee

Hulukiwi said...

was wondering about the whipping cream in the frosting? she didnt put it in and says it taste good lol

So whipping cream or no whipping cream?

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