Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Funny (Must-Have) "Cat" Bathing Suits For Summer

When I saw these, I thought these are must-have the funniest bathing suits I've ever, almost seen. And surprisingly enough, many of the suits I was going to show you guys, were SOLD OUT. So if you want to the "purrrrrfect" bathing suit this summer, I guess you might wanna buy one of these babies, er kitties, asap!
PS. The suit above is not even being sold anymore either!

#1. The Nice Kitty Swimsuit - maybe you could nickname your suit, Snowball?
But, sadly this ASOS Cat Bathing suit, is SOLD OUT!

#2. The Wild Cat Suit - even Rihanna liked this feisty feline suit!
 And althoug WE ARE HANDSOME doesn't make the "black cat suit" that Rihanna had on....
They do make this WILDCAT SUIT, that sells for $297!

#3 Saving the most ferocious cat for last, Le Tigre, or for those that don't speak Japanese, The Tiger. (j to the just K, kidding, I know that "le tigre" isn't Japanese, it's Canadian....)

Get your Tiger Catnip out with this saucy suit from BLACKMILK.
 And no, it's just not a "rawwwwwr" in the front, scare people coming and going in this baby!

And if you hate cats, well here's an EAGLE BATHING SUIT FROM WE ARE HANDSOME
"stop staring at my eagle eyes"...bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha

Get ready for at cat-tastic or eagle-riffic summer of suits! My thought is, no one will notice any "out-of-shape-ness" if I wore a crazy suit with a wild animal face on it, they'd totally be distracted by the animal face, right?!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you love these or do you think they are crazy?!?

Huge bear hugs or bear bathing suits....

your online BFF, Kandee

Ps. My video for How To Tie A Bandana 2 Ways will be up tomorrow!

If you missed my "10 Things I'm Loving" here it is:


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