Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

At some point in our lives we've felt like giving up on something. Giving up on a relationship, going after our dream, maybe even on life all together. Maybe today as you read this, you are feeling that way right now.

We all now that feeling, even the happiest of happy people, have woken up, only to wish they were still asleep and didn't need to face the day. And I hope that this little bit of words, will speak to your heart and stir up that success story inside you, stir up that champion in you, and stir up the joy that is waiting to help get you through!

John Mason said: "There is a common thread that runs through the lives of exceptional people. They are beaten over the head, knocked down, vilified, and for years get nowhere. But every time they're knocked down, they stand up. You cannot destroy these people."

Life is gonna throw some poop at us, we are going to make bad choices that might  dump a pile of poop on our lap, and maybe keep dumping that poop on us for a while, or we might have people that are not so good for us, throw poop at us!

Now, we can either say, oh life is just poop and I can't take it anymore, or "going after my dream is pointless so I just better settle for this poop life, poop relationship, poop attitude........"

BUT, let me remind you that some of the most beautiful blossoms in the world, grew from a lot of poop (AKA manure) in their soil!

•If you are going through a rough break-up: remember that you smiled and laughed and had fun long before you knew this person and you will smile and laugh again, without them. And sometimes God will pull the weeds from our lives, so that a beautiful flower can grow instead. And sometimes we can't even realize that it was a "weed" until much later! ha ha ha

•If you feel like all your dreams will never happen: remember that every great dreamer felt this way, but kept going! Sometimes it's the problem that we face and find a way around, to do something differently, that actually becomes the very reason for the success!

•If you feel like your finances or job, or lack of a job are getting you down: Sometimes it's been in the very moments of losing a job, that you are able to take a new job, you never would've thought of, or started a new business and it turns into something more successful than you ever thought! Sometimes what looks like a loss, is actually the stepping stone to your greatest success.
I know of a story of a guy who, had his car totaled on the first day of his job, in the parking lot. He didn't even like his new job, but as he spoke with the insurance man about his car and how it was his first day on the job, the insurance man said how nice and friendly he was, and that they were hiring. He ended up getting a job at the insurance company, making more money, all thanks to what looked like a really bad day! We must look for treasures and opportunity blessings all the time. Sometimes they are hiding in the middle of what looks like a BIG problem!

•If you just don't feel like waking up and going on: Know that today, you can choose to make one small step to making a difference in your own life! Go on a walk in the sunshine, listen to your favorite happy song, remind yourself of what you love, like and what makes you happy! You never know if tomorrow or next week might hold the moment that will be the best day of your life so far, waiting with a blessing bigger than you could've ever dreamed!

And know that any success worth having came with a lot of work, and a lot of moments when you are feel like you're too tired to go on, and usually a lot of people telling you how you are no good, and it will never workout. And there is no worthwhile success story that happened overnight. There are many months and years that go unspoken when talking about "overnight success"!

"If you call this an overnight success, than that night needs to be in the records books, for world's longest night of all time!" - anonymous

If you feel like you've reached where the road stops, the "pavement ends"...all that means is, it's time to put on your trail running shoes and blaze a trail where maybe, no one else has gone.

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Refuse to give in to the temptation to quit!
All great champions and successful people refuse to quit. Yes, things may get hard, the road may be bumpy, you may feel like giving up.....but you won't. You won't stop until you're reached the top, and you will have the most awesome, success story to go with it!

You don't have a good success story without  major moments of things looking like they weren't going to work out!

The words:
I CANNOT: have never produces anything
I WILL TRY: Is almost like giving up
I WILL: is going for something with determination, even if small at first
I CAN: is building up the belief and positivity you need to make something great out of your life

What are you going to commit to doing today besides, NOT GIVING UP?

You were born to succeed, don't let the poop of life, people's words, what others are doing, or some hardships stop you! Be like a hurdler, running and jumping over each "hurdle problem", each time getting faster at it, jumping higher, so whatever problem come your way...you say, "no problem, I can do this! And it will make me jump higher, be more creative, grow stronger, develop more character than I had before."

Don't give up. Lace up your trail shoes and get blazing a new trail today...

Huge hugs and cheering you on, your friend Kandee


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