Monday, May 6, 2013

Cindo De Mayo and my sister...

 That is me, my blue eyed little niece, and my bff, AKA my sister, Tiffany. Now people don't think we're twins that our hair color is different....hee heee, well actually they still do.

What were you doing yesterday, on Cinco De Mayo? Well at about 11:30am, this is what we were doing: We were at the Melrose Trading Post, buying these kids sunglasses for Ellie and getting me a new hat.
If you wanted to know what I've got on, this is it:
*BLACK CARDIGAN -which already has some "vintage looking" holes, from FOREVER21.
*HOUNDSTOOTH TANK TOP - again, the F21.
*BELT- it's one of the oldest things I own, I got it at Ross like a billion years ago.
*RED SHOES- Breckell's from PLNDR. I love them and they are reeeedonkulously comfortable. Because you know I'm a sneaker-kind of girl.
JEANS - Boyfriend jeans - 7 For All Mankind Jeans in Josephina (the cutest boyjeans) I refused to buy expensive jeans, until I bought a pair, realized I lived in them and they became worth every penny, because they last forever and they flatter your figure better than the "saggy-pulling-them-up-all-day" cheapo jeans that fall apart.
HEADSCARF- it's just a bandana I have in my giant bandana/scarf drawer!
SILVER NECKLACE- back to the Forever 21 again!
EARRINGS- cross earrings I got at Claire's.

And since we are part Mexican, well , even if we weren't, we got Cinco De Mayo cupcakes. And actually they were just regular cupcakes, but they put the CINCO sticker on all the Sprinkles cupcake boxes yesterday! They should have made a Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor or FLAN flavor cupcake! I've got cupcake ideas for days! ha ha ha
But the best part was getting to see my sister. She makes me laugh so hard I cry. And she shares my love of cupcakes, speed walking (we've been known since high school for walking really fast), and she gives me great advice if I'm not sure if something looks cute that I'm trying on. She's been able to do that for years!

I miss her and wish we were neighbors....and I can't get enough of her babies...and my babies love playing with her babies....just look again at her sunglass-cutie:

I'm off to go work on another project that I can't wait to tell you guys's kinda hilarious and definitely requiring that I make a vlog video about it on my 2nd Channel on Youtube, TheKandeeJohnsonShow!

Huge huge Monday hugs, your friendy-pie, Kandee

And I'm still in awe, humble amazement and "cartwheel-ness" that Simon Cowell said he's a fan of mine! If you missed it, go on and CLICK RIGHT HERE!


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