Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kandee's 30 Minute Wardrobe Challenge

Ok guys, get ready for 9 minutes of me having 30 minutes to make an outfit. This video is not on my KANDEEJOHNSON channel (if you wondering why you didn't see it! ha ha)

*And I'm gonna show you how to:
•jazz up a white t-shirt
(that I also used AndreaChoice's idea for using your phone to trace a cross on shirt as my inspiration, thanks Andrea!)
•dazzle up a denim jacket
•make a hi-lo skirt with a twist

•and how to customize a plain ol' clutch into a bag with a rocker edge!
•I had also custom painted some shoes, that were Becca's favorite, but that went over the 30 minutes to do!
I had 30 minutes, a pile of random fabric and junk and tools to make an outfit, and this is how it went down:

Now if you want to enter to win the big contest where you can win big money and a chance to get featured on Simon Cowell's You Generation Contest you can watch them talking about it and the rules here, and they talk about me too (hee hee hee):

And if you missed it, which you probably didn't, here is my video again (I feel like a proud 5 year old with a fancy drawing I want to show off, that my teacher said I did a great job)...here is me and THE MR. Simon Cowell:

Maybe this will give you guys a little inspiration to dazzle up some un-fancy-fun clothes in your closet...and maybe you'll even want to enter the contest too (all the details, because I don't know them or under the video description when you watch the video on youtune- just click the little youtube icon in the lower right corner)

Huge hugs from your homegirl, Kandee


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