Saturday, February 6, 2010

"You don't even know me!"...

"so why do you judge my life...I always wondered people tried to hurt happiness in their own lives so they act out all their jealousy".....these are some lyrics from the song below....which I love! don't need to live your life any differently because some haters try to bring you down!

all the people right now who are dealing with insecure bullies, pathetic rumor creators, slanderous liars, and people who have nothing going on in their lives that they have ridiculous amounts of time to donate to spreading hate...(you never see these people putting the same kind of energy into something positive, like spending the same amount of time, helping the victims in Haiti, or donating time to hold babies in an orphanage, or reaching out to help starving children...and if they did, these are the kind of people that would boast about it, instead of doing it out of a kind heart...not needing to tell anyone about their "generous" acts.

I'm so tired of people trying to bring other people down...
looking down upon people with their judgemental eyes...
spreading their disgusting hate...
people thinking they know everything...about things they only "think" are true
spitting out cynical...mean words, like they are foaming at the mouth with their filth
creating things they think are true in the minds without knowing the truth...
making people feel horrible
and being ignorant to the fact that you are rendering yourself foolish if the only thing you read is the newspaper...and you think they publish what the truth is. It's been long known that the newspaper can place and edit things to make it sound however they want...if it doesn't sound interesting...than it's not they splice and dice things to sound catchy. You can't take a few grains of sand....and say it's a beach! And that's what the newspapers do, they take a few pieces of information, add some "interest" and "drama", and SHA-ZAM.... a matter that was almost of no has become front page news!

I'm so sick and tired of people filled with anger and much that they spill it everywhere...I bet these people had the saddest, most pathetic lives. These are the same people that if someone wears something different, they have to make a comment. Why? Because they are so afraid of being different...they are followers, and that's why they don't like different things. They aren't secure enough to be different, to think differently, to think openly, and they have no clue how to not be judgemental. I feel bad for these people. They will always be miserable, and misery loves they will always have other sad and pathetic people who will commiserate with them...and create little cesspools of their sickness.

We have no time to live in the swamps of misery and disgust, lies and's time to walk far away from the swamps of these people. Let them rot in their own disgust.

And we shall go on victoriously, living the wonderful lives we know we have, that God gave us. And He says to not listen to the lies that fools tell us. So it's time to tune them out, out our headphones of truth and happiness on, and ignore these fools.

I love this song right's an anthem for anyone who is being judged, talked about, or just plain bothered by others who have no clue.

huge love today...may you walk proudly knowing you are wonderful, loved, and cherished.....I love you and God loves you, more than you were wonderfully made...and don't let anyone tell you different! xoxo kandee


Anonymous said...

Great song.

BelleBeautylish said...

Hey hun!
Well said I agree with you. I hope your ok and having a better day today xx

jesusfreak413 said...

remember, satan is the father of all lies and believing them is giving in to him and letting the devil have power over you. you're so strong kandee! xoxo

californialove3 said...

i know what u mean kandee. theres 2 guys that work with me that are so diferent from everyone else. i think they are totally cool people but i was having a conversation with them one day and they were appologizing for being'weird'. I told them not to appologize and i didnt think they were weird. just because theyre not plain and boring and gossiping about everyone behind their back, that doesnt make them weird.

anyway.. sorry for such a long comment but im sick of it too!

anni said...

☆ Dearest Kandee ☆

"Kill them with kindness"

My head explodes if I think too much of the ridiculous-ness this world has =P hehe!!! XD

Love You, You LOVING SPIRIT <3


Kandy said...

You're logic is awesome Kandee!!!

Shelby Renae said...

I agree completely, Kandee. It's truly saddening that people feel the need to spread hate and rumors because they have no excitement in their own lives. But that will never stop us. Love always conquers all. <3

Your strong spirit has always been an inspiration to me, Kandee. Never, ever stop fighting! Much love to you from Montana. <3

Anonymous said...


I generally do not leave comments on blogs (no matter how much I frequent them). However, because I like your blog and relate to your energy, I just wanted to share something I've only recently learned.

If people "hate" you, then it only means that you are doing something RIGHT.

I use the quotations for hate because these negative people do not have any justification to use such a strong term for someone they have never even met. If anything, they hate themselves. Jealousy is a natural human emotion and the best way to deal with it is to accept it. Do not tire of it, Kandee. Acknowledge it and grow it from it.

In the event that you actually see this comment, I hope it helps. Keep doing you and I wish you the best in current your situation.


Unknown said...

Hi Kandee :) I want to thank u because u inspired me so much...I´m watching ur videos every day...I think u are such a nice and I wish u all the best! P.S.: Sorry for my english but I´m from Slovakia :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this! I'm going through something with my SIL. And this post put things into perspective for me! Love you Kandee!

Sparkleseester said...

very well said Kandee, bravo!

Sid said...

you are lovely and kind person and i am agree with jesusfreak413 !!

great song though!

Love YOu!

Pearl said...

You are better than all the sad haters out there that have nothing better to do with their time than stalk you and post stupid comments.

Karma will deal with them.

Makeup Mama said...

ahahah, I remember this song! I used to love it and blast it from my car when I was younger cuz the lyrics meant a lot to me then. Like they mean to you now...lots of hugs and hope everyone wakes up and sees in you what we see!

Chelsea said...

I'm sorry about all the stupid idiots that are saying horrible stuff to you. I think you're amazing! I can't wait to see more videos!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,

What a great post and I totally agree with you! I also love the song thank you for sharing. Your are a wonderful lady do not let the haters get you down.

lucyfarinelli said...

you make me feel ashamed of myself sometimes, because of all the ridiculous problems i have and still sometimes i can't put my head up high and say: well, hell with it, i'm moving on; i do quite the opposite, i just sink every time a little bit more... and then i read you blogs and watch your videos and can't believe how much will, strength, love and kindness lays in you; i believe it hurts to hear people talk negative about you, but helden's lyrics said it all :))
you just stay as beautiful as you are...
lots of love

Unknown said...

seriously, kandee, please focus more of your energy on the outpouring of affection consistently coming your way. everyone loves you as far as i can tell. <3 the more you focus on the negativity the more you'll feel the negativity.


Romantyczny Dom said...

Sweet-Kandee-Girl always be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Don't worry about what others are saying, follow your heart and do what you feel is the best for you and your children.

Holding on to Me said...

I think you are wonderful. and i also think that you should hire an assistant or nominate a family member or friend to go through your comments and filter them for you. You don't need to read that crap. You can get 100 super nice comments and 1 negative comment to ruin your day. That's all it takes. And to just say ignore them is so easy to say but not so easy to so. Heck- I'll go through your comments for you and only give the ones you need to hear! I think you're beautiful and I need more make up tips and videos. So don't get discouraged!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% and believe that you just have to feel comfort in knowing that whatever you do, you do for you and are being true to yourself and no one else. Stay strong, K.

Unknown said...

Hi sweety! Totally agree with you. Better days are coming, I am sure!

Giedre said...

Hey, Kandee.
I found one perfect quote few days ago. I hope it will bring to you hope, joy and the most beautiful Kandee smile on your face!
Now look what I have for ya:

When everything seems to go wrong, just push.
When the job gets you down, just push.
When the people don't react the way you think they should, push!
When your money looks funny and the bills are due, just push.
When you want to tell them off for whatever the reason, just push.
When you ask the question, when is my ship coming in? Just push.
When people just don't understand you, just push.
Let me tell you what push stands for...

I had sooo many problems in my life, even though I'm 18 years old. I've been in the institutions, where my mama was blamed, she is not looking after me and my sister, which wasn't the truth. Believe me,
last summer there was a conflict between me and some members of my relatives. I was crying for days, my grandmother was trying her best to take me out of the house.. I guess to see the sun, we went to the shop, I just wanted to cover my face with something because I thought everyone hates me. When I came back to Ireland (I'm originally from Lithuania), I thought I'll go back to my own country for a week or so, to go to psychologist.
Actually, I'm learning from you, how to be as strong as a stone is..

Now, give me your hand and we'll fry over your problems together, like the two strongest eagles in this Planet Earth..

Keep moving, my DIAMOND girl!
I'm ALWAYS beside and with you. Remember..

Yours Giedre. (gianthug)

Giedre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TK said...

I say! I love your metaphors!
Anywho, haters are lameeee!
Just keep doing what you do, and haters will be left behind, sulking about how their life sucks, and only saying harsh things to amazing people.
Face it, if you were some boring old chum, no one would like you. From a hater's point of view, they proably think "Man, my life sucks. I'll go pick on someone I don't know to make myself feel better and less crappy."

Stay Positive! :))

Ava Marie said...

you're always going to have the haters and the people who think their way of doing things is the "right" way.. But there's this quote that says "Life is too short to wake up with regrets.. So love the people who treat you right.. Forgive those who don't.. And beleive everything happens for a reason.. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it! Nobody ever said it would be east.. They just said it would be worth it." there are slot of people that read your blogs and follow you on YouTube who don't know you but LOVE you so forget the haters :)

kenan said...

You are so full of love ... And like so many other, I love you Kandee. Keep on going !

Unknown said...

well said Kandee! I really agree with you! But don't give any attention to this kind of personn... They are probably jealous of you.. cause you are so so beautiful, you are so nice, you have a beautiful career and them? Who are they, what did they do in their life to say something about yours? Nothing, that's just badness.
I hope that you had a better day today!
Just think about all the people that support you, et that love you so much!

love you <3

Ps:please forgive my english, i'm french!

clarity0207 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CosmoFreakaLeak said...

kandee!! dont sweat the small stuff! there is always going to be people like that in the matter where you go. and you know what i think? screw them! if you are truly good within your heart then don't give people like that a second thought. and remember haters make u famous! lol

CosmoFreakaLeak said...

and p.s. kandee doesn't have to give an explanation to ANYONE about her actions! four words! NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Little J said...

OMG they always play this song at my work and we all dance lol!!!!great song!
<3 u

heather said...

Amen Kandee... It so upsetting that there is so much hate in this world.. The world would be such a nicer place if there were more Kandee's out there..

Heidi said...

Hey Kandee, I got my public blog up and running! I'd feel so awesome if you wanted to take a looksie!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!

coco said...

Hi Kandee,

I completely agree with you about the mean unhappy people out there. So many of these haters waste their time being mean instead of using that time to help others in need. They need to get a life and leave you alone! I missed being able to blog during this chaotic time. I'm happy that you do not need to waste your time with these people or even addressing them.

Daisee said...

I'm Sorry Kandee.

You're a great inspiration with how strong you're being during a time of testing.

You have people who love you and no matter what the pathetic haters on the internet say, you're still a celebrity make up artist, who works hard and loves her kids.

I mean one blogger I saw spends all her time hating on popular YouTubers while you spend all your time being happy, spreading love, and working hard.

You're an amazing person Kandee, keep strong.

"I LOVE You fervently and devotedly, O Lord,my
Strength. The Lord is my Rock,my Fortress, and my Deliverer;my God,my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge,my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation,my High Tower."
— Psalm 18:1-2 

Courtney said...

Kandee, you're awesome... and not alone. Those people are the ones who fan my flame to keep going, to be someone, to live my dreams and have purpose in my life. In the end, I want to be no where close to them in life. You already are so far away. Keep climbing sugar!!!

Unknown said...

Well said Kandee,

You do not have to justify anything. The bottom line is that is really is no one else's business and you do not even have to respond on your blog about your personal life and situation.

You are an inspiration to so many and have graciously shared your talent and are willing to teach others. I would like to think that this is what this blog was originally intended for.

Take care, be strong and recognize you are a good mother.

warmest regards,


. said...

kandee you are such a strong & inspiring woman! we are all rooting for you! i hope the thing you had in court went well...& everything you said was true! insecure people only make other innocent people feel insecure because that's how they let off all their sadness! instead of making something better of it, then try to make others feel worse...PRETTY PATHETIC huh??? well i love ya kandee! don't let anyone get in the way of what you love doing! keep the videos commin' on YOUTUBE! we love you!!! i hope all our loves & including god's love can overpower those hateful MEANINGFUl words!!!! & once again WE LOVE YOU!!! ♥

NiteSkyGirl said...

These are the words i use when people's opinions of me come around:

They will not win !! they did not win today!!

monavampire said...

always I read this blog thinking "Her words are so good to all of THESE people who really have got problems". So I read it now and think ... Gosh, I feel the same today (shame on person who hurts me and my fiance) and I think I'm stronger. Ok, someone hate me because of nothing - I understand. Maybe our enemies would like themselves!

keep warm!

chantal said...

I agree with sugarpixie

laura la` rose said...

Dearest Kandee...Don't let them put you down! You know that they mean nothing and that there it's just a matter of time until things will come back to normal.
And remember you'll always have a lot of people to support and to love you for what you are no matter what.
Lots of love and hugs from Romania...
xoxo sweetheart!

Unknown said...

it's easy to let 'haters' rot in their own hate, but shouldn't we show them love in return, for they are the ones who need it most of all.
Love ya Kandee!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and agree with you completely. I get judged and hated all the time. I work in cosmetics and even get it from work colleagues who say they are friends. Keep loving as God made you who you are and your gorgeous inside and out x

AmyCarriereDesign said...

Oh sweetie, hang in there! XOXO

Unknown said...

If there is something I've learned in my life: these people, trying to bring you down, are full of problems, don't have any self-confidence and they have to talk bad about other people, because they don't stand any self-reflexion, they don't stand to grapple with their own life. It's much easier to look to other people than on ones own.
So Kandee, you can be proud of yourself, because you don't have be in need of talking bad or hating. You know who you are and that youcan manage your life.
I know it's not easy, but don't pay attention to them, they really don't deserve it.

Feel hugged!

Diane said...

Hey! Thanks for the inspirational words of today!

Have a super fun day!


blogger said...

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S said...

aaawww Kandee i love you!!
stay strong and brave and keep holding your head up high and fighting

...just watched your vid and i know you said to leave requests on youtube but i really hate to over there if you dont miiiiiinddd... could you pls do the angelina jolie look from wanted and also something with bronzes and golds??
ooooh and also maybe something ultimate for clubbing?? like intense slightly rocker black/w any color you like..?

thanks so much!!
i know its hard for you right now
but keep smiling and fighting

sending you huge hugs and kisses and love and support (wish we knew each other properly so i could be there to help you with everything and whatever you needed/wanted)

Katia Mitchell said...

omg! You shound EXACTLY like me! I say the same thing about how people just walk around FESTERING in their own misery! and i hate it because they then try to bring the people around them down. It's SO irritating! BUT at the same time watching them I know how I DONT want to be. The best part is killing those kinds of people with kindness. That's all you really can do. :)

Love you Kandee! Wish I lived close to you and could hang out with you on a daily basis. You're the kind of person I need for a friend. :)

Anonymous said...


I've only recently discovered your blogs and videos and you have really been such an inspiration to me! Your messages and tutorials have really been wonderful for my self confidence!

On the theme of music that seems appropriate in this time, I think you should listen to He Still Loves Me by Beyonce, from the movie,The Fighting Temptations.

Chin up, keep the faith! There are more people who love you than people who are mean and rude!


tryingtobuyincalifornia said...

Well said. I know exactly what you're talking about. This happens to me often...preach on...

Katie Hayward said...

Great post ... well said :)

Lots of love,

Iulia Gabriella said...

" It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them---the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas."

Anonymous said...

Kandee, I agree with you about the haters and liars, but you are just giving them power when you constantly talk/blog about it and let it get you down. You can't let every insignificant person with a rude comment, rumor, and made-up lies bring you down. You are giving them exactly what they want by letting it affect you and talking about it. As long as you keep talking about it, you are going to keep attracting it. You have to let it go and just focus on yourself. By putting it all out there on the internet, you are just encouraging them to keep it up. You can't give nay-sayers, negative people, liars, and evil people any attention. Until you realize that, you are just going to continue feeling like a victim. Good luck and stay strong.

Lora Garcia said...

I hope you are doing better Kandee, everyone tells you not to get down, but try to remember that when someone points the finger at you there are four more pointing right back at them!


NancyJ said...

Dear Kandee, Let me first tell you what an incredible person I think you are. Your videos are addicting and your tutorials and tips are priceless, especially for a stay at home Mom like me with three kids. Money is tight and in this current age of corporate greed and money hungry ladder climbers, it is so unbelievably refreshing to see someone like yourself in the public light. You are an obvious beauty on the outside but what is so striking is how beautiful you are on the inside. You give so much of yourself and ask for nothing in return. It's hard to imagine anyone out there who would want to hurt you with their poisonous words and opinions and I think your blog is correct about these type of people having nothing better to do than take their miserable lives out on other people. My only hope for you Kandee is that you have the strength and confidence to let this crap roll right past you. I know it can be hard sometimes, especially on those days when you may be particularly down but concentrate on all the good you've done with your life. You've made a big difference in MY life and we've never even met. At 47 I'm in the best shape of my life but it's hard work and most days nothing makes me feel pretty, nothing that is, except you and your videos. I went out this past Saturday night for the first time in ages and absolutely could not believe how great my eye make-up looked. My cheeks and highlights too! YOU helped this to happen and you don't even know me!! That makes you a pretty giving person in my opinion and I'm grateful to have found you. And try to always remember what Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "No one can intimidate you with your permission". Be well pretty lady.

Aliona said...

Hello Kandee!

You are so nice and good person.Please dont be sad as it makes hater be stronger.
As one person told me:what not kill us just makes us stronger''
You are strong and we with You
Wish you more hapiness and love around You!
Best wishes from ireland

Giedre said...

The ones, who are saying the rude comments to you.. just put a fat stop just before their words reach your heart. That's it! I told you.

They don't even know you. Never ever let yourself to be in a bad mood, cause you are a DIAMOND in my care case! Heard me?

Yours Giedre. (gianthug)

Unknown said...

very true... very true indeed...

Feel better.

Thank you Kandee, thank you very much.

Hugs and love
Angel Ramirez

sarad4 said...

Thank you Kandee! You don't know how nice it is for someone to understand you completely!

jort7510 said...

WOW you just have no idea how that blog fits into my life right at this moment...I have been sitting here since I got up just frustrated at God and the world because of like you said miserable people. They tried to bring me down and even had me in there clutches but after reading this no more no I can not allow them to bring my life down to them...I will be happy and stand tall and be who I wanna be colorful and all!!!

Blue Diamond said...

love your tuts.
keep 'em coming!!

luckeeNo7 said...


chow bella said...

I think focusing on positivity is more powerful that focusing on negativity. Focus on how much the people in your life love you and ignore the people who say cruel things. If you direct your attention to love, it will take a higher precedence in your life and you will attract love, not hate.

Read the book The Secret and you will understand what I am talking about.

RXQUEEN. said...

wow, thanks a lot. That was such a boost, I just had to quote that. =) you're great.

Unknown said...

love your words and your courage:)

EV0NNE said...

Kandee Johnson.?
who is she?
i was asking my self this question thirty minutes ago and by one post i came upon I am now in tears.!
You have touched me so much with this post I mean this post relates to me in so many ways, I have allowed alot of people take advantage of me and bring me down..!! but after this post i have read i for once feel strong enough to stand up for myself agianst the other girls at school.! and this cruel world. well it's not the world thats cruel but the people in it.I really relate to your post Im a 15 years old and before reading this post i was ready to give up on life because of the cruel acts and things that have happened to me.! the only thing I can say is thank yoou (= I know I might sound silly but hey i have had a hard time.! people have made my teenage years HELL.!! I use to be a happy girl who always had a smile on her face who was fearless and would talk to anyone, but the people who would kill to see me fall suceeded. I have became something Im not i have let people put me down to much. I dont know what happened top the 'fearless'/happy girl i would wake up to every moring to.? I wish i could still go back to those days.! The days were we didnt have to worry about anything but scratched up knees and boys who were yuckie.!! I have tried so hard to be strong but I feel that i have no more strength people bullying me letting me down not being able to have anyone to talk to anyone or TRUST my own friends they only thing i am able to do is hold everything in, Its painful but with this post you have posted I think you changed my attitude towards life.If being strong is the only thing i can do until I see the sunshine thats what Im going to do.! I wish to write to you more .


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