Friday, October 29, 2010

20's Flapper Vamp Make-Up

Get ready to come on a 20's adventure with me! (here's my in classes B&W flapper style)
and in color:
The 20's girls,  kicked and Charleston-ed their way to whacking their previously long, "crowning glory hair" of the Gibson Girl era and proudly applying make-up in public (how dare they!?!) with their engraved and ornate compacts. Collectors still search for the makeup compacts of the 20's!

The 20's Introduces the Bobbed Haircut & the invention of the Bobbie Pin!
Goodbye to the big hair of the Gibson Girl! Hair and hemlines were being raised to new heights!
Coco Chanel, Clara Bow and Louise Brooks...set worldwide trends in the century's most drastic hairstyle yet! The BOB~ a shorty, short cut, that was cut level with the bottom of the ears!
Men even divorced their wives over the bob haircut, one department store fined female employees for having a bob haircut, and F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a story in the Saturday Evening Post called, "Bernice Bobs Her Hair", telling of a sweet but dull, girl who changes her life by taking a trip to the barber to get a bob, and transforms into a smooth-talking vamp, that became a role model for many a young, soon-to-be-bobbed-vamp!
Girls were running to barbershops for their short hair liberation,  before they had a chance to think if
they'd regret it...their necks were feeling breezes they hadn't felt in years!  Hair was falling like crazy in barbershops across the country. Some barbershops reported cutting up to 2,000 bobs per day!
And as the motto always goes..."It's hair! It grows back!"
(Both my grandma and great grandma had the trendy bobs as little girls!)
1923 introduces a new twist on the bob ~
the hair was tapered into a V-shape at the nape of the neck
(A very art-deco and designer neck design!)
I have to say, this picture, kinda makes me want to go to my local barber and ask for a shingles bob!)
The Bobbie Pin or Bobby Pin, gained worldwide popularity as the 20's bob, made use of this little hair-wonder, to keep everyone's bob's into perfect shape!

1927 introduces the ETON CUT
Josephine Baker was known for her Eton Cut~
a slicked back and greased down cut, where curls were "glued" down in front of each ear. Brylcreem was used to slick down these looks into a glossy, "you ain't going anywhere" shape!

Finger waving became popular at the end of the 20's to soften the "harder, more masculine" look that the bob had. Mostly the 30's was when the Finger Wave really took off!
I love finger waves! It was one of my most favorite things to learn in beauty school!
It is the ultimate in hair sculpture!

20's MAKE-UP
Max Factor was the king of, even inventing the name makeup, based on the good ol' verb,
"to make up"!
Coco Chanel fell asleep in the sun, and set a new trend for "less-pale" "more tanned" skin, which became the 20's trend. Cosmetic companies like Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, and Helena Rubenstein 
started selling face make up in various colors to match these new "not-so-pale" skin tones.
Theda Bara was an actress who wore the darkest eyes!
Eye makeup was just as bold as these liberated women! Dark eyes made a statement as dramatic as their freshly shorn locks!
Eyeliner was a mixture of lead, soot and goose grease (yes, melted fat from geese!)... Egyptian inspiration was popular in the 20's, and thus the heavily darkened eye was king! Eyeshadow was all the rage in dark greys, blacks, and greens and even shades of turquoise!

Mascara was a wax, that was melted and applied heavily and clumpy to the lashes.

(Clara Bow was a 20's makeup and hair icon!)
Eyebrows were needle thin.  As women experimented and took their eyebrow shapes to new levels of thin-ness..this led to all the eyebrow pencils and eyebrow shaping devices that we still use today!
A Rouge is a Rouge
Cheek pinching would no longer due as a way to add color to the cheeks! Blush was as out as the Gibson hair do....Rouge was "the bees knees" (a popular 20's flapper saying!)...
The first layer of rouge would have been a liquid or cream, followed by a second layer of powder rouge to set the look. Rouge was not blended at all, and was applied in a doll-like fashion in circular motion on the cheekies!
Berry colored rouge was the rage, and in the later half of the 20's orange rouge made an appearance on the apples' of many flapper girls cheeks!
Clara Bow shows of the "Cupid's Bow" mouth shape
Actress Evelyn Brent shows off her Cupid's Bow Lips too.
Lips were thin on the sides and shaped in a pursed, doll-like, puckering shape.
Deep ox-blood colored lips were a must.
To sound like a real flapper, here's some essential flapper talk: (these are hilarious- I'm gonna start using these terms again!)
the bees knees- "that dress is the bee's knees!"
the cat's meow- "Jimmy's great, he's the cat's meow!"
the cat's pajamas- "i liked it, it was th cat's pajamas!"
other words for "good":
berries, copacetic, ducky, hep (wise), hotsy-totsy (Hotsy-Totsy is one of my favs!), It, jake, kippy, nifty, ritzy, spiffy, swanky, swell

THEN-if you weren't so keen on something you'd say something like this:
A boring person- "a flat tire"..."man, that Jimmy is a flat tire!"
words for "bad":
Applesauce, baloney, banana oil, bunk, hokum, hooey, horse feathers, lousy. 
 (flappers would smile pouty, mysterious smiles)

other funny 20's Flapper Speak:
a fire alarm = a divorced woman (I must be a loud fire alarm then! ha ha ha)
engagement ring = handcuff ("check out the handcuff on her?)
a tomato = a good looking girl with no brains
money = sugar (Man, I'm gonna need a lot more sugar to buy that knew dress)
feet = dogs ("my dogs are barking" = my feet hurt)
nose =  smeller ("look at the smeller on that fella')
mouth = kisser ("lay one on me, right in the kisser" = give me a kiss right on the mouth)
legs = gams or stilts ("check out the gams on her!")

Here's where I got all my flapper-props:
my FLAPPER BOB wig here:
my "faker-ette" ~ fake cigarettes :
fake cigarette holder:
Feather Boa:

Now that you've been educated on all the FLAPPER ways and style....get ready to come with me
and see how to do some swell flapper makeup!

huge love, you swell you! from kandee...xoxo


HI said...

I love this! I remember doing a 1920s project in my fashion design class back in highschool! Superb! :)

sauvageblue said...

Love it!!!!!

Buzybugs said...

It look AWESOME, I LOVE all the information you gave us as well, you do such a wonderful job- Thanks again for sharing your AMAZING talent..

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite Halloween look you've ever done, and I also love all the research you put into these looks recently. Amazing, dahling!

Pamela said...

I am thrilled that you did flapper cause that is what I am going to be for Halloween! :)

Eryn said...

I love that you went so above and beyond in this post with all the history and lingo. Very impressive and super interesting to learn! :) <3

Unknown said...

I remember my class doing a project on the women 20's, they were so interesting fashion wise. They never looked so pretty now!

Cat said...

Thank you ! It is soo interesting to learn from ur search and videos thx a lot !!

TexasBirdGirl said...

Thank you. Kind of my everyday look, but much improved.Thank you again!

:) said...

Thank You so much for posting all of this great information!

@lßis said...

Interesting subject!!! I really dont know about it, thanks to share it with us, love it! apapachos!! (warm hugs)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love your videos. :]
All the 20's info was just spiffy as well. Haha, I actually use a bunch of those words...

Your flapper voice totally reminded me of Harley Quinn from the animated Batman series! =O

Mindy J. L. said...

PLEASE do a hair tutorial on the finger waves! They look sooo cool!

Oh, and I never found the video for the Jasmine from Aladdin hair tutorial! =[

Anonymous said...

I loved the little trick for fixing messed up lipliner! This is an awesome look.

Angie said...

I wish I could go back in time to the 20s! I love the style and the slang. I'm going out as a flapper tomorrow night!


KitKatMakeup said...

i remember learning fingerwaves, it was my favorite thing to learn too!:]

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee!
I love watching your videos! You are so much inspireing to me! But i can´t watch this video. :( YouTube tells me: "Video not available in your country" *hmpf

Can you fix it? Lot´s of Love to you & your family, your babies & your cupcake! :*

Rea from Germany

BigGrlLuvzYa said...

This tutorial is the bee's

Stephanie said...

LOL one of my favorite things to say ever is "the cat's pajamas"...I had no idea it was originated from the flapper times!! Well that's just the cats pajamas!! lolol <3

*elle* said...

Can´t watch it too :(
Some hours ago it was still working :-(
Too bad I was really looking forward to it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! Thats awesome! Love this style!
Can you make a video about How to make finger waves hair style?
Can't find any specialist who can do it :(
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great look Kandee! I don't know if it would be all that flattering on me, but it looks lovely on you!

On a side note, I nominated you for a blogger award!


Cassandra said...

*sniff* Can't see the video, cause it's unavailable in my country,....

And it looks so amazing!!!

Chyanne said...

I can only imagine how cute you make your kids look on Halloween :) They probably have the best costumes in the neighborhood! I love this look, but all my friends and I are using your different Disney Princesses looks and are going as Cinderella, Snow White, and Pocahontas!

Kandee Johnson said...

thanks girls! You're all the bee's knees! this post and video was one of my favorite's to do!
I don't know why youtube won't let these be played, there must be something funny with German Youtube, I will try to fix it! xoxo, your swell kandee

Elina said...

can you please do a vampire look?

Jade Love said...

I love booby hairstyle!
I saw Mila Yovovich in Resident Evil: Afterlife and I really want her hair style!!!

You look great in your video!!

shimmerglow said...

i love that you create amazing tutorials but also give history on what you are doing and why. nicely done as usual. best tutorials on youtube.

Charlott said...

Happy Halloween!
I am Cat Woman today!

Sheri said...

Gorgeous! History and glamor all at once. Thank you. I learned a lot.

Lynda said...

Love it, thoroughly Modern Millie...great book, by the way!

lexiee said...

Hey Kandee :]
Could you please show us how to do the finger waves? I've always loved the look but never knew how to do it!!

leelee05 said...

Hey Kandee!! Could you do a Greek Goddess look? I'm sure you've got a lot to do and already have other makeup looks planned, but I would love to see what you can come up with! xoxo

homemaderecipes said...

thank you so much for creating this blog Kandee. this is your best look yet. i LOVE it!

thank you for your attention to detail and care with your posts. they are just brilliant.

thank you for being you and sharing yourself with u:) it's truly appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the language of the 20's part, i'm so in languages and this new something is incredible!!! i love the way you study everything about the look before creating add a so called authentic spirit to ur videous!
it's amazing, you're cat's pajamas!! <3

Unknown said...

aww why isnt this video available in Germany?? I wanted to see it so much :(( I looked on YT and it showed as unavailable so I came here hoping it would work but it doesnt :(((

Raquel Viola said...

Love love LOVE the look! You did it so well! I would LOVE to learn how to do finger waves! Pretty PLEASE?!!!

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

I like it a lot Kandee. great job. The shadow threw me off because it looks so good yet so messy kind of. Its not "Perfect" and thats what i love about it. Oh my gosh your little one laughing in the back ground was so cute!

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your look and how fun you are! Thanks for bringing me up when I am down.

P.S. My son loves you too! (He's five!)

danielle said...

oh kandee!! you are just too awesome. :) i've been wanting a short little bob just like your wig forever now but never had the guts... but i saw this post and it was so inspiring that i went out and cut it that same day! and you know what? i love it! i feel beautiful and my confidence in myself is through the roof. i get compliments all the time now and i owe it to you! :) thanks kandee!

tinyjunco said...

huh. i had no idea those out of date 102's terms were.....such a flat tire.

i always thought they were the bee's knees! have a copasetic day, you hep cats! steph

Binna said...

Absolutelly marvellous, thank you!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

i love your videos. i would love to learn more ideas on becoming a makeup artist.

decolass said...

What a wonderful page. I adore the flapper slang words. So descriptive. I had a shingled bob once, it is tempting now the hot weather is arriving here in Australia. You might like my 1920s pages on There's pages on fashion, automobiles and 1920s makeup -

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