Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where to get my FEATHER EARRING!

Since I bought my first feather earring almost a year ago at the Melrose Trading Post ( a vintage a treasure hunting place that sets up on the weekends in Hollywood on Melrose and Fairfax)....I've been in love with it!

The one above is the one I got a year ago....he's gotten kinda beat up....on and off in airports to go through security, he's even gotten wet....
so when I went to the Melrose Trading Post last sunday.....I was hoping Cardi would be there selling more!
Cardi and Me at the Melrose Trading Post when I bought my first earring!

The reason I LOVE Cardi's feather earrings is:
*each one is one-of-a-kind, they are like snowflakes or fingerprints...you'll never see the same one again!
*her feather earrings are unlike ANY other feather earrings I've ever seen!
*Cardi uses feathers from birds that have "molted" or their feathers have fallen out....that's why each one is different, rare, and unique
*her style is just cool...her earrings are rad...they are like pieces of art, the findings she uses, the colored beads and leather wrap.... they are just amazing!

And I love supporting her, she's a mama....and hopes to turn this into a blossoming business....go mama-girl-creative-power! Support Cardi and get yourself the coolest earring around!
 this is the new one I got!!! I love it!!! she also started doing feathers like this to clip into your hair! She was sold out of them when I got there!

SO HERE'S HOW TO GET YOUR OWN FEATHER EARRING: (any earring you get from her will be amazing!)


or you can email: salvagela@live.com

feathers and earrings....your kandee

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ashbe said...

I love the site, i ordered one =]

ErinElise Accomando said...


I'm doing a profile feature story for a journalism class I am in at Eastern Michigan University here in Ypsilanti, MI. If you have ANY time at all to talk to me, I would absolutely LOVE to do this story on you! Of course, because it's a profile piece, I'd probably need at least an hour of chat time with you. But to be honest, any chat time at all would be fantastic! Please let me know - the story is due November 2nd. Message me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/erineliseaccomando.

P.S. I promise I am not a creeper! I promise! I follow you and would really just love to do this story on you! Talk to you soon, love, ErinElise

Heidi said...

Cool. I used to get feather clips at our flea market in Denver when I was a girl. My dad always let me get them because they were just a buck. I clipped them in my hair. xo

Bella HaHay said...

Cool feature earrings. I just bought a feature brooch for my broad brimmed hat. What about Ke$ha anyway? Celeb is celeb, if people get that much of attitude of her then it's her life. No one likes the attitude, it's just a matter of time before everyone's at his/her limit.


Unknown said...

Never mind, I wasn't fast enough...tell Cardi to get those fingers movin!!! They are all sold out :( I believe...LOVE the MCCAW and that purple polkadotted one, what a surprise! (Didn't realize feathers came quite like this) Please let us know. Peace, Meli

Abbie♥ said...

oh they are sooo pretty! i wonder if it will also look good even if i have short hair. oh well, i'll figure it out myself. thanks, kandee, for sharing! your're the best!


PinkyLoco said...

Yay!! I hope that Cardi has the same success that Pinky Loco's had with the Supreme necklace. Her work is amazing and I see that she is sold out of all her earings! So fun! Thank you Kandee for supporting other women! :)

Unknown said...

Ooo Thanks for sharing!!! I just might have to get myself one of these!!


Anonymous said...

hey kandee, you are featured here:


Christine said...

its so cute <3

x Christine


Kate said...

What a cool earring! It looks kinda Native American style, which I love :)
Kat x
Don’t forget to enter my giveaway @ Click&Make-Up!

Ashley said...


So I love your blog, your wonderful tips, and all of your amazing costume makeup you have done. I am sure you are super busy but I have a question for you I would love for you to answer if you have time. I was thinking about being Mickey Mouse for Halloween (since my 17 month little girl loves him) and I was trying to decide if I could pull it off. I was gonna hide my eyebrows like you showed but I am not sure if I could make it look awesome of just lame. Let me know what you think. If you have time that would be great if you could do Mickey too! :) Anyway you can respond to hanni.ashley@gmail.com.
Thanks so Much!!!

joselle said...

went on the site and they sold quickly :)

hope she posts more soon
you're the greatest, Kandee!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee

Just wanted to know if you already have a tutorial on the eye makeup you have in the first picture of this blog.. Its really pretty!! It looks like a grey-ish black smokey eye..

Love your video's!!

Hope you'll reply.. :) Mwaahhh!!


elciaravi said...

Looks like her site is pretty well cleaned out at the moment...good for her! (and I bet a lot of your readers have cute feather earrings coming to them!)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Cardi is my cousin!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Earing Kadee. i LOVE IT. Hey by the way. There is a Facebook page for all the lovely ladies going to the Glaminar in Los Angeles.


Here's the like. or they can lust type in Los Angeles Glaminar and, vuwala! There it shall be. just wanted to let everyone know :) YAY FOR GLAMINARS!


Kandee I just want to thank you! :)
My daughter (17) and my self read your blog and your kind words on just about everything is great! It has helped me and my daughter it countless ways!
Those earings are grand.

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