Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Day in London....awwwww

It is I, Kandee standing royally in front of Cordings....a proper British clothing store with wool jacket and cords...this store is actually owned by Eric Clapton! Isn't that cool?
Doesn't my bag look like a Louis Vuitton, ha ha ha ha? I don't even think if I did have the kind of money to afford one, that I could actually spend that kind of money on a purse....I had trouble even spending the extra money to buy an umbrella today, cuz it was raining so much! ha ha ha
Puttin' on the Ritz! What an amazing is right next to Green Park which is on front of Buckingham Palace! ohhhh la la
Isn't this park gorgeous? Can you see Buckingham Palace in the background? And the leaves from these trees are as big as my head!
me and my "leaf-size" head standing in the park...
Harrod's!!! The most AMAZING department store I've ever been! It's like art inside, I've never seen anything like it! come, let's take a peek!
"any girl can look glamorous at Harrods"...I had to take a picture of this! The only things I got at Harrod's were some goodies for my babies...and and umbrella because it was raining like crazy outside and I didn't have an umbrellie! (I don't think Harrod's is in my price range! ha ha ha)
look at this tea cozy: you can have your cake and eat it too at harrods! ha ha ha

look at how ornate the escalator area is: it was like being in a museum!
yes I even took pictures of the bathroom  (or toilet) stalls...they were beautiful!
one of my favorite things is Christmas decorations....I love Christmas!!!! And they had decorated for Christmas already!!!!
I even got my picture with a "Peter Pan" fairy in the Christmas World department!
they even had Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments!
look at all the sparkling white decorations...
this was the glittery and starry window display at Harrod's!

along the walk to Harrod's....
I realized horse poop looks like horse poop both in the US and in London! ha ha ha
me and my red polka dot umbrella going down the into the.....
the underground....
down the escalator to get on the tube (AKA the London subway)...
blurry relfection of me and my mom sitting on the tube....I think the man across from us thought we were taking his picture, but we were really just taking a picture of our reflections beside his head! ha ha
that is the LIBERTY store...which was incredible is covered with flowers in buckets in the entry, like a full on floral shop when you walk in, with glam things like Alexander McQueen scarves...and this really cool pair of black fingerless long sleeve gloves...which I tried on til I almost had a heart attack at the price!
they were working on Christmas window display everywhere! I loved it!

look at the GINORMOUS shoe in the window at Sulfridge's, where we did some window shopping...or pretend shopping...pretending we could afford to buy what we saw! ha ha ha
they had the most amazing giant disco balls hanging between all the floors! I wish I had a ahouse big enough to hang up giant disco balls like that!
the shoe gallery was amazing!!!
these boots were absolutely amazing! Like Johnny-Depp-Pirate' s cool, funky boot....oh how I loved these boots!
I couldn't buy any shoes, but I settled for a picture with a disco-ball, mirror high heel! Wouldn't this be so fun to have in your living room!?!
Look at these enchanted and sweet little patterns....made me want a cozy little cottage with little chandeliers and a cobblestone walk way with a little picket fence and a red front door, maybe even a pink front door!
to match my pink phone!
look at all the fun shaped Christmas trees! 
London is amazing...and as we walked out of the little place where we ate dinner, with the glossy white tiles as you walked out....I thought, "I can't believe I am in London"....years ago as I sat in a tiny small and dark, depressing little house, did I ever imagine that I would be in London.

We had a delightful dinner with our sweet friend Rachel who taught us some British words and sayings:
Pudding means Desserts (and they have no clue what our American Pudding is)
Lorrie = truck
Toilets or the Loo = bathroom
They say "Zed" instead of Z and the end of the alphabet
Shattered = really tired
Gutted = really upset
Wellies = rainboots
Tartan = plaid
Plaits = braids
Father Christmas = Santa Claus
Cheerio = a way of saying goodbye
and some more but my brain is feeling "a bit shattered" right now....ha ha ha
I can't believe it's time to go feels unreal that we've even been here! I love London, I think British people are so kind and well-mannered and fun! I've loved every single second of being here. I am off to bed because we have to get up early to get to the airport.
sweet dreams from London....right near Picadilly Circus to be exact...which it the equivalent of being in Times Square in NYC....bright lights, theater district, lots of tourists...kinda noisy...and lots of traffic! ha ha ha
cheerio from Kandio


Anonymous said...

Ooooh I'm jealous, I so want to go to London! My family and I might head over there for Christmas this year, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had lots of fun! :D

Amy Georgina said...

I live in London, I love our city and I am so glad you're having a good time, I love seeing 'tourists' reaction to London, it's great!

rozia_rose said...

I miss London! There are so many things to do and see and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg when you go sightseeing! Glad you had fun Kandee!

Laura Louise said...

I'm a make-up artist now living in London....seeing all your photos makes me realise how wonderful this city is :) I've never had a chance to do the 'tourist' thing and appreciate the city, but I'm gonna definately make time to now!! x Laura Lou x

Noelle Garnier said...

London is one of dreams! The shops are so beautiful ... I love the disco balls and the Harrod's decorations especially! Best wishes for your return trip, we miss you back in the States!
kandee fam lil sis

Christine said...

im so happy that you had a great time in London Kandee.
I love Harrod's, they have amazing things there. Have to go back to London soon haha :)

Have a safe trip back home Kandee <3

xoxo Christine

Louise said...

hey Kandee you should come to Ireland to do one of your Glaminars and have a bit of craic (as in fun not drugs!) !!!

Love you soooo much!


Mia said...


nice pictures! London at this time of the year is gorgeus, with all the christmas stuff coming. Wish I could go!

What kind of camera did you use for these pictures? Cellphone camera or a better one?

Safiyah said...

did you pop into other department stores like House of Fraser & Debenhams??

Veronica Glam said...

The heel pictures are amazing :)

Unknown said...

JEALOUS! all your pictures make me want to go there! I guess I will have to plan a trip to go there..someday! Looks like you had a ton of fun! have a safe trip home!


cuppycakeme said...

I want that big silver shoe! BAD! lol I want to go to harrods :(

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!!

claudia b said...

Didja go to the Harrods food halls???? OMG, so awesome! I love London!

Liz said...

aw looks like you had a great time. I live just outside of london.
It's great. Although i don't know a single person that actually says cheerio haha!

Ittny said...

Love the pictures, especially with the shoes :) The pictures make me want to visit London even more!

P.S. Where did you get your bag? I am in love with it!

Crystal Emmanuel said...

Aww babe you should have told me you were in London!! I had a huge show supporting Dru Hill at the O2 Arena on Sunday just gone and as my favorite blogger I would have MOST DEFINITELY booked you for some krazy stage make-up fot the dancers for the event! But next time your in London let us know!
Crystal xxxx

kaynoreally said...

Your so lucky!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip you have taken us all on with you. OMGosh those boots were the wip. I love boots and shoe's lol. Glad you are home safe. Your babies are going to be happy to see you.

Unknown said...

London looks amazing - and I love your photos!
I want to go shopping there right now ha ha.
I love your handbag - it really does look like an LV -- where is it from?!

Charlotte said...

Kandee!!!! i live in London!! i wish i could have bumped into you!!! gutted! haha glad you had such a great time, i hope you come back soon :) xxx

Eden Angel said...

I NEVER say cheerio and have never met anyone here who says that :S

Anonymous said...

I love London soooo much, living in cornwall (south west england)i dont get to go much but this year my husband is whisking me away for a December shopping weekend! Your pics are great and I love your make up tutorials! x I, like love from eden am surprised by the cheerio its quite old fashioned however my husband uses it, i thought he was the only one! lol x

Brianna said...

Fabulous! Everything is so beautiful! So glad you got to go, Kandee! <3

JessicaRose said...

Everytime I see huge shoes like that I wanna have a giant 'peep toe' shoe that is actaully a slide! I think it would be so fun! I bet someone out there has one... Xx

Fae said...

KANDEE! May I please have your permission to use your photo of the escalator? It's the perfect photo that I really need for a project that is due Wednesday. If yes, is there also a chance that I can get it in its original (bigger) size?

Shavon said...

you could fit inside that shoe kandee :)

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