Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Travel in Style

this is my mama....hiding behind all our suitcases....
what people don't know is that only 2 of the suitcases actually hold our clothes!
The rest is our "GLAMINAR" in a suitcase bags! ha ha ha ha
Everytime we fly this makes me laugh seeing my mom...push all these...because she won't let me lift anything...being pregnant and all!
this was her shoving off!
 I must say all of my luggage has failed me, broken, zippers come off, bags ripped open..wheel falling off....well they do travel alot....but the best bag of all has been my hard case zebra bags..."the one on the bottom" in these pictures!

(CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO FROM THE AIRPORT TODAY!...it's posted on my "personal" blog...I talk about my babies, my life, and everything else there!"....
huge love from yet another airport....yes we will be home eventually..ha ha ha ha ah
TIP of the day: if you can, try not to need to pee on the plane, people pee everywhere in those things! ha aha ha ha.....
you kandee with wings on


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I hope you can post a blog entry or video on how girls should pack if they're going to another country for good. :)

and how to keep makeup from being destroyed when traveling with a lot of stuff..:)


Risa said...

Tht's alot of suitcases..Love the pink and zebra stripes combination when its on the trolley! Show us how u pack! I can't wait..


socialitedreams said...

lol! dang, mama handling all of those suitcases! I looooove the zebra ones, so need them in my life....i imagine that they are VERY easy to spot on the carousal!


alexis said...

oh man the airport workers/luggage handlers really mess up your suitcases. they did that to me. everytime i have mine, it's either wet and cold, scuff marks or a zippers gone!
you guys are too cute. with the luggage cart and style. :)

liketreasure said...

those zebra print cases are so gorgeous! x

Ai said...

I agree with the first comment!! I would love to see a How-to-pack post or video :D And you mom is so cute♥ haha


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your suitcases are so cute! Love the Zebra print and pink ones. I agree with the previous comment-ers.. Maybe you could do a post or video on how to pack? :D


Christine said...

i absolutely love your suitcases, where did you buy them? :)

xoxo Christine


cuppycakeme said...

Love the suitcases! Gorgeous!


The Beauty Vixen said...

Kandi I LOVE your mom! She seems so supportive and loving. I know you know this, but you are REALLY blessed to have her. Hi Kandi's mom!!!

Ferrari said...

Kandee Omg your mom is so cute.

I'm dying to know where did she get those hot red boots?? I LOVE THEM!

ShelliWood said...

Where Did you get your "Pink and Zebra" luggage? So Cute!
<3 ya'

NicoleAdele said...

I LOVE your luggage Kandee! I dont have any luggage at all, don't need it yet, but when i do ill probly have you in mind! ha ha. Oh i got the hello kitty purse, just got it today in the mail!! purse twins!

IndigoMistress said...

Aw, like someone else previously posted...When you get the time, a video about packing and how to transport makeup would be AMAZING. I seem to throw all my things in one little red zippy pouch and throw it in my suitcase to be abused, bumped, and bruised on the way to my destination.
The worst thing I hate about traveling, is all the "hurry up and wait"ing. Hope your travels are safe and you have a WONDERFUL day Kandee!
Sending Love, Hugs, and Patience for waiting in lines!

PinkyLoco said...

I need a mama that will do something like that! OK...Not a mama cause mine was amazing. How-about-a great friend! Yea! I like that! :) We all need a Bestie like your mama!

Liz said...

Hi All,

Just like you guys I fell in love with Kandee's Zebra Luggage. I ordered the carry on hard case Zebra print from Boscov's, & since it seems like most of you guys are interested here's the link, there's a complete set of 4, or you can buy them separately. FYI they also carry a leopard print set.


Mae said...

You Are My Fav person in the whole wide world i read your bblog every day after school and every night befoore bed i watch your video and i go to bed happy!!!
I cant explain to u how much your video make me happy.
I have ackney and i think my face looks a little weird but when u tell me to feel preety i do plz email me if u can i would love to talk to u. Email me at makeupmae@live.ca

Unknown said...

I love you blogs. and your Mom's BOOTS!

Unknown said...

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Anny said...

Ooo zebra bags, i have the same one.. Its my favorite!

Unknown said...

u look so cute with ur pregnancy... i love ur vids KANDEE <3

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aGlamRevolution said...

you're mom is so cute!
I coulda sworn that was you playing around with the suitcases!
cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

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