Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 things every girl needs in her closet....

I don't know why, but I woke up this morning thinking..."I should blog about the top things that every girl needs in her closet"!!

So here I present to you, my- 5 THINGS EVERY GIRL NEEDS IN HER CLOSET!
Which are essentially my must-have things to help make outfits, shoes, jewelry...better or just helpful!

#1. White Hanes Men's Tank Tops- (they are also called "wife beaters"- I don't really think that name sounds nice though- ha ha ha)
I wear these ALL the time, under shirts, tank tops, or just so there's a little length of white sticking out under a cardigan, sweater, shirt, or dress.....
And why I like HANES the best- the fit the best, last the longest, and the bottom it finished, where other brands just look unfinished on the bottom-which is what you see most!
I buy mine in Men's size Medium

#2 Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Foot Insoles-
"are you gellin'"- I'm gellin'! 

I put these babies in EVERY PAIR of shoes I can- they make shoes feel like slippers!
I put them in my cowboy boots, mocassins, converse, bootie's with heels, pretty much every pair of shoe I can! But I started out putting them in my converse, because they have almost zero support for your foot! But they felt like the most comfy shoe with the Dr. Scholl's in em'!

#3. Apara Luxurious Foot Care - (kinda like Dr. Scholl's but they specialize in lady shoes and heels!)

 The make the HEEL APPEAL- to make any "heel" areas more comfy- love this- because I will hardly ever wear heels because they just hurt.
Soft Spots- for any place wear your shoe needs some cushion-love!
Or the SLINGIES- (which I show in my pic at the top)
For when you have an open toe sandal or heels! 
Because I've never tried on a heel that I would say was truly comfy- maybe "comfy as far as heels go" but not comfy- like, "boy I could wear these all day at a walking convention" way! It's not just nice for your feet, it's nice for your mood! ha ha ha


I have these in all sizes in a little dish in my closet! 
I used them to shorten up a long chain necklace, or you can hook them together to make a chain, to lengthen a short necklace or to pinch and gather an off the shoulder shirt, and I always keep them in my purse in case you need to pin something! 

#5. last but not least....EARRING BACKS

they look like this:
 or this:
 I put them on all my dangly earrings, like the one shown in the pic on top...whether you're wearing a feather, chain, or any kind of "hanging earring"...put one of these on the backs and you won't lose an earring again! Which is ultimately why I started wearing mismatched earrings- just because I lost one! ha ha ha ha so I'd just wear two different earrings!
you can get them at CLAIRE'S   for around $6.50 for a little box but I found a way better deal on Amazon: CLICK HERE- you get a whole bag of 144 earring backs for $1.49!! (then you can share with everyone you know that wears earrings! ha ha ha) 

And if you NEED A FAST MAKE-UP ROUTINE- CLICK HERE to see my NEW 3 MINUTE MAKE-UP TUTORIAL! I'm serious- 3 minutes and "wham-bam-now-your-glam"!

hugs and bowls of safety pins, your kandee

If you wanna see Ellie's Outfit Of The Day CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...

great video kandee I enjoyed every second of it (I will probably watch it a bizzillion times -haha I love it when you make up some crazy words) :-)

you make my life so much happier and better with every little word you post on facebook, twitter or on your blog.

but don't be so hard on your "reallife" friends. sometimes it's harder to say nice comforting words into someones face than write them down... once my friend lost a familymember I was so afraid to say domething wrong... now I know that's supid haha anyways...

I really really love you from the bottom of my little heart :-)

xoxo marlene

Kandee Johnson said...

Marlene! Thank you so much! I have a few really amazing real life friends, but my heart was just amazed at the outpouring of my "friends I've never seen"... It really touched my heart so much! Huge hugs and love!!! Kandee

Sabrina said...

Kandee <3
I'm pretty sure I've read and watched every single thing you've posted.
I was so happy to watch your new video and I just wanted to let you know that you are always in our hearts and prayers <3
Im going through the toughest times of my life right now and just reading your joyful encouraging words helps to get me through the day.
Many hugs (:

Sharan said...

Kandee, just watched your new tutorial and at the end like you I was holding back the tears!!! It's so good to have you back again, we've missed you so much!!! You have such love and compassion and make us all feel like your extended family! Sending you and yours all our love and huge hugs always xxxxxxxxx

Kim said...

Thanks for all the tips and all the advise. You are such a great motivational inspirational ball of kandee :) I just love all of your spunk and personality that pours out of your heart. I just watched your super duper fast makeup tutorial on you tube and will be following it daily. I am a mom to 5 year old Alana and 2 year old Darren and wow are they a handful of energy bunnies. I cant spend too much time geting ready before I hear the erry silence of someone doing something wrong or pounding on my door asking for a snack!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee, you are awesome as a make up artist,teacher and your gorgeous face is the perfect canvas to show us your many tips and tricks. I am into organic and natural skincare and i would like it and it would be really great if at some point you did a tutorial with just mineral make up? Especially how to get a flawless face that is well moisturised cos those mineral powders can be really drying. Anyway thanks for your recent three minute make up video, i will be timing myself to see if i can do it as quickly in the morning! Lots of love <3

Olivia said...

One day..i hope...I will be as successful as you. You are such a strong, confident woman who is such a great role model. You present yourself with so much energy, which is what everyone needs these days. Please continue to do what you do so well.
Olivia blog is

Trish said...

Hey which make up tutorial is the far left picture of Kandee?? It's gorrrrrgeous!!!

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