Monday, August 27, 2012

Press-On Nails Get Cool

 If you owned a pair of LA Gear sneakers, or a Caboodle- when they first came out, or a Trapper Keeper, than you probably tried a pair of Lee Press-On nails too. They were hard, plastic, stick-on nails you'd pop on and enjoy the "insta-long" nails at your finger tips!
Well, get ready for a more cool, hip and trendy take on the press-on nail action...
MAC is back in full 80's-nail effect with their MAC Ruffian Manicure.
My favorite is the Ruffian Demilune - matte black nails with a gold metallic, mirrored gold base

 (i even wore them to film the new tutorial I should have up this week! yay!)
The trickiest part might be finding the right size for each nail! ha ha
The adhesive on each nail is pretty sticky- I've put mine on and off and they are still sticky- I'm guessing you could wear up 3-4 times, at least. If you have somewhere to go and ZERO time to do your nails this is the hot ticket- it takes almost no time to stick these babies on and your ready to have people think you are a nail art genius. You probably won't be able to type out a letter or pry anything open with these babies on....but I always remember these wise words:
ha ha ha
They are fun. 
You can try out longer nails, if yours look like mine...short.
They come in 2 other designs- CLICK HERE TO SEE EM, or if ya want order them,
but these are my favs.

And I'm off like a pair of LA Gears after you danced to all Paula Abdul's music videos, your kandee

wanna dance on over to my kandeeland blog and see what's happenin? click this 

PS. comment below if you ever wore LEE PRESS-ON NAILS (or had a pair of LA Gears) ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

I still have my caboodle from sixth grade!! I'm thirty-one now lol!!!

NatashaHarton said...

oh gosh, I had high top LA Gears. pink and white. hahahaha paired with my slouch socks and saddle pants!

Crimson Vixsyn MUA said...

LA Gear!!!! Caboodles!!!! Slouchy socks!!! Press on nails!!!! My first LA Gears were turquoise and white!!! Side ponytails!!! Lip smackers!!!! No Bills!!! Haha

Anonymous said...

Im sooo happy to hear your making a new tutorial! So excited. And yes I am an 80's baby all the way :)

Anonymous said...

Tired of nails tutorial.Most people hate the looks.Pretty and natural are nicer.

Unknown said...

My LA Gears were purple and white. I still have them and they're in great condition. I still have my caboodle too along with many other things from my 80's ur tutorials

Erin said...

O am so glad you have a tutorial up. Kandee, I have been following you for about 4 yrs. And you have always been my fav. Makeup artist. I see your personal side And have loved eah And every vdeo. Your kids ,are beautiful And your sister too my heart goes out to you all. I cant wait to see oyour new tutorial no matter what it is....

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with this. You make my day, whether its through your blog or a tutorial and you are a huge role model. Can't wait to see it!

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