Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chola Chola Chola

Lean Like A Chola - Carmen
orale...fresh off my bicycle with the chain steering wheel...
this is from some of the pictures for my "It's a gangster Christmas" card
I hope my gramma will think it's funny...she actually has a lowered Impala...for real! Her maiden name, Rodela...means wheels... orale
Chola make-up gets a bad's kinda like a really cool art form...
For anyone who wants to see some chola-glam to inspire something's some chola tips:
Start with heavy foundation- go to town contouring 
Emphasize the cheekbones with dark bronzer or deep rose blush
*use the lightest concealer or white eyeliner all over the lid -  lashes to brows
*pack on white or pearl eyeshadow lashes to brows
*contour the crease and blend upwards from crease to outer corner of eyes with a purpley-grey or steel blue
*bust out the liquid liner and line from the inner corner to the cat-eye  the same with the bottom and blend into outer wings to the liner wings from the  upper lid
DO NOT forget to draw some crazy eyebrows with liner or a sharpie (not really)
I was going to apply mustache wax to my eyebrows, then apply foundation and powder and you look as if you shaved them off...but I didn't have my make-up kit with the wax with me....

you have 2 options....the pale...line your lips with MAC spice liner...and fill in with MAC Myth (a pale nude that looks like concealer) lipstick and use a gloss like MAC C-Thru
the option I went with is:
*MAC lipliner in STONE (a dark brownish-grey) line slightly outside your natural lips
*fill in with MAC Viva Glam I (a dark rose-plum)
*CHOLA trick- go over liner with black eyeliner and really get the corners of the  mouth Fill it in a little bit towards the center of your lips
 *go over the black liner with a dark burgundy-plum eyeshadow to soften it up and   make it look nice and dry

I know you won't paint it up chola style for your next date....but if you don't know what to be next year come October 31st......."put some highliner in jor aye"
viva la dark lipliner homes!


Anonymous said...

ha! i love your stuff! been seeing you on ian r's facebook...just thought i'd say hi...this post is especially near and dear to my heart, being from a chola filled familia, la shaved/penciled in eyebrows too!

HonduranBaker said...

OK so you prob wont read this because this post of yours is from FOREVER ago. but I love your videos and I came across your chola post and I LOVE IT. Sooo funny. I think I'll use the elmers glue to erase my eyebrows. If you have time do you want to do a video for this?

Thanks so much!

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