Friday, December 5, 2008

Ralph Lauren Shoot-mockery

kandee: waiting to make-up 2 adults and 3 kids

you know those Ralph Lauren ads were they show families clad in sweater, scarves, and perhaps a nice pair or corduroy pants... sitting in front of a fire placce or perhaps somehwere on the outskirts of their winter ski home estate...and none of them interacting with one another...just concentrating on their beautifully, vain eye contact with the camera....well that was the basid for this Ralph Mockery shoot...
man wearing obnoxiously, bright red pants, and an ascot holding  very expensive pair of glasses in teeth while sipping a glass of real bourbon (no ice tea fake-out here) 
woman in tall riding boots and white jodhpur pants with a vest and another ascot
I had to warn her not to be scared when she looked in the mirror...because the light was really intense on one side of her face....I had to add a lot of contouring and blush to one side and not the other....but in real light it looked a little scary..ha ha ha)
fancy mansion house with a 20 tall Christmas tree decorated in pearls and other sparkly ornaments that I loved
2 cute kids and one 5 year old that just cut a huge chunk out of the front of his hair that I had camouflage
hunting dogs that were in the picture for atmosphere
me catching the photo assistant sipping a Fat-Tire Beer(he said it was Non-Alcoholic)
the kids doing and holding the most "snooty" poses 
one of the funniest shoots I've seen in a long time

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Marimoy said...

I would love to see the print ads for this. I always laugh at the snooty overposed ads. And where on Earth would on get a non-alcoholic Fat-Tire? That is just too funny to me!

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